Friends. . Condition Apply 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Friends. . Condition Apply 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chirag sits in the Car,,Murli shoot’s Police car,,it punctured..Murli goes..Shakti is in pain..Chirag holds Shakti..tells that he know Shakti is a fighter..Chirag goes in flashback and thinks how Shakti slapped a boy when he called Shakti “Babes”..Benoy bets with Chirag that he impress shakti..Benoy goes and tells Shakti that he want to be friend..Benoy tells that he and Shakti will have good chemistry..Shakti tells that she is not intrested in flashback,,and she will find another way to be famous,,Chirag goes and tells Sorry to shakti behalf of Benoy..Shakti tells that she is not scared of Despo boys,,Shakti tells Benoy that If he plays Games at cricket field it would have good,,Shakti shakes hand with Chirag and introduces herself Shakti goes..Benoy tells that Shakti is doing just show of..Chirag tells no Something is special about her..
Chirag carries Shakti and puts in the room,Imple tells Shakti that they were very much scared,,Murli tells Benoy that Chirag tried alot to escape..Murli tells he can do anything to complete the mission..Murli tells this time he will shoot correctly..Imple tells that all were very much scared..Chirag tells that there were some people who want Shakti to die,,Isha tells what non sense..Chirag tells that Police have recognized them,,Isha tells that they said all thing to Police..Chirag tells that he dont want to put Shakti”s life in danger,,
Benoy tells Isha that Shakti is trying to break his and Chirag friendship..Benoy goes in flashback,,In flashback Chirag tells that he want explanation from Shakti,,Chirag goes,,Shakti comes,Benoy call shakti blo*dy face two time loser..Shakti tells she dont want to see his and chirag’s face and goes,,Benoy tells Isha to keep Chirag away from Shakti,,Benoy tells that he is having a doubt still that Shakti is kidnapper’s Secret agent..Isha tells Benoy is right She will go and talk with Chirag now only..
Benoy tells Chirag that Shakti is a loser,,Benoy tells Chirag that he rembered what Shakti did on new year eve..he tells that Shakti is not good..Chirag tells Benoy that his thinking is wrong and goes.. Next day at morning..Juhi comes to Shakti..Shaki awakes and see Chirag is sleepin near to him..Shakti asks juhi why chirag is sleepin??Juhi tells that Chirag didnt slept whole night As Shakti was in pain and asking water..Juhi tells that Chirag cares for Shakti,,Shakti tells that she want to rest..Juhi goes..Shakti thinks all the moments she spent with Chirag,,Chirag gets up..Shakti tries to get up but fall Chirag holds her..Chirag and Shakti sees into each other eyes..Music goes on in Background..Murli suddenly comes in..Shakti gets up seeing Murli..Murli tells that Both of them becoming Romeo and juliet,,Shakti tells Chirag what he is doing,,Chirag tells he though both of them are friends..Murli tells he want name of the one who will be killed first..Police officer tells his Senior office that Shakti was injured and came to hospital along wit Chirag..He tells that someone from friends are helping the Kidnapper’s,,
Benoy tells why Deadline changed..Chirag tells because police regonized them at hospital..Chirag tells that Police will Send rescue team Early..Shakti gets tensed

Precap:Chirag and fights with Benoy.. As Benoy badmouths about Shakti

Update Credit to: Ansari

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