Hamari Sister Didi 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mrs. Kapoor tells Amrita to take care and hugs the children. Amrita turns the car. Seema informs that they are not being followed now. Mehr calls her, she tells her that she is going to the ware house of their hospital. Karan asks if she is crazy, no one will be able to save her there. Dimple says that when she is not in the hospital, she isn’t their problem and she has done it all by herself. Karan recalls Amrita’s words and tells Dimple that she is his problem.

Mrs. Kapoor tells Karan the GT road short cut way. Inspector Veer and Karan leave for ware house. Seema and Alok feared, while Amrita tells them to think well. Her cell phone goes dead, while some men come to knock the door and eventually breaks it. Amrita takes a rod in hand, and is shocked to see Karan and Veer there. Karan says she said the wrong dialogue in wrong time. He says that had it been her Tauji, her drama wouldn’t have worked; they must think about another plan. She says she wanted them to keep them to hospital, but they will stay here. Karan asks Inspector Veer to get the driver. He asks the driver to go on a long drive, while Karan asks the three of them to go to hospital as Inspector Veer has arranged some police men there. He reminds that it is morning and she is on duty.

Karan tells Amrita that he came here only because she was important for him. He says he never said so, because that is not the reason that he hates her.
In the hospital, everyone stood there. Amrita asks to say something. Dimple asks will she get them married. Karan taunts that they can’t marry them without elder’s blessings. Amrita says that they must call their family here. Seema argues, but Amrita says they have to try to make them realize. She says that they are doing this due to mob mentality; they should call their family alone. Karan says that the idea isn’t bad, its worse. Amrita says that he has tried to call the police, and made a blunder; now he must allow her make an attempt. She asks for Seema’s uncle’s number.

Karan comes to his office, Mrs. Kapoor calls her. He tells her all his frustration. Mrs. Kapoor asks him to take care, he says he is. She says she is talking about him and the hospital; she doesn’t care about Amrita. Kaka informs Karan that their families have arrived. Tauji asks Amrita where the children are. Amrita says that they are here, locked in a room n the hospital, she hands them the keys. She asks they want to kill their children, so they should do this. They families resist the idea, but Amrita asks both the families to kill one child. Alok says he is trapped in a widow’s case. Amrita asks a man about his name, she whispers something in Malika’s ears. They get her Mr. Mohan Suri, he came to hospital two years ago in car accident. They had to arrange AB+ which is a rare blood group. The person, who gave blood to him, was Seema. That day she met his son, she knew what it is about losing one’s owns. She says a widow is the one who has lost her husband, her love and her everything. She didn’t think about her pains and saved you. She asks can’t Seema has a second chance to relive her happiness. She offers him the key to go and kill her, as she might not be a human for them. Tauji takes the keys. Alok’s mother asks them for their daughter. Tauji hands the keys to her. Alok’ s father also asks him for their daughter. His mother asks for Seema. Tauji says that they have won them so much.

PRECAP: Dimple taunts Amrita that she might need a second chance too. Amrita says that you are the one who was left behind.

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