Humsafars 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Humsafars 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with fashion show host inviting chief guest Mrs. Chaudhry (Sahir’s mom) to come on stage. Arzoo’s mom and grandma get happy seeing her and daadi says if she knew Mrs. Chaudhry is judging the show, she would have asked her to win Zara and Rohini. Mrs. Chaudry introduces herself with an inspiring speech and asks contestants to speak their mind. She questions Rohini. Rohini speaks her mind. Chief guest asks who designed her cloth and who is her inspiration. She says her friend Arzoo designed it and she is her inspiration. She then questions Zara who says she herself is her inspiration and hopes to become and chief guest like her one day.

Sahir’s goon informs him about the truck which had to demolish factory is stuck in traffic jam and they can finish their work tomorrow. Sahir says he does not know tomorrow.

Arzoo’s younger sister praises Zara for her confident speech. Arzoo says she did mistake by calling herself as her inspiration instead of their mom. Zara apologizes her mom. Arzoo then goes to check Roshni and gets into backstage where Sahir is enjoying his coffee. He starts looking at a moon. Arzooo also gets her tea cup and sits next to him watching moon, with a cardboard parting in between them. He keeps his coffee mug on cardboard parting and she also does same. She thinks moon light is very beautiful and starts praising moon. Sahir also praises moon in his own words, but opposite to Zara’s thinking. He walks out with her cup instead and she picks his cup instead, sips it and realizes it is coffee and not her mug.

Mrs. Chaudhry announces winner and someone else’s name instead of Zara and Rohini is announced. Arzoo’s family get sad while other guests clap for them. Mrs. Chaudry then announces best smile award winner as Avantika kapoor and best dress winner as Rohini Seth. Zara gets sad hearing that, but smiles while daadi/mom and everyone claps. Mrs. Chaudhry gives Zara her prize and says designer is very talented and announces 50,000 rs cheque for Rohini’s designer and asks her come on stage. Arzoo hugs her mom and walks towards stage. On the other side, Sahir gets out of his car and walks near factory. His goon says as MLA Rahman told, he has arranged everything. Sahir asks him to show. Goon shows truck with gas cylinder and says if it clashes with factory, it will burn into ashes.

Arzoo reaches stage. Nausheen calls her husband Sarfaraz and says her daughter is being awarded and everyone is clapping for her and he would also have been happy seeing this. Mrs. Chaudhry asks what is her and her parent’s name. She says she is Arzoo, Nausheen’s daughter. Mrs. Chaudhry asks if she is Nausheen and Sarfaraz’s daughter. She says she is only Nausheen’s daughter and asks her if she can call her family on stage. Mrs. Chaudhry permits. On the other side, goon asks Sahir to leave before anyone sees him. Nausheen is Mrs. Chaudhry’s best friend. She asks where did she go without informing her, else she would have at least wrote letters to her. Mrs. Chaudhry says she went where her destiny took her. Nausheen apologizes her. Mrs. Chaudhry sees she does not need her apology and needs Arzoo. She says her daughter is very talented and she needs her in her fashion designing company. She asks Arzoo if she will come with her. Arzoo says yes. On the other side, Sahir burns factory. Arzoo hugs her family. Sahir walks out happily after burning factory. Arzoo on the other side looks at her family happily.

Precap: Nausheen gets worried hearing factory getting burnt. Arzoo says she will go to Mumbai and work. Zara and other sister also think of going to Mumbai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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