Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita bailing out Karan. Pam thanks her. She says she does not need to thank her as it was her duty. Neil comes there, slaps Karan and asks if he is not ashamed to be with a small girl. He says a bit flirting it okay, but he was doing adultery. He continues slapping her. Dimpy intervenes. Neil says he betrayed Dimpy, but even then she is on his side, and says Karan again that he should be ashamed to be with girl of his daughter’s age. He says he cannot be a good husband, friend or father, so he does not have any kids. He asks Dimpy to come with him, but she says she will be with Karan. He angrily leaves.

Dimpy comes home with Karan. Pam welcomes them and hugs Karan. Dimpy says she will not forgive Neil as he slapped Karan and told he cannot be either a good husband, friend or father, so he does not have kids. Pam is surprised to hear that and says Neil loves Karan a lot, so he over reacted. Karan says it is good Neil does not know that Karan did this accident, else he would have been more in pain. He can bear his anger, but not see him in pain. Ranveer comes there and apologizes Karan. Karan says he has hurt him a lot.

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Shilpa’s mother tells Ragini that Karan’s lawyer has alleged Shilpa was driving car and insisted Karan to let her drive and made this accident. Ragini asks her to calm down and says she will get justice to Shilpa. She goes to Neil’s cabin and starts alleging him that he is doing injustice to an innocent girl and continues shouting that he is manipulating Shilpas’s life with his money. He asks her to come to the point. She says Karan changed his statement that Shilpa was riding car when she does not know even to ride cycle. He says he does not know about it. She says Nivedita changed statement with money. He says he really does not know about it. She says being a doctor he does not know life or death cannot be bought with money. He reminds her of an incident 15 years ago, where she risked someone’s life. She angrily walks out.

Ragini goes to Aman’s cabin and continues yelling that Neil is trying to manipulate everyone’s life with his money, etc. He asks what happened. She tells him about Shilpa’s case manipulation and continues yelling that Neil tried to manipulate also her son by gifting him costly bike and sending money for Nishi’s marriage. Aman gives her water and asks her to calm down. She drinks water and says Karan did not do that accident. He asks who did then. She says that is what she wants to know and only Karan can tell who did it. Aman drapes his blazer over her and says though they are not related as they are acting, they are friends and he will be always on her side. He takes her down. Neil sees them and gets jealous.

Neil comes home and angrily calls Karan. Ranveer gets afraid seeing him. Pam asks him to calm down and be inside his home. She goes out and asks why did Karan change statement. Nivedita comes there and says she changed statement. He says because of her, Ragini insulted her. Nivedita says she had to manipulate statement and bail out Karan to know the exact truth. Neil shouts that manipulation is wrong. Pam says she does not consider Nivedita did wrong either ethically or professionally.

Karan’s servant informs him that someone has come to meet him. He says to tell them he does not want to meet. Ragini comes with Aman. He asks them to sit and asks what they would like to have. She says she knows he has doe accident and asks who who has done it. She says when whole world used to lie her, he never and why this time. She says he must be trying to save Neil and asks to say yes or not if Neil did this accident, says maybe he is as he does not care about his children or anyone. She insists tell tell the truth and asks if he is thinking about Neil’s children and his girlfriend. He shouts at her to stop. She says when a man lies, he shouts. Karan walks in while she still asks him to tell truth. Dimpy says she will tell the truth and says her son made that accident and Karan is just saving him. Ragini thinks Arav has done that accident.

Precap: Ragini slaps Arav and alleges that he made Shilpa’s accident. He says he did not do anything. She shows Shilpa’s scarf and asks what is this then.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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