Hum Hain Na 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hum Hain Na 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sagarika telling Amma even though she does not consider her as her bahu, she is legally wedded to Bunty and even she has kept fast for his good health and if she wants, she can perform pooja. Amma agrees.

Amma gets worried about Satya and walks towards her house. She asks neighbours if Satya is fine. They say she is in room since she came in. Satya is busy hogging food like a pig. She hears Amma’s sound, hides food and acts as being weak and dull due to fasting. Amma apologizes that she has to fast because of her. Satya says she can do anything for Bunty. Amma asks if she will come for parikrama/temple rituals. She says yes and burps. Amma asks how can she burp. Satya says it is due to acidity. She thinks once this old lady leaves, she will continue her munching and will have to find out way to stop parikrama. Once Amma leaves, she looks at food under her bed and starts hogging like a pig again.

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Sagarika gives dahi vada/snacks for Bunty. He likes it and asks her to eat. She says she will not. He says he knows she is fasting and asks when he is healthy, why is she. She says we both know you are healthy, but Amma thinks you are not, so she is fasting. Bunty says your love’s strength will defeat all the hardships.

Satya comes back to Amma and says she is fine and will go to temple for Parikrama. Amma thanks god and says she will come with her to temple. Satya says Daadi has asked her to bring something from market, so she will go to market and then temple directly. If anyone see them together, they will doubt them. Amma says she was very weak sometime ago, so should not go alone. Satya insists that she will go alone. Amma praises her that she has to bear all this for Bunty’s health. Sagarika comes and says Amma they can go to temple for parikrama. Amma says Satya is going and she does not have to fast and do parikrama now. Sagarika says though she does not consider her as bahu, she is bunty’s wife and if she also fasts, it will be good for Bunty. Amma agrees and asks her to wear red sari. She thinks she can meet Satya also in temple.

Bunty calls Satya and thanks her for fasting for his good health being a good friend. He asks her to break fast. She asks how can she. He says Amma is old fashioned and she does not have to fast and asks her to meet him in restaurant, they can enjoy food and then watch Salman Khan’s movie. She gets happy but says she has to go to temple for parikrama. He says she does not have to do parikrama and asks her to come with her friend.

Satya asks her friends to get her ready soon as she is going on a date with Bunty and says soon Bunty is realizing that she is his special friend.

Sagarika says Bunty that she is worried his plan will fail. He says when she can fast for him, nothing wrong will happen. He sees her wearing red sari and says she is looking beautiful like a rose. She says once Amma accepts her as bahu, she will be happy. Bunty says we both will convince Amma and asks her to go, else Amma will change her decision.

Satya comes down and asks Amma if they can leave. Amma says yes. Daadi asks where are they going. She says she is going to temple for Bunty. Daadi says she can go in the evening. Amma says before everyone returns from movie, she will come back and leaves with Sagarika.

Satya reaches restaurant with friend. Friend asks where is Bunty. Bunty hides behind tree and asks if she has reached. She says not yet and asks him to come. Friend asks why did she lie. She says to lure boyfriend, she has to lie. Friend says Bunty is married though. Satya says he is not happy with his wife, else why would he leave her alone and invite her instead for movie and says let us wait for him now. Bunty thinks let her wait here, Sagarika will do parikrama and win Amma’s heart.

Precap: Sagarika does parikrama by rolling around temple. Amma asks panditji if Satya came for parikrama. He says no. Madhav comes and says he saw Satya in a restaurant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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