Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sandeep thanking Shobha and talking to her. He says you will get experience, and company needs you, by the way I m Sandeep, marketing head, and you. She says everyone know me, I come in news. He says oh, a selfie is needed. She laughs. He says I don’t want to talk about your past, but your future is bright. She asks is Vikram always dangerous. He says sometimes more, he has a problem that he dislikes women, he would have loved you if you were a guy. She says thank God I m not a guy. Ajay is angry and tells Tarun that Sanjay and Garima are meeting again. Tarun says you are my brother, this time I will not let Sanjay trap Garima, I will key Samarth and then see everything will be fine, Shobha’s face has to be seen when I take your proposal. I will bend Shobha.

Shobha comes home and kids hug her. They talk nonstop. Samarth’s mum looks on. Shobha sees her upset and asks what happened. Mummy ji says why she did not take her call, so she was not asking her to do the job. Shobha says we discussed before. Mummy ji gives the papers asking her to read it. She says Samarth will go for trial for cheating country and we have to vacate this house in 7 days. She says where will we go. She says this happened because of you. The kids hear this and Shobha talks to them.

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She says don’t take anything on heart, when an old thing changes, you get a new thing. Jia says why are we leaving this house. Are we going to jail to Papa as its written on internet. She says Papa went out of city, he will be back, will you believe mum or internet, Kids say mumma and hugs her. Shobha starts packing her bag. She cries. Ajeeb dastaan hai ye……………plays…………… Garima comes to her and pacifies her. Shobha says I lost, I did not know this will happen. Garima says no, don’t say this. We are together and we will deal with this, don’t lose hope, I m thinking if we can stay in office guest house, if you talk to them, I m sure they don’t want you to quit. She says that’s last option.

Vikram comes to meet Shobha and asks what happened, do you feel like crying seeing my car, I did not wish to make my hand dirty by touching your door bell. He starts taunting. He says he came to return his book here and gives her. He says I realized our books got exchanged and came to give this politics book. She thinks of the book she bought for Samarth. He says wait, when someone returns a book, you should say thanks, its fine though, I m going. He leaves. Shobha comes to her room. Wind blows and she shits the windows. She sees the book and reads her message she wrote for Samarth.

She smiles as she wrote him not to change ever.She thinks of her dad’s inspirational words. Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh…………….plays………….. She hugs the book and says sometimes the thing you need comes to you on its own. Its morning, she gets ready and sees the furniture going. Tarun manages everything. She asks where are we shifting. Mummy ji says see Tarun, he called me and I told him everything, Tarun and Ajay came to take us along, I m glad your sister married him. She says we can’t go with him. Mummy ji scolds her and says today he is taking my son’s side and you are angry, I m going to stay with Tarun, you see yourself. Garima says lawyer called and we have to go and meet Samarth., mummy ji says fine, we will go and ask Samarth where to live.

Garima asks Shobha to calm down. Tarun scolds his wife about Shobha b*t*hing about him. She defends Shobha and says she will arrange a place for her family. Tarun says she can’t manage in two day old job. She argues. He scolds her asking her not to take Shobha’s side, Samarth did not do wrong, whats wrong with affairs, he did not kick her out of the house. She says Tarun. They leave. Shobha sees manager’s call and is worried. Garima asks take the call. Mahesh asks about the file and asks him to come and guve her, as he is infront of her house, in the café. Shobha tells Garima to stay at home, and not go out, as Ajay will get after her.

Mahesh scolds Rahul for bad eyeing girls. Shobha says Rahul, and tells Mahesh that he is her family friend’s son. Mahesh says he is known for eve teasing. Rahul says don’t tell this to mum. Shobha says your parents will feel bad, I have to tell your mum. Rahul gets angry. His friends taunt her about Samarth, saying we learnt this form your husband to be after girls. She says how dare you, such ill mannered girls. He asks the girl to say did they tease her. Maehs says its too much and beats them.

Shobha stops them. She calls commissioner and complains about the guys. She comes to meet Samarth. He asks is she fine. She nods yes. He says I m sorry, and complains about the baad state in the jail. He asks her to manage the home for few days and he will be back soon. He says he misses kids a lot. He says I don’t want them to see me in this state, mum told me about house notice, you handle. Mummy ji says Tarun will manage. Samarth says yes, he is pillar of strength. Samarth says I can see you are uncomfortable, you can do anything, but can’t change things in two days, shift to Tarun’s place. Even Garima and kids are there.

Samarth hugs her mum for understanding her. She says fine, you guys will need time to spend alone. She leaves. Samarth says he does not know what problem she has with Tarun suddenly, he is the only one who is supporting me like a rock. She says I know you want to know many things, tell me anything I did not do for you and kids, every person has some weakness, it happens, grow up now. He says I did a mistake, I m in problem and you want to discuss this, how can you be selfish? She says am I selfish, was she true or me?

Shobha tells Mummy ji that Tarun has hidden Samarth’s affairs from her. Garima hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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