Doli Armaanon Ki 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Samrat’s, annu’s and sushma’s residence
Shaurya and mandira are very excited to meet urmi, but just then, kanchan comes and takes mandira insitently inside, to talk to her granny, on the phone, while shaurya is outside. He finally drifts off, and starts walking on the road. But he is very scared of the firecrackers, and keeps screaming of his mother.

As sushma and her husband celebrate the diwali by bursting firecrackers, urmi is reminded of her time with shaurya, on the previous Diwali. Sushma tries to tease her husband, by asking urmi to scare her husband, by explosives. But she finds urmi lost in thoughts. she jerks her out of her thoughts, and asks urmi if she is reminded of shaurya. urmi nods her head. She says that she udnerstands urmi’s plgith, but what to do. Urmi asks her if she can go and see shaurya from outside, as she wants it desperately, as he would be outside, burning firecrackers, and that she wont go inside or talk to anyone. Sushma agrees but asks her to stay outside only. urmi happily says that she would be outside only. She leaves.

Meanwhile, shaurya runs on the road, scared of the explosives and the dangerous firecrackers as they are lighted on both sides.

At Gaurav’s place, he excitedly burns crackers, while annu asks him to stop now. devi stands gloomily in a corner. Gaurav and annu play a prank on asha and give her a sparkler to her, while she hanldes her doll. She hurriedly gives it to Granny. Granny is determined to get rid of the doll today. Saroj comes and serves everyone sweets. devi is lost in his thoughts, remembering samrat’s insults. Saroj comes and asks what happened. he denies. she says that there’s something, as he always seems tensed ever since he came back from Samrat’s office. He denies, but saroj knows that something samrat did, that made devi so tensed and sad. Just then, Anu gets a call, from US, from a long lost friend, tanya, who asks her to check her birthday pics on facebook, and she agrees. Annu and granny cook a plan to get rid of the doll, and taking her doll, send asha inside saying that she has got a call from her mother. asha leaves inside. Gaurav is shocked to find granny’s plan but plays along nevertheless. as the crackers explode, asha is shocked to find her doll too gone with the crackers. Asha starts hollering, while all are amused, and saroj and devi are tensed. Granny and annu are overjoyed. they pretend to be sympathetic of her grief, when she sees them, but when she turns away, they again start laughing.

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Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat’s friends taunt him, when samrat continues losing,saying that his lucky charm, urmi isnt here. but he vehemently denies so. As mandira comes down the staira, samrat and others ask her where is Shaurya. mandira alone in the doorway, stands tensed. Shashi is asked by samrat and she lies that she saw Shaurya outside. She wonders what to tell them, as he is gone alone, and she doesnt know how to tell them that, and is also tensed as to where shaurya might be, and how he would be doing all alone. mandira leaves. The gambling continues yet again, while samrat asks shashi to pack up, as she would lose a lot. He taunts her to put her own husband at stake, while all are shocked. Shashi is adamant that she would continue to play, and gives in her expensive jewellery too at stake, while people keep telling her to withdraw now. Samrat and rudra make fun of her. Aditi sees them and gets tensed. She rushes to her room, with snacks, and then amrit comes out of hiding. she gives him snacks. Amrit hungrily feeds on the snacks. He asks if the jewellery is okay. Aditi tells him that shashi has put the jewellery at stake, and amrit is shocked. He asks aditi to go to shashi and not let her lose at any cost, as she would then lose, the heirloom necklace. aditi asks how can she do it. He asks her to atleast go down and check whats happening. She leaves. Amrit thinks that today shashi should win at any cost, as if she doesnt, his bluff of returning the fake jewellery would be out.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
On the road, shaurya hides behind a car, scared of the explosives, and just then, urmi’s auto too passes by, but she is oblivious of shaurya’s presence there.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Outside, mandira doesnt find shaurya, and hopes that he must have reached urmi safely, as she is very tensed for him. Urmi arrives and finds mandira playing alone, and wonders where is shaurya. Urmi thinks that he must be inside. mandira is about to go in, when urmi hollers for her, and she is happy to see urmi. she rushes to her. They wish each other Happy Diwali. Urmi asks mandira where is shaurya, and she replies that he went to see her only. urmi is shocked. She asks when, where and with whom. Mandira talks about her plan, but how they didnt get to execute it, and when she came back outside, she didnt find shaurya. urmi is shocked. urmi evnts out her frustration at Mandira asking her why did she leave him amidst such explosives, alone on the road, as he is scared of firecrackers. She wonders where must shaurya be. Meanwhile, Shaurya, alone and lost on the road, is very scared and tensed on the road. He keeps screaming for urmi, who rushes out, praying to the lord, to save her son. The screen freezes on urmi’s and shaurya’s crying faces.

Precap: Urmi runs vehemently on the road, crying out shaurya’s name, but is unable to find him. she is distraught. Meanwhile, samrat is super angry at his family, and asks shashi where is shaurya. she denies having any knowledge of it. Samrat hollers at her, and she is tensed. he finds mandira very scared and asks her where is shaurya or if she has any knowledge where he might be. Mandira is scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. writers please let urmi find shauya first do not let samrat get his hand on him again and when urmi finds shauya let her go straight to a lawyer to get sole custody of her son showing up samrats negligence when coming to her son. he could have been killed on the road all by himself. it is about time that samrat pay for his evil deeds he do not deserve to be a husband or a father to any child. since shauya went willingly with samrat let him do the same with urmi choosing her over samrat. shauya is a smart kid and it is about time he sees his father for who he really is ruthless and evil incapable of loving anyone. let the tables turn now and let things begin to go down hill for samrath and his family. a grown man like samraths father and a grown man like his brother both cannot stand up to samrath whether or not he owns the house he should have respect for everyone in that household. samrath just cannot go about threatening every one and getting away with it. what he has sown it is about time he reaps. but please let urmi find her son before samrath does.

    1. If that happens the serial will end & I don’t believe the producers want that just yet.

  2. Yes please have Urmi finds Shaurya

  3. I pity urmis plight. Please don’t expose her to high blood pressure or heart failure. Be strong urmi. You will find your son hale and hearty.

  4. It is good Urmi knows Shauya is missing before Samrat…she has a headstart in finding him

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