Tum Saath Ho Jab 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nasima wonders what her husband has decided. Abbajaan has agreed for it then don’t know why is he stuck in his own thoughts. There wont be any harm in letting Mariam meet the client once. She is scared to find Rehmat Bi standing close to her. abbajaan watches them in amusement. Rehmat Bi has brought sherbet for Nasima which surprises her for sure. Rehmat Bi actually wants advance. Abbajaan agrees to talk to Younis. Younis comes home just then. rehmat Bi offers him sherbet but Nasima sends her to do other work. She asks him about the meeting. Younis replies that his client wants Mariam to make sample for him come what may. I think there is no harm in letting Mariam meet him. it will benefit Mariam too. Abbajaan is happy with Younis’s decision.

Najma tells her Ammi to add more veggie in her lunch for the new neighbour. Waqar and Fiza enjoy eating together too. Mariam denies but then begins to add more veggie and chapattis for Imran when Nasima comes there. She is surprised to see the quantity of Najma’s lunch. Najma lies that she gets hungry a lot these days. She runs away after bidding them Allah Hafiz. Nasima tells Mariam to stop najma from over eating. It will get really difficult to find a groom for her then. mariam talks about Najma’s growth years. Nasima changes the topic. I have made him (Younis) agree to let you meet the client but will you be able to make the designs? I will tell him to share some amount with you too. It will be of help for you in Najma’s wedding. Do you mind? Mariam agrees to make designs if Younis bhai is ok with it. I enjoy doing embroidery work. Nasima is relieved.

Jamaal knocks at Altaf’s house just to have tea with him. Right then Shabnam comes there. Both Altaf and Jamaal tell her to keep distance from them both. She apologizes but Altaf reprimands her for speaking against Mariam Bi. Mariam witnesses it from her window. Shabnam confesses that she got angry from that house and its people as whenever I used to bring something (being your good neighbour) Imran sahab used to refuse it. please forgive me. I have realised my mistake. Altaf suggests her to apologize to Mariam. Jamaal too finds Mariam standing by the window. You are her culprit after all. Altaf is right. Shabnam apologizes to Mariam who nods to show that she has forgiven her for it. Altaf and Jamaal are happy. Altaf says we have forgiven you too but Jamaal warns her not to do something like that again. Jamaal and Altaf go inside to enjoy tea.

Najma makes Waqar and Fiza wait for the new neighbour. Waqar talks about his Abbu’s reaction once again. Afshaah asks Najma if she too is participating in tennis championship. Your Ammi had come to the school that day to meet Imran Sir. Najma denies. Ammi came here for some other work. one of the kids remark that they have heard about Najma being tutored separately. Najma tells them to stop talking nonsense. Fiza too repeats it. najma runs to Imran as soon as she spots him. shall we have lunch now? don’t you care about this little girl? I am so hungry. He wonders if her lunchbox is empty. She denies. my Ammi packs my lunchbox everyday diligently. I have been waiting for you since long. He says he has eaten already. She tells him about the extra food that her Ammi has sent for him. come or my lunch break will be over. He suggests her to eat and leaves from there.

Mariam is taking dry clothes from her rooftop. Altaf comes to check if the pickle is ready. The smell is foul. Mariam hides her smile. He talks to her about the pickle. I had even asked you about the recipe the other day. Mariam thinks about it. She agrees to teach him today itself as soon as he brings ginger and lemon. He is happy to see that she is no longer angry / upset with them. my nephew has a very good heart. He will never hurt anyone else. She nods in agreement. He is a good guy. He talks about Najma and her talents. Imran talks about her all the time. Mariam too tells him how Najma is all happy because of Imran and tennis coaching these days. Altaf shares how Najma has brought a smile on Imran’s face. He even said he wants to live his life. Mariam feels good about it. Imran comes home. He notices Mariam on her terrace and calls out for her. Why did you send my tiffin along with Najma’s? Don’t do this in future. If people will get to know about it then they will spread false rumours. I seriously don’t want you to be insulted because of me. she goes inside without saying anything. Altaf says you could have taken the food for today only, atleast for my sake. Imran tells him to focus on things other than food. Why don’t you realise that it can go against her? he heads inside with a confused Altaf following him.

Altaf says your words were right but the way you said them wasn’t right. You are giving training to Najma. Plus they are our neighbours. What’s wrong in it if Mariam sent food for you? You scolded her for no reason. imran replies that you should think from the perspective of society. Mariam bi did it for her daughter but will the society look at it like this? there are different kinds of people in this world, mostly like Shabnam, who never spare good people. Altaf tells him about how Shabnam apologized to him and Mariam even. there is no danger from her side anymore. Imran isn’t ready to believe Shabnam but Altaf points out that she felt it from her heart. Jamaal sahab was there too. Imran replies that it is good then if its true!

Najma is all sad as she comes to meet her Ammi. New neighbour should get his mind checked. He refused to eat lunch today. Mariam knows it already which surprises Najma. He told you already? I don’t understand him at all. He is all sweet one day while he acts all arrogant the other day. I told you he wont change. Mariam makes her understand that he is her teacher. What will other students and people think if he will eat with you daily? This is why he said no. najma realises the logic behind it. mariam says you are young now but new neighbour is elder to you. He understands it well. Najma asks her if this is what he said to her. mariam nods. Najma is irked that he couldn’t tell it to her sweetly. Mariam smiles. You should be happy that he is teaching you tennis. Najma makes cute faces. I wouldn’t have talked to him if he wasn’t coaching me.

Altaf and Imran sit down to have food. Imran finds faults in the cooking. It is half cooked and salt less. Altaf brings salt but Imran points out that it will be in vain. The food is tasteless. Altaf challenges him to cook one day then. imran accepts his challenge.

Kids are busy playing in the house. Rehmat Bi gets a sprain in her back. Someone has cast their evil eyes on me. najma corrects her that it happens when your posture is wrong. Najma guides her well. She also wants to teach Rehmat Bi some exercises who tries to walk away but the kids don’t let her go. najma teaches her exercises which Fiza and Waqar too follow. Mariam looks on from a distance. Waqar isn’t able to touch his feet and falls. Nasima runs to his side. she reprimands Najma for doing such exercises. Najma says it increases fitness level. Nasima refuses to do it. who is teaching you all this? najma says new neighbour but stops. Nasima gets thinking. New neighbour again? I wonder if this mother daughter duo is cooing something along with that drunkard.

Precap: Younis goes upstairs to talk to Mariam who is guiding Imran from her window as to how to cook something particular. Najma notices her Bade Abbu approaching their room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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