Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Samarth saying Sarika can’t cheat me. Shobha says she has already cheated you. He gets into thinking. Vikram sits in mandap with Sarika. Nani, Sharda and kids come there. Nani says maybe Shobha can’t see this and she did not come. Garima and everyone come and ask Sharda whats happening. Sharda says don’t know how Sarika blackmailed him, he is not telling us anything. The pandit says now we will do ghatbandhan, anyone come from family. No one goes and pandit ji asks again. Rohini comes there.

Sarika says leave it, I will do myself, I don’t need anyone. Everyone look on. Samarth and Shobha come. The pandit says its bad sign to do ghatbandhan yourself. Samarth says stop this and takes Sarika, by scolding her. Sarika asks where is he taking her. Samarth slaps Sarika and asks how can she cheat him. She asks what happened. He says you have given all proof against me to Shobha, and slaps her. She says listen to me. He slaps her and says you told Shobha how I got bail and we made the MMS together. She asks why will I do this. He says she will also go to jail with him. They fight and fall in Shobha’s trap. He says he will tell everyone that she killed Abhay.

She says yes, I killed him, and I can kill others too. He scolds her. Vikram asks Shobha what is she doing here. She says you will get answers soon. Sarika asks Samarth to come to senses, Shobha came to me to deal, I did not tell her anything, you came in her words, she wants my marriage to stop. He says so she came to me. She says yes, see what you did. He says you do the makeup, I will see her. She cries and says he spoiled my mood.

He goes down and takes her. He says I m sorry, we had some confusion, pandit ji start the rituals. Sarika says now I got Samarth’s blessings, everything will be fine. Shobha asks Nani to switch on TV. They are shocked seeing their talk and accepting all their crimes. Shobha asks Samarth why is he quiet today, did he like Rohini’s idea, if you make my fake MMS, I can get the real sting operation done on you. She says your problem is your anger and lose senses, you made Sarika accept the crime and you too accepted, the country has seen this live on all channels. Rohini smiles.

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Shobha says you and Sarika got exposed today, and teaches him what Ramayan has, truth always wins, her patience is not her weakness, she is not a fool, now sit in jail and think what will you do now. They all smile. Ketan brings the police and Samarth get arrested. Shobha says she got the fake CD and envelop to fool him. Vikram smiles and catches Sarika, as she tries to run. He says come with me, police came to arrest you, go with your brother.

Garima asks Samarth what did he do, and he should be shameful. Vikram asks inspector to take Sarika along. Vikram asks her to take her ring, if she likes someone in jail, make him wear it. Garima hugs Shobha and says I m so proud of you, what you did today needs much courage. She says you have set an example for everyone. Sharda says relations are made by heart and Samarth and Sarika don’t value, its good you got them punished.

The kids say we will stay together like before, and hugs her. Vikram thanks her and says I was feeling like dying when I was marrying Sarika, thanks for saving my life. She says we could have not done this without Rohini and Ketan. Vikram thanks them. Ketan says everyone does not have courage to bring truth out, hats off to Shobha. Rohini says yes, its tough to get her kids’ father punished. Ketan and Vikram joke on Sarika. They all laugh.

Nani talks to Sharda and pacifies her. She says she knows she is sad for her children going to jail. Sharda says my upbringing was wrong. Nani says why, Garima is good proof of your good upbringing. She asks what did you think about Shobha, its time, Shobha and Vikram should settle. Sharda says I can’t think anything now, my heart is bitten by my children’s wrong doings, I want Shobha to get happiness, we can get them married now. Nani says I will talk to Vikram, everything will be fine.

Nani talks to Vikram and Ketan. Ketan says I m sure that truth wins finally. Nani says Vikram and Shobha are made for each other, now you will become her groom, pandit ji, mandap and mahurat is there, marry her. Vikram says he did not get Samarth arrested so that he can get Shobha. Nani says I know well, you both are same, think about each other, I want to ask you, if she says yes to marry, will you marry her. Vikram thinks.

Shobha says few people are lucky to get such love, and I know no one can love me like this. She says but I can’t marry you. Vikram is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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