Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suket talks on a call and promises to be there in a while. Vikram stand up and tells Suket to leave. Suket is skeptical but Vikram says that it is important of him to be there. Suket says that Avni will come back with Bhawna. Vikram hugs him.

In the room, Avni asks Raj to do the dance practice while Raj isn’t in a mood. He thinks about telling Avni how foolish her vows are. Vikram comes and ask Avni for date. They come downstairs. Raj is excited to see the table decorated, but Vikram tells him that it is his and Avni’s date and Raj will work as a waiter. Vikram gift boxing gloves to Avni, so that she can help herself if Raj teases her. She and Raj laughs. Vikram calls Raj, he brings a chair and joins them. Vikram tells him it’s not his date and make him leave with the chair. He tells Avni that her smile is so innocent and gifts her bangles. He apologize her for coming so late, they both won’t be able to know each other. Avni suggests to play a game, in which she will ask questions and they will have to answer randomly. They both play, and enjoy. Avni asks Hate? He randomly says Sangeeta and stands up. She asks that do you hate someone being so fun loving? He says that she isn’t a part of his life. Bhawna comes there, Madhuri meets her. Vikram says that some people snatch you smiles even, and tells her she has gone forever from her life. Bhawna asks about Raj’s father and they heads towards him. Anjali calls from behind, Bhawna and Vikram turns towards the same side so as to face each other’s back. Avni takes Vikram to Bhawna when he gets an important call. It was Pandit ji, he asks how he can forget today’s date. Vikram leaves immediately. Anjali says it is so bad, he left without meeting her. Bhawna says it isn’t a problem, but Anjali says that her husband is a big problem.

Rohit says to Arpita in the office, that he feels bad for her today as there is Sangeet at his place. He tells her that an assistant is coming to help her. Rohit goes to take a call, and a young man comes there. Arpita doesn’t listen to him, and tells him to begin the work. Rohit comes there and introduces the young man as Sagar- his younger brother. Arpita apologizes and invites them both to the Sangeet.

Suket asks Bhawna and Avni how the meeting was. They tell him that Bhawna couldn’t meet her but Avni has become a fan of him. Akshit hears Arpita telling Abhaas to give her song to DJ. Akshit asks him about her feet. She says that Rohit brought her a medicine and her foot is fine now. Akshit says you have made a joke of everything. She says that you have made a joke of our relation, you have become that narrow minded man who can’t see his wife succeeding and if had her work been wrong the elders must have objected too. She says that it is only him, who doesn’t want to accept his fault. Akshit says that he is right, she has got new people and doesn’t need him anymore; so as soon as Avni’s wedding end they must end this relation. Arpita says that he is absolutely right, we will do this. She leaves, while Akshit says that she neither care about him nor his respect; now he will tell her what disrespect is.

Avni is ready, Bhawna blesses her. Devika says that when Bhawna is here, nothing can touch Avni. Bhawna tells Avni to come downstairs and Luxmi Devi is waiting for her. Devika says that she is a well known lady and people call her before any big event.

Avni hands the Luxmi Devi – she male some money. She denies taking it, and says that she will give something to Avni instead. Devika says that one has to wear that blessed gift she gives. These were old flowers. Avni was worried, but Luxmi devi tells her to keep whatever came out of the pocket. Avni’s mood was off, Bhawna tells Avni to take it and asks Devika to take her inside. Bhawna asks Luxmi what it is, Luxmi says that there must be some reason. She asks Bhawna what is important about this date? Bhawna recalls, while Vikram tells Anjali that today is 24th September and mom dad died. Bhawna denies anything happening. Luxmi Devi leaves. Bhawna is worried that today was that black day.

Raj calls his mom and Dad. Anjali comes to check Vikram. She looks at Vikram, and asks why is he dressed up in such clothes. Vikram tells her that today is his parent’s death anniversary. He must do what he does always. Anjali agrees, and asks him not to be very late for Sangeet.

PRECAP: Raj and Avni dance. Arpita comes to stage, but the song played is a wrong one. She is distracted.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I thnk dis Aksht has lost hs mnd.he has no trust n hs lve.he is flng envy of Arpita.

  2. Exciting for tommorrow episode… Avraj dance

  3. All I can say about this show is””…………….writers, don’t mess it up, like all the other shows at the moment.

  4. Very stupid indeed,i think grandpa should let bhawna confess and free herself of whatever guilt she is feeling,i just hope it wont affect raj and avani’s wedding

  5. Gosh bhavna has serz deals and can’t wait for their dance

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