Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shilpa’s mom asking Arav where did Shilpa go when she came to his birthday party. Ranveer while driving car asks Shilpa if she loves Arav. She says he loves her and she will marry him for Ragini’s sake as she is very good. Ranveer gets angry and makes an accident. He comes home with blood stains around his shirt. Pam and Nivedita asks what happened. He says accident and says that girl is bleeding from her head and is unconscious. Pam gets panicked and says if girl is dead, police will arrest him. She says she will inform Neil. Nivedita says Neil will not keep quiet if she informs him. Pam asks who is Shilpa. He says she is Arav’s friend and he got angry while inebriated when she praised Ragini and said she is the best mom and rammed his car to the tree. Nivedita says we should destroy his shirt right now.

Ragini and family reaches hospital with Shilpa’s mom. Shilpa’s mom sees her unconscious and starts crying. Dr. Devika says Shilpa has got severe injuries and needs immediate surgery. Ragini asks Aman to arrange a surgeon soon.

Inspector comes to Dimpy’s home and asks Pam who was driving car and made accident. Ranveer comes out and inspector asks if he made accident. Karan says he made this accident and car is registered in his name. Inspector says he has come with him. Nivedita asks Karan not to worry as she will bail him out soon. Inspector says it is not easy as Karan was with an 18-year-old girl who is in critical condition now after accident. Dimpy angrily looks at Karan.

At hospital, Dr. Devika says Shilpa got severe head injuries and her brain is also damaged. Inspector comes and says Shilpa’s man that he arrested a man who made accident. Mom asks who is it. He says Karan Kapoor who is a business tycoon and has many restaurants. Mom thinks why did her daughter go with a middle aged man. Araav reminisces Ranveer was with Shilpa.

Aarav reaches Neil’s house and calls Ranveer. Pam asks why did he come here and says Ranveer is not at home. He says Ranveer made accident and searches him in everyone room. He finds him in his room and tries to hit him. Pam interferes and says her son did not make any accident. Ranveer says Karan made accident and police arrested him. Arav says he saw him speeding his car with Shilpa and even was about to ram his bike, but he escaped, he shows Shilpa’s scarf. Nivedita says she will help him in punishing Ranveer and takes scarf from him. She then emotionally blackmails him that Ranveer is his brother and if Jignesh’s parents will know that he is Nishi’s brother, they will break marriage thinking they cannot get criminal’s sister married to their son. She asks him to keep quiet for Nishi and everyone’s sake. He asks what about Shilpa. She says Shilpa will be fine with his prayers as he loves her. She gives him a phone as his birthday gift and says he can click pics when Shilpa wakes up and asks him to go home and concentrate on Nishi’s marriage. He takes phone and leaves. Pam praises Nivedita for handling the situation so well and asks where did she get that phone from. Nivedita says she is a lawyer and knows to handle situation, she brought that phone for herself and gave it to Arav to calm him down.

Dr. Devika informs Ragini that Shilpa has gone into coma. Ragini sees Arav’s mobile and finds Karan pic with Dimpy at 10 p.m. She calls Devika and asks when was Shilpa admitted. Devika says around 9:40. Ragini realizes that Karan did not make that accident and it is someone else.

Precap: Neil confronts Karan for making an accident and cheating Dimpy for a small girl. Dimpy rescues Karan from Neil. Neil says Karan that he cannot be loyal to neither his friends nor his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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