Tum Aise Hi Rehna 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhi tells I proposed you on the same day. Ria takes flower from his hand and reminisces Abhi proposing her. A flashback is shown. Abhi falls down from his bike. Ria confesses her love to him and says it does matter to her if anything happens to him. Abhi smiles and throws flower petals on her. Flashback ends. Ria hugs him as he throws flowers on her. She gets teary eyed. Abhi says I knows you well. Ria says she is getting weak. She says this is last chance to save our relation from Aanchal, but now my strength is weakening. Abhi asks her to tell clearly. She tells Guruji said…..A flashback is shown when Guruji’s shishya asked her to embrace death to win over Aanchal. She says he asked to do a big sacrifice.

Ria says she can risked her life, but can’t let anything happen to him. Abhi says if this is last chance then let it be. I am mad in your love. We won’t take this step back. Ria says it is not easy. Abhi says when I fell in love with you, then I didn’t do any calculations about easy and hard. I have full faith on you. He asks her to tell about the next move. Ria says we have to give our life together. Abhi looks on. Ria asks are you ready. Abhi smiles and nods in an agreement.

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Raman tells Rukmani that Abhi refused to go to the resort. Raman says he didn’t come yesterday also. Don’t know what he was doing with her. Rukmani says if Abhi is not going to resort then he won’t go anywhere too. Ria gets dressed as a bride and recalls Guruji’s shishya’s words that they have to die. She writes something on the mirror with her lipstick. Abhi knocks on the door asking Ria to get ready fast. He thinks you are my strength and your belief is my belief. I will do whatever I can to bring you out of this. Ria thinks even they can die in this fight. She thinks time has come to experience the power of sindoor and prays to God to help her. Abhi thinks he will support her. He thinks I am getting a chance to prove my love. Lets see if our love wins or fails. Ria comes out of the room and looks at Abhi. Both of them are teary eyed. Ria wishes him best of luck. She says you are partner of my 7 lives.

Abhi and Ria come to the hall to seek Rukmani’s permission. Rukmani looks at their dressing as bride and groom, and asks where are you going? Abhi says they are going on an important work. Rukmani asks what is that important work. Abhi asks her to have trust and don’t stop them. Rukmani says she will also come with them. Ria is teary eyed. Abhi says this is not possible as we are going to do the puja. Rukmani asks what is this puja? Abhi says just understand that everything will be fine after this marriage. Rukmani says, but. Abhi asks her to trust him for the last time. Rukmani sees Ria crying. Dadisaa asks Rukmani to let them go and tells Abhi to come back home after the puja. Abhi hugs Dadisaa and thanks her. Ria hugs Rukmani and says I prayed for this family happiness during the grah pravesh, but I gave pain to everyone. She apologizes to them.

Rukmani asks why are you saying this. Ria says don’t know whether I will get a chance again. She says she will fulfill her responsibilities as a bahu and kanha ji will help her. Abhi hugs Rukmani and apologizes to her. Rukmani is surprised to see their behavior. Sheetal asks why you are saying this. Abhi says may be I don’t come back. Everyone is stunned. Abhi says I was just joking. Revathi asks them to come home after the puja is over. Abhi says lets go. Ria and Abhi proceed towards outside, holding each other hands. Ria is teary eyed. They look back at the house for one last time before stepping out of the house. Rukmani tells Sheetal to tell driver to take out the car and says they will follow them. Dadisaa asks what are you saying? Rukmani says she is feeling as if some trouble is going to come on them.

Ria tells Abhi that they will jump in the holy fire together to get united for births. She says our relation will tie us for births. We will become one soul. Aanchal gets angry. Abhi and Ria are seen stepping on the fire.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. please can yourl get the ghost story over now its getting ridiculous . how can one dead spirit take so long to kill. and its a mockery of good vs evil. especially inrespect of religion.

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