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Pratap’s expressions change to anger as he thinks of Ajabde. He walks out of the palace in a huff. Ajabde comes out on the balcony once again to look at him leaving. Lightning strikes. Ajabde thinks about pratap fighting with the Afghans and then giving all his jewellery for Bijolia. She orders the daasi to get the main doors closed as it is quite late at night.

Pratap practises sword fighting in the jungle as he recalls what all had happened when he had gotten married to Ajabde. Chakrapani stands in front of his sword by coincidence. Pratap tells him to move away but Chakrapani doesn’t mind dying at his hands. Pratap withdraws his sword. Chakrapani asks him if he saw Ajabde in the palace. Pratap affirms. Ajabde is Bai ji Lal. I couldn’t see her face but I know her character and intentions very well. I caught a glimpse of her from a distance only. I was a fool to not understand this simple fact that Ajabde is Bai ji Lal and vice versa. There is no other person in Bijolia who is worshipped blindly. She has always known how to win the hearts of people. She is using their support in her favour today.

Ajabde is with Hansa. People can think that I am misguiding the people of Bijolia, that I am taking them to the wrong path. Hansa wonders why she is thinking about all this. ajabde thinks about Pratap’s words. Leave that but what if we are wrong in thinking what we are thinking? What if people think me to be selfish and someone who wants to be in power? Hansa says people of Bijolia know you more than you know yourself. They have no idea about what you have decided for Bijolia but they came to give you their everything on your one order. If they have even a little doubt on you then would they have come? Would they have given all of their gold to you? Ajabde shakes her head. Hansa says you must not think about all this then. focus on your mission. Ajabde nods.

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Chakrapani is unable to believe that that quiet Ajabde of the past can become so strong for her people. People here follow her religiously and diligently. He wants to say more but stops himself as Pratap looks at him pointedly. He gets up to know but Pratap wants to know what he was thinking a moment ago. Chakrapani tries to divert him but in vain. I have only thought in my mind. Is it Ajabde’s anger towards Mewar that has caused this revolt in the people of Bijolia? Is it really true that messages have gone to Chittor from Bijolia? What if no message has been sent till date? Pratap gets thinking. Chakrapani reprimands himself for thinking like this. ajabde was so pure and true. How can she become a cheater all of a sudden! How can she do injustice with people for her own personal reasons? Pratap says it can be true as well. Who would have thought that Ajabde could become the reason for his Rani Ma leaving the palace of Chittor? Chakrapani says I can be right or wrong, it isn’t sure! We shouldn’t come to any conclusion till we find out the truth. Pratap says do you want me, Kunwar Pratap, to knock at the doors of Bijolia’s palace to ask the truth from Ajabde. Tell me what was and is in your heart! Chakrapani suggests an easier way to find out the truth. You saw me talking to that lady whom I called my devotee? She was actually my wife, Saubhayawati. She is spending her max time with Ajabde Bai sa these days. She was her friend already but is a helper to her nowadays too. We can get info from her. pratap likes the idea. Truth should be found out whether I stay here or not. I may return to Chittor. Anyone can be sent from Chittor to save Bijolia from Afghans. Chakrapani smiles to himself as he knows Pratap wont be able to stick to his words. There is something which wont let you leave Bijolia.

Ajabde gives Parvat Das a letter from their samant (Balwant). It is to be given to our neighbouring states. Parvat Das tries to dissuade Ajabde once again but she says it is for everyone’s welfare. He leaves with the message. She tells Balwant that she is going out for a while.

Pratap is exercising in Patta’s room as he thinks about everything related to Bai ji Lal. He refuses to stay here anymore. I wont stay here under Ajabde’s leadership.

Saubhagyawati and Chakrapani meet in the jungle. He signals her in the same language like he used to when they were young. He wants to talk to her about something important and takes her with him.

Pratap writes a letter for Patta. Due to some unexpected and unforeseen change in situations, he is helpless but has to leave from Bijolia. I assure you that I will do whatever I can for you and your jija. Thank you for your hospitality. He keeps the letter and takes his dagger and stuff to leave when he comes face to face with Ajabde. She asks him if he is going for hunting. He says he doesn’t like hunting. She apologizes for asking him about his movements as it is his personal matter. He understands it that he is an outsider here. This much askance is ok. She calls him stable keeper again, wanting to talk to him only if he has time. Pratap agrees to talk to her while feeding his horse.

Saubhagyawati has brought ladoos for Chakrapani which he enjoys. He asks her about Ajabde. Why dint she write any letter to Pratap or Rana ji for help? I have heard that she has gotten arrogant these days. Saubhagyawati tells her not to use such words for AJabde. She cannot be arrogant but has self respect for sure. She has written many letters to Rana ji. She tries to divert the topic but he continues to talk about Ajabde. If Ajabde is so true then why doesn’t she tell truth to Bijolia people? Saubhagyawati understands that Pratap has sent him here to get info on Bai ji Lal. You have come here to meet Bai ji Lal’s friend for your friend so that you can give him all the info. I have understood your mission well. I spent the whole night making laddoos for you and this is what you do! He accepts it reluctantly. I have come to Bijolia on Pratap’s insistence. He himself is here in Bijolia. Saubhagyawati is taken aback. Chakrapani says, Pratap is very angry with Ajabde. But after listening to you I feel that there is some very big misconception going on between them.

Ajabde says if I hadn’t seen you taking care of your horse so well then I would have continued to think that you are not actually a horse keeper. I could only imagine you as a warrior. Pratap replies that that could actually be true. I am both a warrior and horse keeper. I have seen that there is a new identity of every person here. She takes it back to him. I dint expect it from you that you will give up your jewellery for Bai ji lal’s mission. He couldn’t resist himself from doing so as everyone else was doing it selflessly. I could do this much for my motherland. She talks about how patriotism is still very much alive in the people of Chittor till date. He doesn’t want to hear what Bai ji Lal might have told her. chittor’s people were, are and will continue to be patriots. Ajabde replies that she was and is capable enough to have her own thoughts. Bai ji Lal dint have to tell me anything ever as to what to think or believe in. People of Chittor can be patriotic but the king’s family (Uday Singh) cannot be one of them. How will they take care of their country who cannot even take care of their family members? If they could do it then they wouldn’t have left their DIL like this for no reason. pratap says how would you know, they might have a reason behind it. they both question each other asking the other if they know the respective people (Ajabde and US’s family) personally. Ajabde had thought that he came here dejected and upset from the people of Chittor. He can disagree with them but cannot cheat his motherland. I can respect your Bai ji Lal a little for all the positive efforts that she has made so far apart from my personal outlook for her. ajabde tells him to think from Bai ji Lal’s perspective. Why don’t you try to understand it after what all has happened with her? He wonders why Bai ji Lal is important for her. why do you want me to respect her? Ajabde turns away. true, it isn’t needed. I had only brought a message for you from her. he gets curious. She nods saying that Bai ji Lal wants something from you. Pratap wonders as to what Ajabde wants from him now.


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