Tum Saath Ho Jab 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Najma gets ready for her school with a sad face. Mariam asks her about it. she tells her that Allah helps those who are patient. Najma nods. Mariam shows her the racket and she hugs her mom excitedly. Mariam doesn’t want her to feel helpless without her Abbu. Your Ammi is with you always. Najma notices the wound on her Ammi’s hand. You got hut while fixing my racket, right? She kisses her Ammi’s thumb and hugs her. you are world’s best Ammi. Mariam too calls her world’s best daughter. Practise nicely.

Principal checks Imran’s credentials. He also praises Tauseef. He was the best sports teacher we had. He groomed a lot many kids and made them capable to get medals too but unfortunately he passed away. Imran prays for his soul. Principal continues to commend Tauseef and his happy go lucky nature. Imran promises that he will make sure the kids here don’t miss Tauseef. He is told to join them from tomorrow. Principal doesn’t want the kids to know about Imran’s past. If they get to know it then their parents will also get to know it. They will become scared for no reason. they might not want their kids to learn from you then. It is better to keep quiet than giving a chance to people to talk useless stuff. Imran complies unhappily. Principal’s words echo in his head as he walks in the corridor towards the exit.

Najma is really doing very well in her practise session. The coach praises her as well. She keeps fixing the racket in between as the tape is coming out. Her match is finished but she requests to play one more. Coach agrees but Najma’s racket breaks. She still tries to play but the racket breaks in two pieces. All the kids laugh at her and mock her. If she plays like this then she will surely win the championship. Najma feels bad.

Imran is caught up in principal’s words and of his wife’s words telling him that she loves him a lot.

Nasima is waiting for Rehmat Bi as she has been out of the house for too long. Rehmat Bi comes home cursing Altaf. She met him in the market and was really irked at his really foolish demands. Mariam smiles. Nasima tells Rehmat Bi to maintain her distance from him. rehmat Bi talks about some Shabnam who is interested in going inside their house but both the men keep their doors shut. Nasima wants to know more but Rehmat Bi heads for the kitchen.

The kids come home. Fiza and Waqar talk about their accomplishments in school. Najma heads upstairs sadly. Mariam asks about her day and her practise. Najma shows her the broken racket. Mariam tries to say something but Najma goes to her room. Mariam consoles her. I will do something. Najma declines to play. Everyone was laughing at me. mariam reminds her that she is Tauseef Baig’s daughter. He is watching you from above. what will he think? She replies that Abbu can ask for racket from Allah as he is with him. he too had a racket. Where is it? mariam is ready to talk to Dadajaan and get her a new racket. Najma wants her Abbu’s racket only. Tell me where is it? Mariam recalls Imran taking it. she looks at his house. Najma recalls that Abbu used to play with Shameem Chachu. Is it there? I will just go and check. Mariam tells her not to go there. Najma understands that her Abbu’s racket is there only. Mariam tells her not to go there but Najma insists. I will tell the new tenants that it is my Abbu’s racket. He will give me if I ask him sweetly. I will be out of the championship otherwise. My friends will make fun of me. mariam sternly tells Najma not to go there. Nasima calls out for Mariam so she goes downstairs while Najma look at Imran’s house sadly. She can see the racket from the window and leaves to get it.

Mariam calls Fiza and Najma to have food. Fiza comes and notices Najma going out of the house.

Imran comes home and is really angry. Altaf is worried for him while he drinks alcohol. Don’t tell me to forget my past and my life will never have a new beginning now. it is a lie and don’t lie to me. my past is not going to leave me ever. It is everywhere I go. This is my truth. Najma knocks at the daughter and introduces herself. She asks his permission to come inside. Imran is really pissed off. He declines not wanting to talk to anybody at the moment. Altaf tells her to go for now. Come a little later. But she stays put. Imran loses his cool. I said I don’t want to talk to anybody.

The kids are waiting for Najma. Mariam goes to call her but Fiza tells her that Najma is not at home. Mariam recalls Najma’s wish to go to Shameem’s house to get that racket. She goes out to check. Just when she steps out Younis reaches there and stops her. he calls her back. Where are you going?

Najma tries to make Imran understand that he should listen to her atleast as she is his guest. Imran talks angrily and she can even smell the alcohol. Altaf lies to her. Imran talks to her rudely while she talks about what all her Ammi has taught her about etiquettes. He is not interested in what her Ammi says and she warns him against it. finally he holds her hand and takes her with him while she asks him to let go.

Imran drags Najma downstairs and shouts at everyone. Even the kids see the drama from their window. Nasima too joins them. Imran is angry that anyone walks in anyone’s home without any reason. who are the parents of this girl? Mariam steps forward. She apologizes to Imran if he has been disturbed because of her daughter. Imran tells her to keep her daughter in check. She is ill mannered. Nasima tells Younis to do something. How can he hold Najma’s hand? Saba too wishes that her Abbu steps in.

Younis tells Imran to leave Najma’s hand. Is this how you behave? Imran tells him to teach manners to the kids of his house. Is it good to come inside anyone’s house? Younis asks for an explanation from Najma. She nods that she had gone there. Younis still takes her side as she is a kid. But it doesn’t mean that you create a scene here in front of everyone. How dare you touch the kid of our house? Imran is angry as Najma had come to his house. Younis can smell the alcohol and tells him to stand at a distance. The people who have gathered around talk badly about Imran as he is an alcoholic, plus his wife left him as well. They want him to be thrown out of Shameem’s house. Altaf takes Imran with him. Younis tells him to behave if he wants to stay in this locality. Mariam tells him to let it be as Najma is at fault. He tells her to be quiet. Come inside.

Younis tells Nasima to close the door as they all enter inside. He wants to know from Najma why she went to that guy’s house. She tells him that she had gone to get racket. Nasima and Younis are still against it. najma corrects them that it is her Abbu’s racket. I had gone there to get that. Nasima reminds her that her Abbu is dead. Till when will you cling onto his things? A tear rolls down Mariam’s cheek. Nasima remarks that the racket is meaningless now as Tauseef is dead. How much more will you insult us? Younis stops her. he too misses his brother but the truth is he is not with us now. It will be good if you remove his memories. This is good for you and Najma too. He tells them to go to their room. If I get another complaint from that guy regarding you then you will see the worst of me.

Imran continues to drink while recalling the taunts of the ladies. Altaf is sad that he scolded that innocent girl for no reason. The rumours and news will spread in this locality like wildfire. Imran points out that he was the victim, not that girl. altaf tells him not to hurt himself. We cannot live because of what people say. They will be ashamed when they will get to know the truth. Imran knows nothing can be fixed now. I will be the culprit only. The trend will continue.

Precap: Nasima is upset with Najma as she continues with her craze for badminton. Younis again warns her of the consequences. Salman Baig cannot understand their problem with Najma participating in the badminton championship. Let her take part as well just like Waqar. No one is happy except Mariam.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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