Hamari Sister Didi 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Babay is shocked to see the man, as Karan drags him to the hospital. He asks Mehr to get OT ready. The man asks what he is doing, Karan says he sees defects in his wives and loves to waster children, this time they will treat him in a way that he won’t be able to reproduce. He asks if Karan is crazy, and tries to run. Karan holds him and says he likes to kill daughters so much. The man realizes the danger, joins hands and says he was mistaken. Karan throws him into Babay’s feet and says he must ask her for forgiveness. He kneels there, with joined hands. Amrita says to Babay he isn’t worth her forgiveness.
The man says he has destroyed her life, and he was mistaken, that is the reason he still has no children. Babay doesn’t say anything when Mehr comes to announce the OT is ready. The man is worried more.
Karan drags the man to OT with other guards. He tells them to close the door. The man looks around to see the instruments and warns Karan to file a case against him. Karan says he will not leave him able to do any case with wives again.
The man asks is it a goon’s place. Karan gives the forms to man that he has to sign the declaration that he is getting the operation by his will, and will be responsible for its consequences. The man says he won’t sign, but Karan asks does he think he can’t get it forcefully.
Dimple comes to Amrita, and asks what is happening. They can’t take the law and order in hand, what about the reputation of the Muskaan if it gets to media.
Karan forcefully tries to get the finger prints of the man on form. Amrita and Babay enter, Babay stops Karan forcefully. Amrita says to Babay that this man won’t stop, he will either get Kamal’s abortion and will he even keep the girl born. Babay says Muskaan needs her and Karan, and their degrees can be sealed. Muskaan needs them, and this man isn’t worth it.
Kamal comes at reception asking where is her husband. Karan drags the man out, Kamal asks what he has done. Amrita says he is a criminal, he got s*x determining test and tried to get abortion. Kamal says they are dragging their personal issue, she came here with her own will. Babay says to Amrita worried what if Kamal doesn’t speak against her husband. Dimple says to Karan that this is enough, they have no right to interfere in her matter. Karan says to Babay that he won’t get punished, because they have no right against him. This is why, he wanted to punish him. The man says to Karan, he can do what he wants to, he will do what he wants to do. Kamal takes him.
Babay stops Kamal, she comes to her and says one should have a wife like her. She can’t be a good mother. Kamal says she is an ill mannered nurse, she doesn’t want to hear her any more. Babay says she has to hear her, did her husband tell her he already had a wife. Kamal says she knows about it, she was infertile and has died a long time ago. Babay says she died the day, when she made her lose her child forcefully. Kamal looks at her husband. Babay says it was from a doctor who knew nothing, and the wrongly done abortion made her infertile. Then he threw her out of the house. Kamal asks how she knows about it all. Babay says because that lady is standing in front of her. Kamal was shocked, so was everyone else.
Babay says as proof, she has photos of marriage as well as certificate for marriage. Till when he will keep killing the daughters and his wives will hide his crimes. She asks Kamal if all the daughters are killed, how will the word run. She fears Kamal in her place, the next day.
The police arrives there. Karan says this is the man, who got done the s*x determination test. The man says he can ask his wife, they can ask her. The inspector asks Kamal. She looks at Babay, Karan, Amrita and the staff watching her, then her husband. She was confused, then says yes. Amrita was relieved, so was everyone else. The man holds hand on Kamal, Kamal speaks the truth. She came here, because hadn’t she come here he must have taken her to someone who got her killed. The man deters Kamal, the inspector takes the man. Kamal cries hard, Babay hugs Kamal and says she must not be afraid. They are all with her.
The man still shouts from outside, that she will keep hungry. Babay cries and shouts back, that if she can live without him, she can as well. Mehr also comes to Kamal, and takes her inside. Babay looks at Karan who was smiling. She joins her hand, and says he did a courageous thing. She wants to say Mr. Doctor to him. He says she has hurt her a lot, that she is infertile. She said she brought thousands of people to the world, how she can be infertile. She has brought a man like him to line, so somewhere she is his mother as well. He smiles, Babay hugs him.
Dimple comes to her office; the post man gets a letter. She reads it, smiles. Dimple say if Amrita thinks she has won avoiding her, then she has a surprise for her.
Babay makes Kamal eat. Amrita asks her to eat food. Kamal asks if her daughter will be safe. Amrita says she is there to take care of her, she will take care of them both. Kamal says she was going to do a sin today. Babay makes fun, that she is way sadder. Amrita thinks Karan showed so much for Babay, he broke his rules for the first time today; I should say thanks to him and takes a leave.
Dimple comes to Karan with a letter from trustees. He reads the letter. The letter says, dear doctor Karan, we appreciate that you are doing a great job but the rules are strict in the hospital. We got an email from Amrita, we do not allow any one to play with the safety of patients and staff. Karan is shocked and stands up.

PRECAP: Khushi asks to go on a party late at night. Amrita doesn’t permit, but Khushi feels determined that she will go there anyway.

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