Tum Aise Hi Rehna 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ria asks Abhi what are you seeing? Ria says I am looking at you. She says your face is shining after marriage. Abhi says a person gets happy after marriage. She says I shall take off evil eye from you and says outside world is so bad. Abhi says he is very happy being caged. He shows the ring and says this is the prove that I am caged. Rukmani calls Ria so she goes. Abhi sits in his car and leaves. While he is driving the car, the lady Anchal keeps her hand on his shoulder and stares him romantically.( she looks dangerous though). Abhi stops the car and asks her who are you. She calls him Abhi. Abhi recalls Raman warning him about recent crime. He asks the girl to get out of his car. He holds her hand and makes her come out of car. Aanchal says she is his Aanchal. Abhi asks are you mad. I don’t know you. Abhi drive off the car while she stands on the road. She thinks to wait for him on the same road.

Mrs. Bhalla gives the sweets to Ria and says I will make your clinic superhit. Ria says she don’t want to leave her hospital job. She says she don’t want to affect her personal life. Abhi calls Ria and tells her about a girl sitting on backside of the car and tells everything. Ria says you should have listen to her. She asks him to hear her after she meets again. Abhi says ok and disconnects the call. Aanchal looks at the couple dancing statue….and waits for Abhi on the road while the song plays…………She sees Abhi’s coming. Abhi stops his car. She gets happy and runs happily. She gets hit by the truck while Abhi tries to stop her. She falls on the road wounded. Abhi takes her to the hospital. She looks at him and gets unconscious.

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He tells Ria that she is the same girl whom he met in the morning. He says I stopped my car to talk to her and then she met with an accident. Ria says she will save her. Rukmani tells Sheetal that she gave permission to Ria to work only in the day time. She didn’t come till now. Sheetal informs her that one girl have an accident and Abhi took her to the hospital and Ria is treating the patient. Rukmani prays for her well being. Abhi signs on the papers and asks Dean to save her. Dean asks him to relax. Abhi feels guilty and recalls her words. He thinks who is this girl. She knows me, but I didn’t know her. Why did she get happy seeing me.

Ria comes out of operation theatre that patient condition is unstable. Dean comes and says she has a will to live and she will get consciousness till morning. Police comes. Abhi talks to them. Dean asks Ria and Abhi to go home. She agrees.

Dadisaa comes to the hall. She asks them about Abhi and Ria. Rukmani says they might be coming. Kailash tells her about accident. Abhi and Ria come home. Sheetal asks about Anchal. Ria tells her that she is under observation. Abhi tells Raman that she met him outside his office. Sarthak says I tried to enquire about her from Police, but was unsuccessful. Abhi says she doesn’t have phone or identity card. Sarthak suggests to gets her photo printed in the newspaper. Ria asks them to wait for 2 days till she gets conscious. Dadisaa and Rukmani pray for her. Revathi tells her that they have to make the arrangements for Grah Pravesh. Sheetal says we will enjoy. Dadisaa reminiscenes Rukmani’s grah pravesh. Abhi asks her to tell. Kailash tells them that Rukmani kicked the kalash with force that it hit the wall. They laugh. Ria thinks everything will be fine now.

Precap: Aanchal dies in the hospital and writes Abhi with her blood.
Ria is seen entering the house after grah pravesh and Aanchal’s soul enters too with her.

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