Doli Armaanon Ki 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Diwaker’s residence
Diwaker gets enraged when samrat talks callously about rudra’s death, and says that a person like him shouldnt even be served water. Samrat surprisingly asks what happened. Shshi too resents his statements. Kanchan says that Diwaker didnt want to believe, but she somewhere thought, that his term in jail, would change him for the better, and he shall be repentant of what he did. Samrat refuses to accept it his mistakes as usual. Diuwaker stuffs some money, saying that this is because he is his brother, and then asks him to leave. Samrat asks how cn he turn his younger brother on the streets, and that he doesnt need his money. Diwaker gives it yet again, saying that he would have to go, or else he shall be thrown out. When samrat doesnt budge, an angry Diwaker throws samrat, on the streets, by the collar, while he is stunned. samrat hollers to be let in, saying that he cant do this. He slams the door shut tight on samrat’s face. He is enraged and shocked too. he swears that he would avenge every insult of his, by everyone, and shall not spare anyone.

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Screen 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan finds that urmi isnt eating and forces her to eat, and stop catering to others need for a second. she says that she doesnt want to. He says that she has to for giving him company. He says that he likes when she irritates him. He forces her again to eat, and finally succeeds in making her eat. They enjoy the meal together. urmi says that the food is very nice. ishaan boasts that its from his restaurant. She asks about how his parents liked the arragmements, and jut to tease her, he says that it wasnt very good. He asks how did she like the guy, who was Damini’s match for her. She diverts the topic saying that she doesnt need a life partner, and she doesnt want to get married. He teases that lots of bachelors would die for her attention, indirectly speaking of himself. She laughs it away, saying that it isnt so. They enjoy their meal, while he eyes her lovingly, as urmi is unaware and oblivious of it. She then teases him, on the pretext of giving him food, but when she takes a bite, she starts coughing, and he rushes to give her a glass of water, to soothe her. His concern and love is evident. He asks if she got upset at the mention of marriage. She says that she had her dreams of marriage, and the way it shattered, she is scared to see a dream again. He asks why does she presume, that every dream would break, as someone might come, who would realise all her dreams. Seeing her confused and surprised, he again takes a humourous turn, and begins to teasing her. As a romantic number slows, Ishaan, urges and then dances romantically with urmi. While she smiles and dances, he starts getting romantically attached with her.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
An infuriated samrat walks helplessly on the road, desperate and distraught on one side, and enraged on the other.

Scene 4:
Location: Urmi’s residence
The next morning, urmi finds shaurya blissfully asleep, and tries to wake him up, lovingly and caressing his face, while he keeps asking for some more time. She asks him to get up, as he is getting late for work. Asha’s son, Cheeku comes and says that he shall wake up shaurya. urmi is amused. He gets on shaurya and he shoves him away. Asha comes in continuing with her rant, now in english, and cheeku gets frustrated. Gaurav hollers at her, while she asks urmi to take her to the parlour later. Urmi amusingly agrees. gaurav asks for his file, and asha intentionally delays it, so that gaurav may spend the day with her, and not go to the office. urmi says that she is getting late in all this. She gets an idea. Intentionally, she tries to make it look like, that she is going, and he wakes up instantly. They have an amusing banter, and he agrees to go down with her for breakfast.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
While shashi keeps out some money from the purse, to give to samrat, he finds her hiding money, and snatches the purse, and takes it all. She asks him to leave some for her atleast. Samrat asks what would she do with the money, and tells her that he wont let her live in peace. She gets angry and says that this is due to what he did all these years. He gets enraged, and she changes her tone instantly, saying that she would find it very difficult to lend him money everyday. samrat says that god should save from such a mother. He says that she should have died instead. She too retorts back. He says that she should remember what all he did for her, and then talk. Shashi thinks that samrat would make life unliable for him, if he stays here, and hence he should be sent somewhere else, so that they can live in peace. She asks him to leave Jhansi, as he has been insulted so badly, that he wont be able to settle business easily. He gets angry. She says that she is leaving as if Diwaker gets to know, he shall be very angry. Samrat starts counting the money, and then sees Devi in the market. He progresses towards him.

While Devi is negotiating in a shop, samrat springs up from behind, and asks the shopkeeper to give the stuff to that person, at whatever rate he needs, as he is his father in law after all. Devi turns around surprised and shocked to find confronted with samrat, who greets him with utmost courtesy. Devi is tensed and angry, while samrat gives him a wide grin. The screen freezes on samrat’s face.

Precap: Devi asks samrat, if he knows him, and asks who is he. samrat identifies him, with his full name. Devi asks who Samrat, as he doesnt know anyone by this name, from the farthest of relations.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. fan of the show

    I guess samRat wont find support anywhere, which is almost as bad as being in jail for a lowlife like him who doesn’t know how to work except to order others to do so.

  2. fan of the show

    So far, samRat has declared revenge on everyone without realizing that the revenge is on himself for his lousy behavior and attiude.

  3. fan of the show

    Now I don’t trust Ishan for covering up for his ditzy sister. Urmi should never marry him, as this is twice he lied.

  4. I hope that devi is pretending really not to recognize samrat because I would not like samrat to get his way with him like before and maybe samrat knowing this might try to hurt him in order to get back at urmi it is about time that samrat go to hell

    1. fan of the show

      I thiink he is as close to hell as you can get, don’ you?

  5. I pitySamrat. It is now a payback time for him

    1. fan of the show

      Pity? You feel sorry for him? Why?

  6. Where is sushma and tiwariji

    1. I think they will tell us soon.

  7. Okay, did Devi lose his memories or what??

    1. His expression when he sees samRat looks like recognition- I think he deliberately refuses any relation to Samrat. He obviously recovered from the stroke, and we can assume the family filled him in on Urmi and samRat

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