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The Episode starts with Arjun asking Akash to be with him, and shoo every move. Ramesh asks him to take care of Arjun and he will take care of him. Akash nods. Ramesh gives century corp flag and take a pic along with it, like you want. He says it will come in all media forms. He says after your summit, you and my company will get new avatar, but get that serpage, that is the key to our bright future. Arjun asks what if weather goes wrong or Abhiyankar stops. Ramesh says get it at any cost, I m bored of your baby sitting, grow up, we have a contract, I m sorry but your lawyer was very bad, he did not read the contract or did not understand clauses, if you fail in this mission, I will file case on you. Arjun says great, the serpage is not at stake, your respect is at stake, you are nothing without it.

She says you have 900 rats fear inside you, if you have guts, get them out. He leaves and goes to the team. The team starts leaving. Sam says make us proud and waves bye. Akash looks for Anjali, and leaves. Sarita talks to Anjali and asks her not to get sad, as she did her best. She says it was impossible for us to think and you did it. They cry. She says life is long, you will get more chances, Lord will do more better than this. She says I m not saying this to keep your heart, I also understand talent. Anjali smiles and jokes.

Sarita laughs and says you can make fun of me, but talent is talent, come back. Anjali ends the call. Rina records the news bit with Siddharth and talks to Sameer Khanna/Sam, who is the weather expert of the mission. Sam shows the map and where the team might have reached till now. He says the dangerous patch is the glacier and team has to cross it to reach camp 2. The team is shown walking and taking break of 5mins. Arjun says I have done many peaks summit, its more dangerous than Everest, why are people so worried about this. Abhiyankar says climbing is different, weather changes threaten here for life risk.

He says we are not going till the peak, so it does not matter. Akash asks why did you choose me instead Anjali, to shoot Arjun for mission. Abhiyankar says no, its complicated, her dad called me and wanted me to send her back, she lied at home and he was very angry. Akash says she is doing this for her dad. Abhiyankar says I promised her I wilk safe her from all dangers, but this rescue mission is like suicide mission, how would I get her here, I would have considered her for Everest mission, Anjali’s marriage is next month. Akash says I know, she told me.

Chand tells Akash that Colonel will choose you for holding weight, girls can’t do this. Akash says Anjali is not less than boys. Abhiyankar says yes, I felt boy is better for this work, if Tara heard this, she would have not left me. They laugh and proceed. Ramesh looks at the Everest from binoculars. Anjali also see the team. Ramesh says I know its hard to see a dream ruining. He says I m not the only one, I really the people who dream. He says I m thinking to launch India’s emerging climbers contest every year and winner will get sponsorship to do Everest summit, you can take part in it. Anjali says its good idea and leaves.

Sam tries connecting to Nasir. He talks to Abhiyankar says he did not get any reply from Nasir, maybe we are not reaching him. Abhiyankar says keep trying. Sam says weather is clear till camp 2, and then you have to be careful. Abhiyankar says fine. Anjali cries and sees Everest. Akash shoots Arjun in the glaciers and Arjun tells about the Kumbu glacier. Chand asks Arjun not to get over and step back, many people die at the glacier. Arjun says fine, not an issue. He asks Akash to focus on him, and cut the crap while editing. The team puts ladder and crosses a valley drift.

Vidhaan gets sure about Maithili. Rina asks Anjali about her to be husband, Anjali tells Rina about Vidhaan and gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Anjali n akash rocks

  2. Aakash and Anjali I love u
    Awesome precap vidhaan started loving maithili

  3. Yipppppppeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
    Vidhaan loves maithili

  4. Natasha and mehak what is your occupation mean you are a teacher student or something else pls tell

  5. anjali akash….rina arjun….maithili vidhaan….thz cplz rock

  6. I am a student n u?

  7. Nyc precap!
    Shivali i m a student too!


  9. Arjun and Anjali rocks

  10. Shipa n jane in d last epi we al have seen d truth of arjun that he was happy knowing that anjali is not going on d mission!
    Akash was nt hapy n wantd to anjali to go instead of him!
    Btw anjali n akash rocks n arjun n rina is a nyc pair!

  11. Anjali deserves akash!
    Both r nyc at heart n not selfish!
    D leading pair of d serial is akash n anjali n nt akash n arjun so its beter u guys to accept d reality!!
    I am right mehak n shivali?

  12. U r always right Natasha 🙂

  13. Ha ha ha thanks mehak 😀

  14. Ops i made a mistake in my comment!
    Sorry guys!
    D leading pair of serial is anjali n akash n not anjali n arjun!

  15. Perfect!

  16. Mehak is geting in mood of madhuri dixit!
    Perfect! 😀 lol

  17. Ha ha ha ha!

  18. I am also a student of class 9 .I think when anjali will climb Everest aakash will shoot this particular thing and this will be shown on TV and then jagat will realise that he was wrong about anjali and she can to everything which a son can do . then anjali will say that she loves aakash and then they both will marry

  19. You both are in school ,university or college

  20. Natasha and mehak pls go on telly updadates of 17 Dec you will get to see spoilers alert television hottest jodi Aakash and Anjali are also there pls see it

  21. I mean on the page where the updates of 17 Dec is available

  22. akash and anjali rockz…

  23. Shivali i knw that n i even voted for thm!

  24. Guys even i voted for thm!
    They r a hot jodi!
    Anjali n akash!

  25. Btw Shivali i m in school

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