Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, dadi says see laxmi be frank n tell all the things to dadaji, laxmi says its not that for me wat happened with nisha is insulting infact im proud of my daughter but im just confused n don’t know how to tell dadaji abt it, dadaji says see laxmi i know u cant be that free to me while talking but trust me n tell me wat is the matter, laxmi starts crying n says i wish nisha could find her mom as her friend n talk abt the 8 year old incident to me freely, laxmi says dadaji 8 years back nisha had been to a sports event n there some boys tried to assault her,dadaji listening to this gets shocked n starts crying as well, laxmi says luckily nisha saved her body from them but her mental state is disturbed from then n she still couldn’t get over it mentally, dadaji says u telling me this now, n laxmi says nisha hide this thing n i got to know recently n this incident is the reason for nishas change in behaviour. Ramesh asks umesh all set, umesh says yes just begin the plan, ramesh says lets begin n hides behind the door.umesh goes to ritesh n says wat a nice phone ritesh,suku says lets have a group selfie n send it to dolly n calls all the cousins,umesh asks nisha to stand besides ritesh n then clicks a pic, rukhma sees ramesh behind the door n asks wat is he doing here, ramesh says good ur here go n call mohan fast run,suku says no time for nisha n riteshs pic, nisha says why do u want it, suku says its a practice for tomorrows engagement pics, while clicjking pic suku forces nisha n ritesh to come closer, nisha ritesh n kirti find it very embarrassing , umesh says common guys give atleast a smile, nisha murmurs to ritesh wats wrong why are u making monkey faces, ritesh says first look at urs, umesh clicks a pic , suku says come lets go to bed now we have to wake early tomorrow. Mohan comes n asks ramesh wat happened, ramesh says u said u want to improve ur necklace fault this is the right time for favour, mohan says yes im ready but wat , ramesh says come with me, nisha comes n wishes good night, ramesh says nisha be ready for tomorrow. Umesh sees ritesh deleting his photos, n says ritesh why are u deleting ur n nishas pics, ritesh says bcoz they aren’t good n i don’t want leela aunty to see them, see these its shows clearly that theres no chemistry between me n nisha, umesh shows him a grp photo n says see ur smiling here, its fine ok ritesh chill, ritesh says oh common umesh i told u theres no chemistry between us, umesh says then why are u smiling in this pic, ritesh says bcoz theres kirti in it, ramesh n mohan listen to this n ramesh says see this is the truth, ramesh hugs ritesh n says i hope u realised wats in ur heart,. Dadaji says to laxmi how did u find all this, laxmi says when nishas wedding planning started, nisha started getting scary dreams again, dadaji asks wat do u mean by again, laxmi says after sports meet she used to have scary dreams but we thought its normal n when the jwala incident took place nisha lost her control n spoke it all, dadaji says we couldn’t understand our kid till now n now i realise the weird behaviour of nisha was not stubbornness it was this incident, dadaji says to laxmi we have to be strong now n says tell me laxmi wat can i do that nishas pain will become lesser, laxmi says like all the mothers even i dreamt of nishas wedding it was my dream as well to see my daughter as a bride,but the truth is for now nisha isn’t ready to go through this marriage thing, dadaji says wat if ritesh is the one who can bring nisha out of this, laxmi says its not abt ritesh our any other guy, its nisha, dadaji says how are u so sure,laxmi says its risky to push nisha for marriage, but im sorry to say plz understand me, nisha is a girl who doesn’t allow anyone to be close to her in this case how can shebe physically involved with ritesh, dadaji says i can understand but cancelling engagement can be risky as well, laxmi says im ready to face all the consequences for nisha , i know ritesh parents will feel bad but its like cheating on ritesh if we allow him to get married to nisha it can be bad for him as well, to get over this confusions i spoke to a councillor n she suggested me to postpone marriage idea,. Umesh says ritesh u love kirti right, ritesh says yes, umesh says still u are ready to get engage to nisha. Laxmi says to dadaji plz give me sometime to bring my nisha back just six months, dadi says im with laxmi, dadaji says its not that easy to take decisions even i need sometime but i promise i wont let u down but one thing u want share this thing with anyone not even ramesh, i know ramesh wont handle it rightly at this moment.laxmi says ok i wont, dadaji asks to leave him alone. Mohan asks ramesh wat all is this n why is this ritesh talking all this now, ramesh says plz trust me once, ritesh says im very scared to talk to dadaji, ramesh says ur telling the truth so don’t get scared.

PRECAP; Dadi doesn’t allow ramesh n ritesh to talk to dadaji

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. its fantastic……..!!!! Amazing ..

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  4. Oh wow… Now nishu is for tat guy who supports for girls rites….

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