Veera 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gunjan asking Ranvi to shape his future, as its her dream too to see him singing. He says I m sorry, I will never leave any work assignment now. She says sure, shall I tell yes to organizers. He says fine, but it should be close to home and you manage everything. She says fine, don’t worry. He leaves. She smiles. Rajveer trains football to the kids. Baldev too prepares his team. Veera looks on. Days passes……………Rajveer looks at Baldev. Baldev gives an angry stare. Ranvi asks Veera to be with Rajveer, as he is having trouble to talk to Pind kids. She says fine and goes to Rajveer. Baldev looks on. Rajveer trains the kids by the ground map and playing by points and numbers.

Baldev sees Veera with Rajveer and gets angry. Gunjan finalizes dates for two shows for Ranvi. She says 1 lakh per show. The man says he said Rs 70000. She says the rates have increased, and 75% cash advance. She says but he takes cheque. She says I m his manager and I m seeing all this, send cash to me. He says fine, I will send in one or two days. She smiles. She sees Ranvi’s pic and kisses his pic. She says keep singing my loving husband. Bansuri’s childhood friend Amrit comes to meet her with her daughter. Bansuri is glad seeing Amrit.

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Amrit likes the house. Bansuri likes Simran. She says she has grown up and looks pretty. Simran bumps into Baldev and stares at him. Bansuri asks Baldev to be careful. Baldev says sorry ji. He touches Amrit’s feet as Bansuri asks him, and greets Simran. Bansuri asks Baldev to keep the bags. Simran smiles and asks is his name Raj. Baldev says no, Baldev Singh. She says can I call you Raj. He says why, whats wrong in Baldev. She says you don’t understand anything, where is our room. He says our room? Ok guest room? Come with me.

The football practice goes on. Veera takes care of the kid who gets hurt. The kids start having a fight. The boy from Rajveer’s team loses ball to Baldev’s team, and they tease him a lot to give the ball back. The boy falls. Rajveer gets angry and Baldev stands quiet. Veera thinks the kids fight can become elder’s fight. The boys fight and Veera asks them not to fight. Nihaal gets gifts from city and says I got it as you all are my family. Veera smiles and looks at Ratan. Gunjan says yes, taking gift looks good. Gunjan goes to try the dress. Nihaal gives everyone some gifts and stops seeing Ratan.

Ratan thanks her and leaves. Nihaal says about another gift, which he got for Ratan. Veera sees it, it’s a beautiful suit. He says yes, I liked it and got for her. She says do you want her to wear this suit. Nihaal nods yes. She smiles and says then Biji will surely wear this. He smiles. Veera comes to Ratan and says she got something for her. Ratan sees the suit and asks is it for me, maybe its for Gunjan, why are you giving me. Veera says I want you to wear this, please please wear this in Diwali, it will be gift for me, you will look good. Ratan says fine. Veera thanks her and leaves.

Veera gets Baldev’s call and he asks her to be on his side, as she is his shining star. She says its just a game. He says its not just a game, you will know it. Veera says you feel I will cheer you in match and you win. He says yes. She says I want you to win as you are better, but not by lucky charm. He says just tell me will you cheer or not. She says yes. He laughs and I m feeling so good, does Ranvi hate everyone, why can’t he say yes and make our life easy. He says its a big thing for me, your yes made me strong, I feel to hug you tight and kiss too. He gives her a kiss and she smiles blushing. He asks her to give a kiss too. She says no, you sleep now, bye good night. He says fine, give flying kiss atleast. She says fine, and gives a flying kiss. He holds it and says Maardala, give one more to make me alive. She says enough and ends the call smiling. He smiles and kisses the phone.

Simran bumps to him and they sit to pick the water bottle. She stares at him. She says don’t do this. He says what and takes his hand off her hand. She says this all. He asks what. She says you won’t understand, kuch kuch hota hai……………. She leaves. He says whats this new problem now.

Baldev and Rajveer have a football match. Baldev makes a goal and s winning. Rajveer cheats and beats Baldev in his stomach, hurting him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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