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Mariam addresses Srivastava. We are normal people and our way of living is different. You can do business with Younis Bhai if you want to; I will only make samples for you. I am telling you for the last time that you should stay away from me. If you don’t like it then the right decision will be to break business relations with you. Srivastava agrees to be careful from next time, please don’t be upset. She returns the necklace to him. He leaves. Younis blesses Mariam.

Younis is talking to Azhar on phone. I am not in a mood to come to the factory right now. Please explain to the labourers that they will have to do overtime (of 2 hours) or the order wont be complete on time. He agrees to talk to the labourers tomorrow and ends the call. He is really upset with Srivastava for what he has done. Abbajaan got to know about it from Rehmat Bi, he was super angry. He was angry that Srivastava dared to gift a necklace to Mariam. We should have thrown him out of the house instead. Nasima is all quiet which irks him all the more. she is in tears. What’s my position in the house? You are not doing it right with me. you always insult me in front of Srivastava. You shouted on me in front of Srivastava the other day as well and today too. I am the elder DIL of this house. What will he think about me? Younis calmly replies that she doesn’t have to get involved in his work too much. She says I was only talking about you profit. I wasn’t wrong; you were all ready to break ties with Srivastava. I handled the situation. I am worried about my kids’ future. Please understand things. Working with Srivastava is actually more beneficial for us only. He points out that she only thinks about profit, not loss. She doesn’t get his point. Mariam refused to take that necklace so that topic ended then and there itself. But you were stretching the matter. Plus who is this Rehmat Khala to interfere in our matters? She is a servant and should stay like that only. Anyways, tell me what happened after I left from there? You would have broken all ties with Srivastava thereby ruining our kids’ future. He comforts her. Nothing like that happened. I was about to throw Srivastava out of the house but Mariam gave him another chance. I couldn’t say anything then. Nasima is relieved that Mariam handled the situation well.

Imran is making tea while Altaf paces anxiously. How can Najma say no to tennis? You have worked so hard on her. she is so talented. Winning and losing is a part of game. He repeats Imran’s words. You win one day, you might lose the other time. Imran points out that he just repeated his lines. Imran notices Mariam pacing in her room worriedly and gets curious. Altaf too notices this.

He calls out for Mariam asking her if she is alright. Mariam is really pissed at Srivastava. She starts muttering in anger. He is a shameless guy. How dare he behave like that with me? I wanted to slap him but controlled myself because of Younis bhai. They are confused. What happened? tell us clearly. She realises that she was venting out her anger in front of the innocent people and goes quiet but they insist upon knowing. She tells him everything from the beginning. That day he was luring me for money and today for jewellery. He thinks I too am like him. Altaf is disgusted with Srivastava as well whereas Imran gets quite angry on Srivastava. You should have taught him a lesson by slapping him then and there only. Why dint you throw him out of the house? Altaf supports him. Mariam tells him that Younis bhai showed him the door. Imran is still angry that Srivastava dint get the well deserved slap. Younis bhai otherwise thinks too highly of himself but would have been all quiet that time. Tell me where I will find Srivastava. Where is his office? I will beat him. Mariam tells him to let it be. He wont repeat anything like this again. Imran vows to kill Srivastava in case he repeats this mistake. Altaf is shocked and questions Imran through gestures. Mariam too is surprised. Maula plays. Imran says it is the right thing to do. If I find him somewhere then I will show him his place. Altaf is observing his reaction keenly while Mariam stares at him all wide eyed and quiet.

Nasima relates the whole incident to Bilkish on phone. Jamaal and Amma watch her in confusion. They try to tease her but Bilkish goes to another room to talk to her bhabhi properly. They think that it is something big which is why Bilkish dint even reply to my greeting. Jamaal is hungry. Amma is curious to know the whole thing now. Bilkish returns just then. Amma continues to interrupt Bilkish every time she begins to say something. Jamaal has to interfere in the situation to quieten Amma. Bilkish tells them everything. Jamaal is sure Srivastava’s intentions are not right. Amma too wants to beat Srivastava. Bilkish points out that Chachajaan was not at home or he wouldn’t have spared Srivastava. Jamaal is sure Younis must have slapped Srivastava for his actions. If I find him then I wont leave him. Bilkish and Amma calm him down. He loses his appetite but Bilkish and Amma bring a smile on his face finally.

Altaf continues to observe Imran. what had happened to you? Why did you get angry hearing about the jewellery? Imran replies that the issue was such. Mariam is a pure soul. One must respect that. Altaf continues to probe him. Imran wonders if he reacted a little too much. Altaf affirms. It looked as if Younis’s client had given you a gift instead. Imran cannot understand why he got so angry. I just couldn’t control myself when I heard about the incident. I am still very angry. Altaf asks him why. Imran has no answer for his question. Altaf points out that he has started to like Mariam too along with Najma. Altaf calls him mad. You are talking rubbish. Altaf explains that you have started liking her for her good qualities, just like me. imran agrees. Please use your words carefully. Altaf tells him to make Najma agree to play tennis once again.

Imran notices Najma and calls out for her. she greets him. She declines to talk about tennis. He agrees. Do you remember you said to me that you are my Mehak when you told me to quit alcohol? She nods. He asks her if she just said that to make him quit alcohol or you said it with all your heart. She says I meant it. I am your Mehak. He asks her how his Mehak gave up then. my Mehak was drowning yet she tried her best to save herself. My Mehak was not a loser then how can my Mehak (Najma) give up. I had seen a lot many dreams for Mehak. The biggest dream was to see her playing for our country, the same dream that your Abbu Tauseef had seen. Will you not fulfil your Abbu’s and my dream? If you are really Mehak then you will have to play tennis. Altaf that it is about her Ammi too. Najma gets thinking. She finally says yes. I will play tennis as your Mehak and my Abbu’s Najjo. I promise your Mehak wont drown this time. He thanks her. Altaf too is happy. get ready we will be reaching garage soon. She leaves. Imran feels that his Mehak has come back to life. This time I saved her from getting drowned. Altaf nods.

Mariam asks Rehmat Khala why she told everything to Abbajaan. Look how angry he is right now. Rehmat Bi says there is nothing wrong in it. How did Srivastava dare to give you a gift like that? If Tauseef was alive then Srivastava wouldn’t have dared to do anything like that. You are not alone. Mariam recalls Imran’s reaction upon hearing the incident. She murmurs, he (Mariam) too got very angry. Rehmat Bi gets confused. Mariam is worried about Abbajaan but Rehmat Bi assures her that she has explained everything to Salman Baig. His reaction was normal. Najma comes running there excitedly. We have to leave, right? Mariam is confused. Najma lies that she had promised to take her to the mosque today. Mariam doesn’t recall anything like that. Rehmat Bi jokes that Mariam is getting older. She goes to the kitchen.

Mariam confronts Najma. You have started lying as well? When I did I say we will go to mosque today? Najma denies. I have decided to play tennis. Mariam gets happy. how did this miracle happen? Najma gives the credit to Imran. he said that I am his Mehak. He had wanted his Mehak to play tennis for our country. I thought to play tennis for him as he will be happy then. Mariam appreciates her. you did the right thing. Imran really thinks of you to be his Mehak. My Najma is getting very mature. She is learning to live for other people. They share a hug. Najma says you only have taught this to us. They both decide to get ready and leave asap.

Waqar stares at Saba while she is doing something on the laptop but she shoos him away. Fiza comes running excitedly to tell him that Najma Appi has agreed to play tennis again. she just left with Choti Ammi. Waqar gets happy. Saba is curious to know the whole thing but is shocked when they tell her that Najma is playing tennis.

Precap: Imran tells Najma (at the garage) that she lost her match as she spent all her energy in her first set only. Conserve it till the last round. This time you yourself will have to find out the weak point of your opponent. Najma nods. They are about to begin the practise when they all stop in shock upon noticing Younis at the door.

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