Beintehaa 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya asks Habib what happened during Rida’s accident. Habib says whatever she is doing, Rehan does not like and asks why is she trying to prove Surayya as innocent. She says it is important for her know what happened. Habib says if he would not have gone to Hyderabad from Mumbai, Rida would have been saved. She asks he was present at hospital then. He says he got a call from police from Rida’s mobile. She asks if there was rift between Rehan and Rida. He says he thinks Rehan as his son, though he is his son-in-law. Aaliya is surprised to hear that. She shows Rida’s social network account and status update as she is tired of life and hates him. Habib starts crying while Aaliya consoles him.

Zain meets Suraya and asks her not to worry. Their lawyer shows Rida’s police complaint against Rehan and says his doubt was right and says Rehan is not like he looks. Surayya asks Zain where is Aaliya. He says she is with Rehan. She asks to call her and ask her to come back.

Aaliya and Zain dig Rehaan’s grey side out in Beintehaa

Zain calls Aaliya and informs her about police complaint. Aaliya asks Habib about complaint against Rida. Habib says it is lie. Rehan comes there and asks why is she trying to prove him as guilty and says Surayya killed Rida after 1 month of police complaint, says he loved Rida a lot and goes into flashback where he gives her medicine, but she throws it and asks him not to try to prove her ill. Rehan asks why will he do that as he loves her. She starts fighting with him. He says he has to work hard to earn money. She asks what about our children and family. He tries to console her, but she says she does not want this kind of life. He slaps her during argument. He comes back out of flashback and says Aaliya that was the first and last time when he slapped Aaliya. He asks all couples fight at least once in their life and asks if she and Zain did not fight at all. He says police kept him at station for 5 hours, but Rida due to mood swings was not ready to compromise.

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Surayya’s lawyer says Rida was mentally ill and wanted to suicide. She would have come under some other car if not Surayya’s. He says Rehan is responsible for her death as he provoked her to suicide.

Surayya is taken for court hearing. Judge hears both party’s argument and says after hearing both parties, it is proved that it is not a hit and run case but a suicidal case as Rida had suicidal tendencies, hence Surayya is proved innocent and Rehan guilty as he provoked Rida to suicide. Rehan angrily looks at Aaliya. Aaliya happily hugs Surayya. Rehan says he was searching Rida’s murderer since 4 years, but today Aaliya proved him as her murderer, this is the reward she gave him for his help. Surayya thanks Zain and Aaliya for proving her innocent.

Aaliya meets Rehan at police station. Rehan says he did not know she would bac kstab him. His lawyer bails him out. Rehan says Aaliya that she started the game and now he will show how it is to betray him and drags her from there, while Zain helplessly watches that.

Rehan says Zain that he alleged him for his wife’s murder and says he would have at least thought about his children. He says it is his family’s usual habit of alleging others and says Aaliya is still his wife and asks what if he does not divorce her and she tries to suicide for not getting divorce. He says both their relationships are changing from now.

Precap: Zain says Surayya that Rehan has forcefully kept Aaliya. Surayya says when she cannot separate them, how will Rehan separate them and asks Zain to bring back Aaliya.

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  1. Rehaan is showing his true colors I hope some how Zain and aliya can become one again

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