Tum Saath Ho Jab 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shabnam asks Najma what she is looking at. Najma quickly keeps it back in the packet and dismisses it as nothing.

Mehak’s laughter echoes in Imran’s head as he drives his bike. He suddenly realises that the bag is nowhere to be seen. He takes a u-turn and drives back towards home.

Altaf is buying veggies but the prices are too high. Imran comes back. He looks around for the bag and asks people about it. Altaf joins him in searching for the bag. Shabnam greets them. they ask her about the packet. Shabnam tells them that she saw that packet with Najma. If I would have known that it belongs to you then I would have taken it from her as we are neighbours after all. Imran confirms about Najma. Shabnam calls Najma a troublemaker. Hope she dint tear the photo. Imran heads to Baig house with Altaf following him. Imran is in no mood to stop today.

Mariam brings tea for Younis as he is getting late for work. Nasima hands him a list that is to be brought. He is again worried about spending money in all this. Imran knocks at their door. younis is not happy to see him at his door. Imran straight away asks for Najma. Mariam wants to know what has happened but Younis tells her to be quiet. Imran tells them that she has something that belongs to me. Younis is irked that Najma went to his house again even when he had strictly warned her against it. Altaf tells him that Najma dint come to their home. Something (our bag) fell on the road and she picked it up. Younis is not ready to believe it. Najma wont pick up anything that is fallen on the road. Imran has been told by some lady that Najma has my bag. Why don’t you call her? Younis and Nasima tell him to go to his home quietly. The kids of our house wont pick garbage from road. Imran is angry but controls himself. He starts talking about his daughter but stops. Please call Najma. Younis is getting angrier by the second. Mariam suggests calling Najma once and finding the truth. Rehmat Bi supports her. Younis calls out for Najma but gets to know that she is not at home. Neither the kids nor Mariam has any idea about it. Younis suddenly notices Najma coming back and actually heading to the other side. She stops in her tracks as she hears her name. She hides the bag behind her. Younis asks about her whereabouts. Imran points out at the bag. I too have no inclination to fight without any reason. Nasima is upset with her. Najma tries to say something but Younis tells her to be quiet. He scolds Mariam for being too lenient. Mariam questions Najma. Till when will you embarrass me like this? Najma innocently replies that she had only gone to get Imran’s daughter Mehak’s photo framed. I had broken it so I had decided to rectify my mistake. Imran and Mariam are speechless. A tearful Najma hugs her Ammi. Altaf apologizes to them. The intentions of the girl were good but we misunderstood things. Please don’t be upset on her. Younis gives them the bag and they leave. Younis and Nasima are upset with the mother daughter duo for embarrassing them in front of everyone.

Imran takes out Mehak’s photo frame while Altaf explains the situation to him. That little girl was trying to cure your wounds. She was actually trying to rectify her mistake by framing this photo as the previous frame had broken because of her. She had to hear so much because of you. Imran realises his mistake. I was worried what if she tears Mehak’s photo. Altaf compliments Najma’s thinking. She was scolded by her uncle and aunt because of us. They are weird people.

Najma is sad that whenever she tries to do something right everything goes wrong actually. Plus Bade Abbu and Badi Ammi only need a chance to scold me. Mariam supports them. What was the need to pick photo from the road? And you could have given it to us. We would have returned it to Imran. Try and understand, Bade Abbu is not our enemy. It was about our family’s respect. He felt bad / ashamed because of some stranger. Najma blames her new neighbour. I am being scolded because of him every single day. I got the new frame using my own pocket money yet he created such a big drama. I wont have anything to do with him now. her Ammi asks for promise and Najma looks dubious.

Altaf realises their another mistake as they both look at the photo frame. We should have atleast given her money for the frame. Don’t know from where she would have arranged for it! Imran recalls Najma’s reply downstairs and looks confused. Altaf notices it. How does she know this is my daughter Mehak? Who told her about Mehak? Altaf lies that he has no idea but Imran is sure he would have told her. have you told everyone else in the locality as well? Altaf denies. After what happened yesterday I had to tell it to Mariam Bi. Imran cannot see the necessity of it. I don’t care what anyone thinks about me. why did you tell her? Altaf accepts his mistake. I couldn’t do hatred in Mariam’s eyes for you. Imran knows the hatred will turn in sympathy now, just like Najma did it in the form of this photo frame. I wont tolerate anyone’s pity. He gives the photo frame to his Mamu and walks out of the house.

Bilkish checks the containers in her kitchen and finds everything empty. Jamaal has finally come out of the drum and has been hurt in the process. He asks for good food (chicken, milk). Amma suggests her and then Jamaal to bring food items on credit but they both decline. Bilkish was happy when he used to work in post office. We used to get a little but some money atleast. He got suspended because of his acts. Amma talks in her son’s favour. He is happy that he is still getting half of his salary. All three of them have another bickering moment. Amma boasts about how she used to manage their family in Rs. 3. Bilkish decides to go to her Chachajaan’s house and gives them Rs. 2 to get food for themselves.

Mariam is putting oil in Najma’s hair warning her not to be around Imran. Najma vows to not even go near him. no one cares about your good deeds. I will call the whole locality if he says anything to me. mariam tells her to talk about something other than the new neighbour. Najma wishes to have a bicycle like Waqar. I wasted my money on new neighbour. Mariam is irked but Najma explains that she is not talking about their new neighbour but actually the amount that she wasted in getting that photo frame.

Imran comes back. Altaf has made his favourite food for him. najma observes everything and points it out to her Ammi as well. He (Altaf) is asking him but our new neighbour doesn’t even bother to reply. Altaf and Mariam are taken aback to know that Imran had gone to look for a new house for them. Imran wants to shift from this house, this locality. So much has happened with me here. Najma is sad to hear it. Altaf tries to reason that they cannot change so many places so many times. We are anyways bachelors and it is tough for people like us to find a room. We got this because of our acquaintance. Najma and Mariam go closer to hear their convo. We wont go anywhere. Imran has already selected a house for them. I have already paid the advance. We will shift by next Sunday, make preps for it. Najma and Mariam hear it too and look sadly while Altaf tries to convince Imran.

Saba is call with her friend and gets to know that a new mall is opening tomorrow. She agrees to come and asks her friend to bring her jeans and tshirt with her. I will change clothes in the mall. Her friend is worried about her mom. She was asking me about those clothes. Saba decides to keep them at Keerthi’s house for a while. She notices her parents and changes the topic before ending the call. They enquire about the call. Saba lies that her friend Salma dint come to school today so was asking me to bring notes for her tomorrow. Nasima asks him if he wants tea but he tells her that from now on he will have green tea only. Waqar and Fiza bring their diaries. They have got note from the teachers as they haven’t paid fees yet. The last day was today. younis cannot go to school tomorrow as he has some really important work to do. He reprimands Nasima for it. She agrees to send her bhaijaan and get it done. He nods. This should not happen again. saba is again irked with her dad when he calls the toothpick, a khilal.

Mariam is cleaning up her room. She looks towards Imran’s house and notices the empty chair. She recalls how he had talked about shifting house yesterday. She looks towards the window again.

Precap: Mariam is travelling in a sharing auto. A guy is sitting between her and Imran. The guy stealthily puts his hand over knee and she is shocked by his gesture. Imran notices this. He holds the other hand of the guy and tells the auto driver to stop the auto. He thrashes the guy badly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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