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The Episode starts with Akash shaking up and unable to walk ahead on the stairs, and recalling Gaurav’s death. He sits on the stairs and gets the acrophobia attack. He recalls the training which Abhiyankar gave him at NIM. He starts walking slowly as Abhiyankar encourages him. Tashi holds his hand and Akash crosses the ladder. Anjali prays and Rina comes to her, asking what is she asking Lord, one more chance. Anjali says no, everyone’s safety. Rina says you might be upset after the mission cancelled, why did they not take you along. Anjalu says ask Abhiyankar, only he can answer this. Rina says you can come again next year. Anjali says I can’t, this was my chance, once I go back, my engagement and marriage will happen. Rina asks about Akash.

Anjali asks what, he is my friend. Rina asks is it? Anjali says yes, he is my friend, I will send him my marriage invitation, and to you too. Rina asks the name of her to be husband. Anjali says Vidhaan. Vidhaan jogs in the park, waits for someone. Maithili comes there. He is glad seeing her and smiles. Maithili starts jogging. He acts like passing by. She stops him. He asks what is she doing here. She says workout, jogging, I told you when we met last time. He says yes, I should also maintain. He asks tea? She says fine and they go to the tea stall.

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She drink the tea and say sugar is less. They say together and the man misunderstands them as couple. She says its nothing like that. Vidhaan says you got it right, thanks. Arjun asks Akash to shoot, and stands under a ice mountain. Tashi asks him to move, and Arjun does not listen to him. Abhiyankar shouts move, as it falls. They all start running away. Ramesh looks on in binoculars. Sam tries connecting to Abhiyankar. Akash informs Anjali that a glacier broke, but we are fine. She asks him to take care. Akash asks Sam to say everyone that they saw the real yeti and its white. Sam asks yeti? Arjun falls and Akash shoots him, they all laugh on Arjun. Arjun rakes the camera and sees the recording. He laughs.

Abhiyankar says its shameful, if you don’t care, you have risked everyone’s life, they are feeling help form us and going towards their death, this is disgusting Arjun. Arjun and Akash apologize. Vidhaan talks to Mathili and calls her salty. She asks is she useless. He says salt makes taste, you are smart, intelligent and perfect for ad. She smiles and asks did he talk to Anjali. He says no, does she like someone else. I m sorry, I don’t want to tangle you in this. She says I m sorry, I can’t say. He says I know something, it looks simple talking to you, and when I talk to her, I feel she is not my type. I like someone like you. She gets tensed.

He says I m saying nonsense. She says I know what you want to say, my family saw someone for me, he was good, but I did not get any connection with him. He laughs and says people should match and balance. They talk and laugh. The team goes ahead. They use the ladders and cross the glacier route. Anjali sees the weather. Sam says the system is fine, I don’t know what went wrong last time. She asks why is he still worried. He says I have to find out, else my trust and respect will destroy with this one mistake, and our team would have fall in trouble. He says I have to find it. Sam checks the log of last week and says about an entry.

She says was it any problem. He says there can’t be any details, as I slept early, I m damn sure about it. He says how did this happen. He says an expert can say this, and calls his son. His son asks did principal complaint about me. Sam says no, did you do anything, why are you afraid. He asks why is he guilty. The boy says no, chill, why did you call. Sam says my system, you know its function, tell me, if I have to find any mistake in log, what should I do. His son guides him to check. Abhiyankar says the clouds will move fast, the ice will melt, we have to speed up, the glacier will become more unstable.

Chand says we left late, I think this is not good. Arjun says lets be positive, when my bad time was going, I used to believe being positive. Akash says you were born with silver spoon, when did you see bad day. Arjun says even I m human and had bad time.

Maithili asks Anjali to tell Vidhaan that she loves Akash and not lie to herself. The glacier move and team crosses it. Anjali gets ready to leave for Everest.

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  1. Nyc precap

  2. Anjali n akash rocks

  3. I agree

  4. Anjali and Aakash rocks

  5. Finally anjali is going to climb Mt Everest as one Sherpa will die

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  7. Anjali loves Aakash

  8. Shivali even i m happy for that!

  9. Mehak I don’t agree that Arjun and Anjali don’t make a nice Jodi . So please , it’s my opinion .

  10. Shipa its ok dear tht u dnt agre wth me bt al of us has seen d truth of Arjun that he is selfish n dnt wanted anjali to go in d mission n akash was so nyc tht he wantd anjali to go instead of he going!
    Evrybody knws anjali n akash r gud at heart unlike arjun n so ANJALI n AKASH r great!

  11. Mehak PERFECT explaination!
    I agree wth u n hpe othrs also support us!
    btw Shipa some people support ur choice too so be happy yar!

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  15. HA HA HA HA arjun is so funny guy. bt think anjali will summit . she will hide. get out for summit. sherpa will die.

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