Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika showing Mihir and his sister’s pic to Ishita and talking about him. Ishita says he will tell you everything, give him some space and be patient. Mihika says she learnt patience and unconditional support from her, she has changed Raman, he was so bitter hearted and now he got out his best side. Ishita says I did not do anything, person takes time to come out of past, Raman is very emotional and sensitive. Raman hears them. Ishita says when he sees emotional movie, he cries. Mihika says really, he cries watching movie. Ishita says its ok, normal. Ishita explains about males having feminine chromozomes a,b,c. Raman holds his head. He says see she is b*t*hing about me, when do I cry, if anyone has a wife like this, a man will definitely cry, he leaves.

Mihika says I hope Mihir does not be macho all the time, help me, make him sensitive like Raman. Ishita hugs her and says you are Sargagunn Samparn, you will change him. Raman comes and thinks about his feminine side, its fine, every man cries, if the heroes cry, will the man become a woman, she is talking about chromosomes, mad. He sees cricket and Ishita comes. She says sports channel again, we should have two tvs, can’t watch any movie, always cricket. He asks her to see what he wants, he is not a man to stop his wife from watching a movie. He says he is sensitive. She smiles being puzzled.

She changes the channel and plays an emotional movie Lootera. Raman sees it and cries. He thinks if I cry now, she will make me cry blood tears all my life, be a man, don’t cry. She looks at him and thinks why is he not crying, this movie is his type, tissues should have come out by now. Raman thinks to make excuse and leave. He gets up and says he will just come. She asks why. He says water. She says its here, have it. She says the movie is very emotional, you might be crying and hiding. He says why, you don’t keep room clean and dust goes in eyes. She says hmm…. He says whats the need to tell Mihika that I m sensitive, I cry, you see my expressions. She says how can you hear us, this is also feminine thing, I did not say senti, but menti. They start arguing. She stands on the bed and he runs to catch her. She says my hair………. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………………..plays……………………

Raman and Ishita stand for few seconds and then he moves his hands off the remote. He says do something of your hair, you will go bald, match is ending, you watch the movie. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………… They go to sleep. Raman gets up and looks at her. He keeps watching her moving the blanket off his eyes. He smiles. Ishita smiles too. Raman turns and sleeps. Its morning, the society women have a laugh in the kitty party. They talk to call any celebrity. Amma says I know some stars. Mrs. Bhalla says how does she know stars.

She says Vibhu who did fake engagement with Mihika, he is important, he is president of fan clubs and he is called in veeyr tamil association event. Mrs. Bhalla says we are talking about film stars. Amma says fine, call Deepika and Arjun Kapoor. Pammi says lets call Vibhu, he will do some comedy. Mrs. Bhalla says she will see Amma. Ishita says she will make palak paneer today and Raman will be just seeing it. She sits in her car and is shocked to see Sanjana and Parmeet together. Parmeet shakes hands and leave. Ishita comes to Sanjana. Sanjana is tensed. Ishita asks about Parmeet. Sanjana asks why is she asking. Ishita says I know him, he is not a good guy. Sanjana says I met him, as he is linked to my past.

She says he is linked to my brother. Ishita says sorry, see I m not aware of your relation, but believe me, he is bad person, if he misbehaved, tell me, I will help you and I want to know as I have to open my family member’s eyes. Sanjana says no, I need him, its my last chance, don’t get involved and get ruin anything. She says sorry Ishita and leaves. Ishita says how is their pasts linked, what is their connection. She says she will ask Parmeet to know the truth. She gets Mrs. Bhalla’s call who asks her to come soon. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita wil make punjabi food and she should talk to Romi and make him do something. A car comes and huts her. She scolds them. Deepika and Arjun Kapoor step out of the car. Mrs. Bhalla is shocked and blinks her eyes. All ladies come there. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Lord. Arjun says forgive me.

All the ladies come. Mrs. Bhalla says have food to get energy to find Fanny. She asks Deepika not to hae this snacks as her figure will be spoiled. Amma says how did she bring them here. Pammi says she is impressing Deepika. Mrs. Bhalla asks all the ladies to meet the stars and introduces them. Pammi says she is Arjun’s fan and takes a selfie. She says Mrs. Bhalla did not tell me she knows this stars. Mrs. Bhalla says we don’t show off and taunts Amma. Deepika says you joke well. Mrs. Bhalla says we all are young at heart except Amma.

Deepika asks where is Fanny. Arjun says she told us we will get Fanny here. Amma says she lied, she got you here to do show off by lying. Arjun and Deepika say its fine. Arjun gets a call and says thanks. He says we will find Fanny and says do one thing, watch Finding Fanny in cinemas. They all agree and say good luck. They leave. Amma looks at Mrs. Bhalla. Pammi praises Mrs. Bhalla. Amma leaves angrily.
Ishita makes palak paneer and asks Mrs. Bhalla to get ready as her friends will be coming. She says she will just come and goes. The maid tells her the book is teaching Ishita to cook. Mrs. Bhalla sees the recipe book and is shocked to see Poornima Prakash’s pic. The maid says she came out home that day. Mrs. Bhalla asks when. The maid says she came to society to find address, she met Ishita and asked about Ruhi, she came on Vrath day when you were not there. Mrs. Bhalla thinks to stop her.

Parmeet tells Ishita that he will not tell her about Sanjana and laughs. She says you are pathetic. He says Sanjana’s role will be big one to affect in your life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. raman ka exprsn remte fi8 ke baad bada cute tha.luv 2 watch ishra scenes.

  2. raman aur ishu ka photo wal pe lago yaar.kitne din hogaye shadi ke lekin diwar mein sirf ramn ke pics hain.

  3. luv d ishra scene 2day espcly t.v ka..

  4. very nice epi. some good moments between ishra finally. sanjana arora, mihir arora, shagun arora and poornima prakash – wat is the relationship between all these 4. some big suspense to unfold in the coming days.

    1. don’t forget parmeet

  5. Arae sanjana is also a sister of mihir like shagun and poornima is their mother todays episode is awesome. Ekta u got an idea smething different this is the intrsting thing for viewers to view this show i luv u ishra

  6. Sagun and mihir are brother an sis. And poornima are there mom…not know abt sanjsna…

  7. Hai guys it is a gud news for all of us that is yhm s time slot going to be change at 7.30 instead of sataswathichandra is off air due to low trp s plz ekta u should change the time slot of yhm on 7.30 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ya

  8. Very nice and cute episode

  9. Loved the scene between oshita raman

    Now.yhm.shifiting.with.bring more trps

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