Tum Saath Ho Jab 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Epi begins with Imran saying that if a relation can give him the right to fight for them then he will hold their hand. I will marry Mariam. Another shocker for Baig family! Younis holds him by his collar. How dare you talk like that? Take him or I will kill him. Mariam continues to look at Imran tearfully while Altaf takes him from there by force. Najma too stares at them wide eyed. Mariam leaves for her room. Abbajaan is in thoughts.

Mariam cannot stop crying because of the whole incident. Imran’s words continue to echo in her head. nasima comes to scold Mariam. See what has happened now? A drunkard came here and dared to say so much. We wont be able to face anyone now. This is why Younis and I used to tell you to stay away from that drunkard but you made Najma learn tennis from him only. Are you and that drunkard….? Mariam looks at her in shock. Nasima wonders how he could say such a big thing then in front of everyone. Mariam recalls Imran’s words. She closes the window and curtains that face towards his house.

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Jamaal is narrating his sher’s to his Amma. She is fed up but he lures her for a treat so she agrees to listen to him. They settle down for Rs. 15 per sher. She sends him to bring jalebi and rabri for her first using that money. Finally when he is about to begin they get distracted by Bilkish’s voice. She is talking to Nasima on phone. Bilkish tells everything to Jamaal and Amma.

Younis is super angry at Imran. I felt like I will kill him. Nasima doesn’t mind it. you calm down. Imran is not the only one to be blamed. You clap using both your hands. Mariam and Najma used to go to him as per their wish only. I used to think that only Najma is mad after tennis but had no idea that Mariam too will lose her mind and will set down to make her daughter learn that game. He is hurt by what all Mariam said. She says she has questioned your rules and standards. She has insulted us. I feel like throwing that mother daughter duo out of this house. We are the ones raising them and they have got bold. Younis wants to teach Mariam a lesson but he wants to take care of Imran first. Nasima tells him to hurry up. Rehmat Khala was telling me that the whole news has spread in their locality like wildfire. Tomorrow the whole town will know. This Mariam has embarrassed us in front of everyone. The people who salute us today will look down upon us tomorrow. he has something in his mind. I will make sure Imran gets thrown out of this locality tomorrow itself.

At his home, Imran is angry at Younis. What does he think of himself? You saw the way how he dragged Najma out of the garage? Why? Just because he is Tauseef’s elder brother? Will he raise his hand on Mariam because of that? Altaf asks Imran with what right he was stopping Younis. What is your relation with them? Imran says this is why I said all that if only a relation can give me a right to speak for them. Altaf tells him to come to his senses. You understand the meaning of holding Mariam’s hand? Imran goes quiet. Altaf makes him realise the meaning of his words. You said all that but dint realise its implications. Imran wonders what Mariam would be thinking about him. I said all that because of Najma. Altaf makes him understands that it isn’t about Najma but Mariam. Today you said what you shouldn’t have actually said. Plus Younis and Nasima would have believed by now that there is something between you and Mariam. You proved Mariam wrong in front of their eyes. Imran accepts his mistake. I lost my cool because of Najjo. Altaf assures to do something.

Mariam paces in her room worriedly. How did all this happen? I was only thinking of making Najma learn tennis. I dint intend to hurt Younis bhai or Abbajaan but today! Plus how dare Imran say something like that for me? I started talking a little to him and he started becoming my knight in shining armour. I was fighting with Younis Bhai for Najma. Why did he have to interfere? How did he even think that I will marry him? she cries.

The kids are in one room discussing the incident. Saba is shocked that Imran said about marrying Choti Ammi in front of Abbu, Ammi and Dadajaan. Fiza is still in disbelief. Najma blames herself for this situation. This wouldn’t have happened if I had not started playing tennis. Waqar tells her not to blame herself. Najma still blames tennis. New neighbour crossed all his limits today. it is ok that he stopped Bade Abbu from hitting Ammi but how can he talk about marrying Ammi? Saba likes the idea. What’s wrong in him? Fiza explains that new neighbour will be Najma’s Abbu if Choti Ammi marries him. Saba adds that he is a good guy, has a good job. I am sure he will keep you and Choti Ammi really happy if he marries her. Waqar says you only told us that he has quit alcohol too. Fiza says we find it right that they should get married. New neighbour loves you so much. Waqar adds that he is coaching Najma diligently. Fiza nods. He has done so much for you. Najma thinks of Altaf telling her that Imran has started seeing Mehak in her and how Imran has made so many efforts just to teach her. waqar and the kids talk in Imran’s favour. He will prove out to be a very good Abbu.

Imran recalls Younis’s words. He notices the closed window of Mariam’s room. Hope I don’t lose Najma too. Altaf returns home. Imran shows him the closed window. Altaf says the matter is not restricted to window or house anymore. The whole locality knows about it now, courtesy Shabnam. Imran gets angry but Altaf stops him from doing anything. Imran cannot understand what to do now. I have always tried to save Mariam’s honour but I only become the reason for her embarrassment. Altaf has a solution. Do what you have said at Younis’s house. Marry Mariam. Imran is taken aback. She is such a nice woman whereas I am (not)! Altaf asks him if he is not a good guy. You are a very good human being. Agree to what I am saying. You and Mariam are incomplete. Two such people can make each other complete. Imran denies. look at the closed window! She is really hurt by my words. Maybe you don’t realise but she loves her late husband a lot. She has no place for anyone else in her life. Altaf talks about Najma. She needs a father. You used to call her your Mehak. This is the right time. Hold Mariam’s hand.

Najma comes to her room. Mariam tries to divert her mind to homework. Najma notices the closed window. Are you upset with new neighbour? Mariam denies. najma sits down to talk to her. Marry new neighbour. Mariam is shocked. Do you understand what you are saying? Do you know the meaning of marriage? Najma nods. New neighbour will be my Abbu after your marriage to him. Mariam scolds her for talking like that. Najma cannot understand what the problem with new neighbour is. We siblings like this idea of you both marrying each other. We believe that he will prove out to be a good father. If I can become his Mehak then why can he not become my Abbu? Mariam tells her to be quiet. I don’t want to hear another word. Tauseef is and will remain your Abbu. No one can take his place. Abbajaan agrees with Mariam. No one can take Tauseef’s place. I too used to think earlier that no one can take anyone’s place. But today when I saw Imran fighting for you and Najma, I realised that he has already taken Tauseef’s place. Mariam looks at him in surprise. Abbajaan says if not in your heart then he has made place for himself in Najma’s heart. This is why he fought for Najma, stood up for you and stopped Younis from hurting you. Only someone close to you can do that for you. Mariam replies that there is nothing like that. Najma says anything anytime. I promise I will keep Najma away from Imran. He smiles. What will happen by doing that? Will your and Najma’s situation sort out that ways? Will Younis and Nasima stop taunting you then? I too think that you should marry Imran. very rare people become one another’s shield, support and strength. I saw Imran becoming your and Najma’s strength today. I can bet that Imran will become a loving and doting father to Najma and your right life partner. Mariam talks about Tauseef. Abbajaan tells Mariam that Tauseef was her past. It is about your and Najma’s future now. I am sure you will be happy with Imran. I am not saying this as your FIL but as your father. Hold Imran’s hand. This is Allah’s will. What do we need more when Najma loves him a lot as well? The decision is yours. he leaves from there. Najma requests her Ammi to marry Imran. Mariam is in tears.

Precap: Imran apologizes to Mariam. I dint intend to hurt you. This wont happen now as I am leaving from this locality tomorrow itself so that you don’t get insulted anymore. Please forgive me.

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