Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj climbs at Avni’s room. She asks him why he came here like this. She notices that Raj was drunk. She asks why she drank wine? He says he went to invite his friends, so they offered him. She asks why he came here. He says that he came here to tell her he told his friends that she is perfect except for one thing. She tells him to go, when he gets normal and asks how she thought he would drink; he came here to tell her he fasted with her. They hug. In the morning, Raj and Avni breaks the fast.
Bauji asks Bhawna what a truck is doing at their gate. Bhawna comes out, and watches a container labeled as ‘Umad Village’s water’. She asks Bauji why he didn’t tell her that he was bringing the water. He denies. Avni comes and asks why the water from Umad Village? Anjali comes there to tell her that the water is to treat your birth-chart. Bhawna thinks how she knows about it. Avni asks does Bhawna belong to Umad Village? Anjali says that this water is from Umad, as her mom belongs to there. Bauji asks how you know. Anjali says that I also belong to Umad, which is why she could bring water and dress for her. Avni thanks Anjali, while they notices Bhawna and Bauji were worried.
Bauji asks that she never told them she is from Umad. Anjali says that her parents lived there, and she only went there in the vacations; and after the marriage… She stops. She tells them that a caretaker there arranged all these things. Bhawna hugs Anjali. When Anjali leaves Bauji says to Bhawna that all the problems are getting sorted out.
In the office, Arpita takes a suggestion from Rohit. Akshit was passing by, Arpita asks him to leave after this design. He asks about what she is wearing. He asks why she doesn’t wear a party gown. She appreciates his dressing sense, and appreciates his cuff-links. Akshit comes in, and says he came to pick her. Rohit says wow! you are a lucky girl. Akshit says that he thought Rohit would come home to drop her again. Outside the cabin, Akshit tells her to wear saree, not gown. She asks since when was he standing there. He doesn’t reply. She says she will decide what to wear and what not.
At home, Avni returns from the bath, she was shivering when Raj called. She tells him that that water was too cold. She asks what to wear? He says that she must wear a gown. She says that she is wearing the gown, and has thinks about the hairstyle as well. She was worried how she will look.
Everyone at the house is ready to go to party. Akshit calls Arpita and notices a gown on the bed. He thinks about Rohit saying that he can arrange a gown for her. He reads a paper telling he fulfilled his promise, she must enjoy the party. He sees the cuff-links on the bed, Arpita comes to tell him that this is a gift from Rohit for you. He asks why would she give him preferrance. Arpita gets angry that uptil now she was angry at his false attitude, but now his thought has also fallen down. She snatches her gown from her and says that she won’t heed his thinking.
Darpan- Pooja’s friend comes with her father Mahesh to Madhuri and gives her their Ganpati idol. They asks her blessings for Darpan’s brother to be born.
Everyone appreciates Arpita, Avni also comes downstairs and was suffering with flu. Arpita goes to bring medicine but they leave. Akshit comes from behind and asks Arpita that she wore the gown. She tells him that she was about to wear a saree, as per his wish. But whatever he had said to her made her change her mind and she no more wants to prove herself to him.
They arrive at Raj’s house. Avni was coughing hard. Arpita stops to take her, Avni say that she isn’t feeling much well and want to sit down. Arpita tells Bhawna that she will come correcting Avni’s gown and takes her inside.
Pooja’s mother was correcting her dress when she Anjali asks her about Pooja. She runs inside. Sanvri remarks to Anjali that she is wearing such small dresses. Anjali says that she believe wearing small clothes doesn’t make someone bad at heart. Ladies ask Bhawna about Avni. Anjali comes to explain that she is looking fabulous and is about to arrive.

PRECAP: Avni shows Bhawna the Chacha ji- the caretaker of Raj’s house in Umad. Bhawna is shocked to see him

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. guess bhawna s love story gonna be out now… sure raj s father nd bhawna has sum connection… lets wait for the suspense

  2. I jst gate this serial…I jst hope it goes off air very soon

  3. I jst hate
    this serial…I jst hope it goes off air very soon

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