Hamari Sister Didi 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita asks Karan to drive fast, he begin to drive rash. She asks him to be careful. He says he can’t always do what she says, he doesn’t know how to drive fast, carefully. He asks had she come, if he had brought her telling the truth. He says she isn’t free in the hospital to listen to him, she says she always listen to his orders. He says she must be quiet and listen to him now, a truck comes to the front. They were saved from an accident. Amrita asks what he did, he says he was mistaken. She asks him to take her to her children. Karan says he did a big mistake, that he brought her here. The police knocks their door, and says they had a lot of fun, now move on. Karan introduces himself, but the inspector says they must just go to police station. They have seen so many like them, Amrita is disturbed watching the couples in the van. The inspector asks who much he has paid for Amrita, Karan looks at Amrita then asks the inspector to stay in his limits. The inspector mocks Amrita, and asks Karan how much he had a deal. Karan warns him to rid him of his uniform. The inspector forces Karan into the van, and asks Amrita to get there too.
In the police station, the inspector asks what was going on. Amrita says they wanted to save the car from an accident. The inspector says they all have the same stories. Amrita explains, Karan gets enraged. Amrita asks him not to be angry, it will worsen that way. The junior says he was talking about getting the uniform down. Karan asks Amrita to go out, he will talk to them. Amrita leaves, and sits out. Karan tells him that he is Karan Oberoi, he explains the whole story. The inspector asks how they must agree about it. Karan gives a family photo to him, he watches it and asks Karan to go. The inspector asks about his name, and his wifes. He says she is Amrita Oberoi.
Sooraj denies going to the match, until their mama come. Khushi says mama just called and told her mama will call in a while. Sooraj says she just crossed her finger, she is lying. Sooraj was being stubborn, and says mama always does the same. Sooraj dials Amrita’s number, but it was out of coverage. The coach tells Sooraj to get ready, next is his turn.
Karan comes out and tells Amrita to go. She asks if it is all cleared, he says yes it is done. She asks what he said, he says isn’t she getting late in going to Sooraj’s school. They go in car, thinking about the words of the inspector. Amrita asks what was the important thing he wanted to talk to her about, he asks if she talked to Khushi, Sooraj. She says they aren’t picking up the phone.
Amrita comes to Sooraj, and asks how the match was. He was sad, Khushi didn’t speak too. Amrita says there is nothing wrong, if he couldn’t score. She promises she won’t miss the next match. Sooraj says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Amrita says sorry, she got into the match. Sooraj says she knew he won’t play, if she won’t come. Amrita says there was an emergency. Sooraj says he didn’t play the match today, he missed it because of her. Amrita asks why. Sooraj says she only cares about her hospital, Sooraj and his match is nothing for her. He had told her to come, but she didn’t. Sooraj begins to cry. Karan hears this all. Amrita says I am sorry, I was mistaken. She says he must have played, she did a big mistake. Sooraj goes behind dadi mama, asking her to tell Amrita to leave, he doesn’t want to talk to her. Mrs. Kapoor asks what was so important, she couldn’t get an hour. Amrita says she can’t tell her where she was caught. She says she will take him, he will be alright. Amrita cries, Khushi consoles her.

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She tells her to go to duty, she will talk to him. She will take dadi mama and Sooraj home. She promises Amrita to talk to Sooraj. Amrita caresses her, Khushi leaves. Karan comes to Amrita, says I am sorry it was because of him. Amrita asks him to leave her alone. He leaves.
Amrita sits on the bench nearby, thinking about the words of inspector. Babay comes there, and keeps hand on her shoulder. Amrita cries. Babay says Khushi had called her. She says it is a child’s anger. Amrita says what if the child has lost faith in mother’s love. Babay says she must not dislike a child’s thing. Amrita denies, Babay hugs her and takes her along.
Karan watches the Challan, and thinks he told Amrita as his wife. He keeps it down, and thinks it all wasn’t good today. Situation has gone more complex. Bobby asks if he has checked the file, he tells him to keep it here. He turns and asks for a number, writes it on the challan paper, and hands it to Bobby.

PRECAP: Mrs. Kapoor asks he does a lot of mistake, mama never stops loving him, then why he. Amrita gets the challan paper, and asks Karan in the centre of reception how dared he called her wife. She breaks all her relations with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Things are going worst. Amrita should try to understand the situation of that time.

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