Everest 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anjali telling Rina that Akash is taking medicines and exercising, he is better than before, I know you are reporter and people will have interest to know this, but please if anyone knows this… I know Akash, he is very good and honest guy, he won’t risk this mission, but if everyone knows, he can lose professionally and personally, don’t tell anyone. Rina says love… don’t worry I won’t tell anyone, promise. Anjali thanks her. Arjun comes there and sees Rina. He leaves. Anjali asks does she know Arjun. Rina says I used to love him, and he also loved me, atleast I felt this, but I was so blind that I saw what I wanted to, I was ready to die for him, love is bad, it makes us do anything.

Rina says I used to make reasons to meet him, and he used to do such mistakes. She says I understood its all wrong, love is very selfish, we accept their mistakes and think he is happy and we are giving this happiness to him, I hope Akash’s love is not making you blind. Anjali says no, I just like him, just good friends, I don’t love him, and excuses herself. Rina smiles. Maithili is at a café. She gets Anjali’s call. Anjali says I m in base camp, its very cold. Maithili asks how is Everest. Anjali says I can’t believe I m here, did mum tell you everything. Maithili says yes. Anjali asks did Papa scold you. Maithili says yes, a lot, but its fine.

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Anjali says I m sorry. Maithili says its fine, and jokes. Anjali laughs. Maithili asks is there any tension. Anjali tells her about Akash. Maithili says what happened to him. Anjali says we became great friends, he supported me well, we can talk and share, he understands me. Maithili asks what is she saying. Anjali says nothing, he has some feelings for me in his heart, but I told him about Vidhaan, I should have told him before, don’t know why I did not, but he understood and said this will not affect our friendship, but…. Maithili asks what but? Anjali says I don’t understand, Vidhaan is nice guy, Papa likes him, and Akash…. Who understands me, what should I do?

Maithili says nothing, concentrate on Everest, we can decide this later. Anjali says you are saying right, and how is Vidhaan. Maithili says he is fine, I came to meet him, he said he will introduce me to news editor. Anjali says best of luck. Maithili asks her to take care. Anjali says say hi to Vidhaan from my side, and ends the call. Vidhaan comes to meet Mathili, and talks to her. She says Anjali called and said hi. He asks how is she. She says she is perfect.

Rina looks at Arjun. Chand notices them. Rina talks to Siddharth and asks Arjun to answer her questions seeing camera or her. Arjun says fine. She takes his interview. She asks Arjun was this his dream to come Everest. Arjun says don’t know, but going up in life and succeeds was my dream. Rina says that’s great, everyone wants you to summit Everest, how are you feeling. Arjun says my childhood was in England, so people know what is it to feel to do something for country, I m grateful. Rina says cut, I m sorry, I m feeling unwell. She leaves. Siddharth says she might have altitude sickness, I m sorry, I hope you understand. Arjun says yes.

Ramesh tells Sam that his team wants to leave tomorrow. Sam asks you want us to leave for Summit. Ramesh says yes, I want which no one did, even Nasir left yesterday. Sam says they came here one week before. Ramesh says our team is young, will this be wrong. Sam says no, but Colonel Abhiyankar… Ramesh says it means if he won’t say, you won’t do this. He says you are weather expert, if you feel we can summit before, is this not right. He says you are not able to come out of Abhiyankar’s shadow, whats the problem. He says we can save days and money, if I benefit, everyone will benefit. Sam laughs and says bribe, if I say our team will start climb tomorrow, then you will fill my pockets. Ramesh says no, pockets is small thing, bank account, immediate transfer. Sam says outstanding, you are truly a good businessman, but tell me the rate of people.

He says I m not businessman, I will send them when the time is good for them, not a day before. Ramesh says fine. Sam says enjoy the weather and leaves. Ramesh gets angry. Chand asks Akash and Anjali to rest and he will see Arjun. Akash says one week and then Everest. She talks about her home and family, I feel that Anjali is someone else. He says when I think about Shikha Maa, I also feel the same, I don’t know she came home or not. She says but you called home. He says yes, but Seema Maasi did not let me talk. She asks him to call and say hello from my side. He says fine, I will see you.

Seema talks to Shikha Maa. Shikha says I want to talk to Alash to say best of luck. Seema says no need and taunts her. Shikha gets angry and says Akash is not responsible for Gaurav’s death. Akash calls home and Seema ends the call scolding him.

Arjun taunts Akash and they argue. Abhiyankar says expedition is team work. He says Ramesh that its dangerous to fly helicopter near base camp.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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