Tum Aise Hi Rehna 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi takes Ria in his arms and looks at her romantically. They have an eye lock. Tum Aise Hi Rehna plays………….The lady is looking at the statue of a couple and says destiny had played games with her, but she won. She says atlast we met Abhi. Abhi dances with Ria and says today he is very happy as there are no lies between them and their family. He says we have become one now. The lady says we will meet tomorrow at your resort. She blows the candle. Abhi fills Ria’s forehead with vermillion. Ria smiles. The lady thinks she has been waiting for her love since long and now no one can separate me from my love. Abhi apologizes to her as she doesn’t want to open clinic at home. Ria says she can do anything for her Abhi and agrees to open the clinic at home.

Rukmani calls everyone for breakfast. Kailash tells Dadisaa that it is not looking like you was operated. Dadisaa says her bahu’s are taking care of her very well. Abhi sees Raman reading the newspaper. Raman tells him about the crimes of the city. Revathi asks him why he is reading such news. Raman says we have to be aware. He asks Abhi to be careful. Abhi asks Dadisaa about her health. She says she is fine. Dadisaa asks Ria, did you think about your new clinic’s name. Ria says no. Sarthak suggests Dr. Ria’s clinic. Ria says no. Abhi suggests Rukmani clinic. Rukmani says no and asks them to open clinic on Kailash’s name. Ria suggests Maheshwari clinic. Everyone likes the name. Kailash says we will open today. Abhi says it needs to be open with planning. He leaves for resort.

Abhi comes to the resort. The lady comes to the resort and insists to meet Abhi. The watchman stops her. She says she will wait until he meets her. Watchman comes to Abhi and informs him that Aanchal came to meet him. Abhi says he don’t know any girl by that name. Aanchal is waiting for him. Raman comes and asks about her. Watchman says Abhi said that he doesn’t know this girl. Raman asks the watchman to ask the lady to leave. She refuses, but then leaves.

Later in the evening. She manages to open Abhi’s car door and sits in it. She then does her make up and looks at the dancing couple statue. A song plays Dil Teri Hi Khatir………Abhi comes. She eyes him. Raman asks Abhi to come with him and they will disciss the project on the way. Abhi leaves with Raman. Aanchan gets angry and says she will wait in his car until he comes back.

Revathi tells Dadisaa that she thought to feed the poor. Sheetal says we shall celebrate. Dadisaa and Rukmani agrees. Ria says you can do anything now. Dadisaa says she gives bribe to God saying she wants to see Abhi’s child. Ria gets shy. Dadisaa asks her to ask anything. Ria says nothing. Sheetal asks her to ask anything. Ria asks Rukmani, can I go to hospital until my clinic opens. Rukmani agrees smilingly. Ria gets Abhi’s call. He tells her that he will be late. Ria tells him that Dadisaa is dreaming about their baby. Abhi says they have to work on giving good news to her. Ria tells him that Rukmani gave her permission to work till her clinic opens. Abhi gets happy. He calls the driver and asks him to take his car home. Driver says ok and asks for leave. Abhi grants him leave. Driver doesn’t see Aanchan inside the car. He parks the car at his house. Aanchal says so this is my Abhi’s home. I won’t blink my eye brows until I see you.

Abhi is driving the car. Aanchal touches him from back. Abhi gets shocked and stops his car.

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