Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sangeeta being glad that Adi left. Sahil and Anshul come dressed as doctors. Sahil says we stole Dr Rustam’s phone and now we will steal your Pankhudi too, sorry Aditya. Nilofer asks Ayesha not to go to hospital. Ayesha says she has to go and gets ready to leave. Adi asks Rubel to take care of Pankhudi. Rubel says don’t worry. Adi says I did not tell the sister that you are coming. Sangeeta asks Sahil to come fast as there is no one here. Sahil says fine, coming. Sahil and Anshul are shocked seeing Rubel and leave fast. Rubel asks the constable is everything fine. He says yes. Adi is on the way to meet the doctor. Rubel comes in the room and see Sangeeta removing Pankhudi’s saline and reading machines. He asks her the same. She says Dr. Rustam changed medication.

She asks how did you come. He says Adi called me, so I came here. She says fine, I will end my work and come. She goes out. She calls Sahil and says Rubel is in Pankhudi’s room, we have to follow back up plan npw. Bau ji talks to Avantika. She says commissioner will help us. They talk about Pankhudi. Sangeeta asks Rubel to photocopy some medical reports, don’t worry, we have security here, Pankhudi is fine here. Rubel leaves. Sangeeta calls Sahil and asks him to come soon.

Everyone do the Akhand puja in the house. Everyone pray for Pankhudi. Avantika gets a call from Adi. He says don’t worry, Rubel is in hospital. He says this puja is for Pankhudi, and maybe she will be fine, manage at home, I will manage here. She says fine, keep messaging me. He says fine, take care. Adi waits for Dr Rustam and messages him. Sangeeta tells the constable to give these papers to Rubel, I can’t leave the patient. He says fine, I will go. She calls Sahil and asks him to come fast, the way is clear now.

They come in Pakhudi’s ward and takes her on the stretcher. Sangeeta asks them to go, and she will get emergency medicines. Adi says he will call hospital and see. He calls the reception and asks about Dr Rustam giving any message for Aditya Kumar. Rubel hears this that Dr. Rustam is busy in operation. Rubel is shocked. Adi says I have all the reports. Rubel says the nurse have me the reports, it means the nurse is lying. Adi says she is with them, go to Pankhudi fast, I m coming. Rubel runs to Pankhudi.

Adi drives back to the hospital. The puja is done at home. Rubel asks the constable to come with him fast. Anshul takes Pankhudi. Ayesha comes there in the burqa hiding her face. Anshul sees her and stops. Ayesha does not the taweez she tied on Pankhudi’s arm and passes by. Sangeeta packs the medicines and leaves fast. Sangeeta sees her and thinks how did she come here. She runs. Ayesha thinks where is this sister going with bag. Ayesha goes to Pankhudi’s ward and is shocked to see her missing. Rubel runs to the ward. Adi asks Sawant to reach the hospital fast, as that nurse is also with them.

Rubel comes and says where is Pankhudi. Ayesha says don’t know, the nurse left just now and did not answer me. Rubel asks the constable to close all exits. The nurse is also with them, they have kidnapped her. Ayesha says Pankhudi was not with her, she was alone, it means they have already taken her. She thinks about seeing Pankhudi and asks him to come fast.

They kidnap Pankhudi and are happy. Sangeeta says she has erased all proofs and they will not catch them now. Poor Pankhudi will not know that we are taking her so far. Pankhudi opens her eyes hearing them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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