Tum Saath Ho Jab 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Altaf politely requests Shabnam to leave as Imran loses his cool but she stays put. She warns them again. Mariam wont say anything to you for a few days as I had told her family members everything the other day. I had even asked her what’s going on. Everyone had gone quiet especially Mariam. Imran is losing his patience by every passing second and Altaf too looks at her in shock. Imran thinks of Mariam’s reaction the other day. Altaf too looks at him in shock as the realisation dawns at him as well. You said all this rubbish at their place? Shabnam nods enthusiastically. I am not scared of speaking the truth. Imran angrily tells her to leave. This is a shameless woman as only such a woman (of low thinking) can point fingers at another woman. Do you realise what shame is for a woman? Get out of here. Altaf also angrily warns her not to come here ever again. shabnam leaves from there. Imran and Altaf look at each other apprehensively.

Waqar is riding bicycle along with Fiza. Waqar goes to drink milk. Fiza notices Najma sitting in a corner sadly. Najma says Ammi hid all my stuff, all the photos of tennis players including the diary where I had written records of all the top tennis players. Fiza is sure it must be in storeroom. Let us go quietly and take them. najma declines to go against her Ammi’s wish. They hear some noise and go out to see excitedly.

Younis was watching cricket match on tv nearby. He enters along with the kids and is super happy at India’s win. They all sit down at the dining table. He asks for tea and pakoras from Mariam. Younis talks about how Raina (cricketer) has played extremely well. I felt like hugging him when he made our country win by playing exceptionally well. It is an altogether different and thrilling feeling when your country wins. Najma is happy to see him thus. I too want to play for my country. His expressions change immediately. Everyone else is taken aback as well. Mariam tries to take Najma upstairs on the pretext of completing her homework but before leaving, Najma turns to her Bade Abbu. You will be gladder when I will play for my country. He repeats that girls don’t participate in sports. How many times do I have to tell you the same thing? she replies that even girls play for our country then why can I not play? You supported Abbu too then why not me? mariam tries to take Najma with her again but Younis stops them. don’t think that I am against you. You are the last memento of my brother whom I used to love more than myself so you are extremely precious to me. But I wont ever want any girl from our family to take up something (like sports) that goes against their religion. My rules are same for you, Saba or Fiza. Did you understand or you still have any questions? Mariam tries to apologize to him on Najma’s behalf but Younis wants Najma’s reply only.

Najma shakes her head. younis says our religion allows girls to live a little differently. Do you mind it? najma replies that she has read that women have fought to even save their land and do a job. Mariam reprimands Najma for retorting to her Bade Abbu but Najma denies. I am only asking a question. I was stopped to join the school practise first as I am girl. why is it so? Why are the rules different for both girls and boys? We girls are also made by God just like guys are! Why only Waqar bhaijaan can ride a bicycle and not me? Saba Appi and Fiza too feel like riding it. why only girls have to cover their heads? Why don’t you or Waqar bhaijaan do it? He takes her name angrily. Nasima tells Mariam to take Najma to her room. She has crossed all her limits today. mariam leaves with Najma while Younis looks very much shaken by Najma’s words. NAsima takes the kids with her.

Mariam reprimands Najma for talking to her Bade Abbu like this. najma replies she was just asking some questions. Do I have no right to ask some logical questions? She is told stay quiet. I can see you crossing your limits in your craze for this game. He is your Bade Abbu, your Abbu’s elder brother. Your ABbu could never even dare to talk to him like this. najma still cannot understand where is she wrong. I too respect him a lot. He is there for me after Abbu but! Mariam wants her to apologize to her Bade Abbu.

Bilkish and Amma wait for Jamaal anxiously. They think of all the worst possible factors for Jamaal’s late return. Jamaal returns just then. Bilkish and Amma take all his salary from him and decide to give him daily pocket money one by one. He does some shayari.

Altaf and Imran discuss about what has happened. altaf blames Shabnam whereas Imran blames him only. You say anything at times. You were time and again asking me to pour my heart out to Mariam. That shameless woman (Shabnam) was standing there only. Why don’t you take care of things beforehand? An innocent woman got blamed for no reason. you know how it feels to live with a blame all your life (pointing a finger at himself). I am a man so I could bear it but she is a woman. She is bringing her only child on her own. She has been blamed for no reason. I became the culprit because of you. I have told you so many times to maintain a distance wonder why you don’t understand it! he walks out from there irked while Altaf stands there feeling helpless and sad.

Imran comes out on his balcony. He finds Mariam pacing on her terrace worriedly. He looks at her keenly. She thinks that whatever happened today was wrong. Allah, please take this craze out of Najma’s head. I don’t want out small happiness to be snatched from us. She notices Imran who looks away immediately. Altaf too comes out on the terrace. They both look on as Mariam goes inside. Imran is feeling bad. Its happening all because of me. altaf understands his mistake. Wish I had known about it earlier. Imran doesn’t want Mariam to be insulted because of him. you must maintain a distance so that she is all safe and happy. why do you do such things? He heads inside while Altaf stands all sad.

Nasima and the kids look at Younis worriedly as he is all quiet. Nasima tries to raise the topic but he tells her not to hold any further discussions on this matter. Nasima is irked with Najma for talking to Younis like this. wonder how will she talk to you when she grows up! Saba tries to explain that maybe Najma was meaning to say something else but Nasima tells her to be quiet. She advises her kids to stay away from Najma as she is a bad influence.

Mariam comes there with Najma. Nasima is irked with them but Younis signals her to wait. Najma steps forward. She apologizes to her Bade Abbu. They both stare at each other for a while. Saba feels bad for Najma. Younis says I would have slapped Tauseef if it was him in your place. You are Tauseef’s memento whom he had put in my lap when you were born. He had congratulated me for my another baby girl. He turns to the other side when Najma envelops him in a back hug. Mariam is moved to tears. Please forgive me Bade Abbu. He tells Mariam to take Najma from here. I have forgiven her for the questions which are still pinching me. he removes Najma’s hand from around him and sits down again. najma continues to cry. Mariam takes her with her. Epi ends on Younis’s worried face.

Precap: Nasima talks of encouraging kids. Waqar has decided it finally that he will become a tennis player. Waqar nods. I will get racket from school plus our new neighbour is coaching us for the same. younis gets upset to know that that drunkard (Imran) will coach his son. waqar talks in favour of Imran.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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