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Itti Si Khushi 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The fuse of Aggarwal House is also blown off. She tells Neha to dial Gopal Electrician’s number from her phone. She goes to dry clothes. Neha picks up the phone when she receives a call from Kamini ji. She greets her but it is Jayanti on the other line. Jayanti starts acting / crying. Everyone is sad here. I know you are upset but the relation is still there. Neha confirms. Jayanti says your Dadi’s health is not good. She hasn’t eaten anything since last so many days. She is bed ridden. Neha gets worried. Jayanti invites her to Goyal House to meet Dadi ji at once. She will be at peace if she sees you. The house is so lifeless without you. She is very upset. She regrets over everything that has happened. Neha says I am not angry with anyone. Jayanti requests her to come over and say this much only then. Neha agrees. Jayanti smirks as she ends the call while Neha wonders what she will say there.

Jayanti is waiting for Gayatri to leave as Neha must be coming any time. Right then Gayatri ji tells Jayanti that she is going to market to buy groceries. Electrician comes to change the switch. Gayatri leaves the task for Jayanti and leaves for market. Jayanti is in no mood to tell about the faulty switch to the electrician. Aman will come and tell you. She gives him water and intentionally touches his hand. How is your brother? Though you are handsome too. He goes from there as she continues to act all flirty with him so he gets up to go. I will come back when Aman bhaiya is at home. She tells him to come back in 2 hours then.

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Neha instructs herself to be quiet and not retort to anything that Dadi ji says while she enters Goyal house. Don’t create another drama. But why did Dadi ji fell ill? She meets Gopal on her way and tells him to check the fuse of her house. He agrees.

Jayanti smiles seeing Neha. She continues to praise Neha and gives her water. Neha asks for Dadi ji. Jayanti goes inside to get powder milk for Neha. Neha keeps the glass of water back thinking if there is anything fishy here. Jayanti brings milk for Neha. Jayanti recalls Aman getting shock from the switch board. She sits down on the sofa saying she is feeling really hot. Should we switch on the fan? Neha denies. Jayanti continues to push Neha to switch on the fan but in vain. She thinks of switching on heater or Neha wont switch on the fan then. Jayanti switches on the heater. She comes back to tell Neha that Dadi ji is coming in a while. She was sleeping.

Neha starts feeling hot. Jayanti yet again tells her to start the fan but Neha doesn’t want it. Kamini ji comes out and meets Neha happily. Neha touches her feet. What happened to you? Why are you not eating properly? Kamini ji feels hot too. I should switch on the fan for her. She starts walking towards the switch board when Neha gets thinking. Neha runs and pushes Dadi ji just when she was about to touch that switch board. Dadi ji shouts in pain. Aman and Gayatri ji return just then. They help her in getting up and make her sit on the sofa. Jayanti starts blaming Neha. Gayatri ji asks them what’s happening. Kamini ji says I have no idea. I just fell because of a push. Neha explains that she was actually saving her. Aman asks Neha when she came. She replies that jayanti Massi called me here. Jayanti affirms. I called her to sort out things between Dadi ji and Neha. The atmosphere of the house will change. This is why I called her here saying that Dadi ji is not keeping well. But this Neha pushed her instead when she came here. Neha declines doing anything like that. I was just saving Dadi ji. Jayanti Massi you knew that that switch board has current? Jayanti says how you know, you came just now. Aman confirms it that Jayanti Massi knew it. I had got hurt because of it. I had told you that I will send the electrician. Did he come? Jayanti lies. Neha calls her a liar. I met Gopal bhaiya outside. There is some problem with the fuse of our house so I told him to rectify it. that is when he told me what is the problem here. Flashback of the same is shown when Neha had actually asked Gopal as to why he came to Goyal House. Gopal tells her that he came here after getting to know about a faulty switch but that mad maid is not telling me anything about that particular switch. Should I check every switch now? Do you have any idea? Neha shakes her head. he tells her to be careful then. If someone touches it then there might be a bigger problem (risk of life). Flashback ends.

Neha says this is why when Dadi ji was approaching the switchboard I had to push her. I dint intend to but she fell. She apologizes to Dadi. I dint want to push you, I just wanted to save you. Dadi ji nods in surprise. Jayanti has no answer for Aman’s questions. Neha too asks her why you have been insisting upon me switching on that particular fan. You told me that you are feeling hot. You switched on the heater for the very same reason. please tell the truth. Jayanti tries to deny but Gayatri ji notices that the heater is on. Neha explains that Jayanti Massi intentionally switched it on so that the room temperature changes and I am forced to touch that fault switch. Jayanti Massi knew everything yet she was pushing to touch it. why are you doing this Massi? You are always after me (switch, jewellery, bhang). You always show that you are helping others but you are actually against them.

gayatri too calls Jayanti a liar. This is not the first time that you have been caught but now I wont be able to trust you anymore. What if someone would have lost their life? Dadi ji says it would have been me. neha assures her that that would not have happened. why are you doing this Massi? What have I done to you? Atleast respect Dadi ji if not me. she has brought you up like her own daughter and you are behaving like this with her? You dint even stop Dadi ji once while she was walking towards that switch board. There could have been an accident if she would have touched that switch board. Jayanti feels bad. Dadi ji asks Jayanti if she will kill her. Jayanti continues to call Neha a liar. She is weaving stories. Don’t trust her. Neha replies that she isn’t doing anything like that. I do like love stories but not these revengeful stories. Aman too scolds Jayanti. If you still don’t accept your mistake then I will call Gopal and the truth will be out in the open. It was only you who knew that that switch has current. You intentionally made Gopal leave from here so that you can trap Neha. Dint you feel ashamed? Gayatri ji asks her if she dint even think of God. We have raised you with so much love. Ma ji used to call doc even if you used to sneeze. You did this with our own DIL today? Jayanti accepts it all finally. How can I leave that girl who has done so much wrong with my Dadi ji? Neha has insulted her in front of everyone, proved her a liar. She got me intoxicated and made me say things. Dadi ji doesn’t even want to see my face. She wants to throw me out of the house. Neha had to go from here but it is me who is going now. She is the reason behind everything. If it was up to me then I would have killed her. Neha and everyone is taken aback to hear this.

Kamini ji slaps Jayanti. How dare you? You will kill my DIL? It is true that I dint like her or dint want her to become the DIL of our house but I never even thought of killing her or I would have added poison in the laddoos instead of bhang. You are my mistake. You are the poison that can kill me and Neha today and can even kill Aman or Gayatri tomorrow. you should leave from here right away. Jayanti requests her but Kamini ji stays put. Aman calms his Dadi ji. Jayanti Massi understands that she is not needed here anymore. She can leave. Jayanti apologizes to them. gayatri says that is done but you should leave now. They all tell her to leave. Jayanti heads to her room.

Kamini ji says I have made many mistakes. I have fallen in my own eyes. I wanted to rule this house by scaring and insulting everyone. I thought I became the leader of the house that ways but I realised that I could have become that by making everyone love me. I am burning in that same fire that I have lit. I have made life hell for me only. She folds hands before Neha. I have hurt you a lot. Please don’t forget me ever. That is my punishment. Neha agrees that she did all that as she loves Aman a lot. I too trouble you a lot by my mischief’s so you will get angry. But I used to do all that when I was a kid. Now I am grown up. I wont give you a chance to complain. Kamini ji agrees that Neha has actually grown up. But I was actually doing childish things. I was mad, not you. You have a pure innocent heart. True, the one who has the heart of a child is pure, just like you. You know no lies, no cheatings, no games. Don’t ever learn this. never grow up if that is what growing up means. Stay the way you are. It is a very big boon to you. I said that I wonder if God has cursed you or blessed you after waking you up from coma. But He has blessed you and He has blessed us more than you that He brought you in our home. Neha hugs Dadi ji. Dadi ji is about to kill Neha’s hand when she notices the wound in Neha’s hand. They all get concerned. Aman takes her inside to put ointment over it. Kamini ji apologizes to Gayatri too. They share a hug.

In their room, Neha takes out Aman’s cricket kit. She picks up the bat from the kit. Everything will be fine now once Aman realises his ambition. I have full faith in you. Everything will be fine once you get selected.

Precap: Neha is talking to someone on phone. She agrees to reach somewhere at 10 am tomorrow. She ends the call and hugs Akku and her mom excitedly. Aman has been called for NCL trials tomorrow morning. Gayatri ji tells Aman that Divakar ji got really happy to know that you want to work with him. he has called you at 10 am tomorrow. Kamini ji looks at Aman in confusion.

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