Qubool Hai 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Isolated building and on the road
In her dizzy state, sheer comes across the new bride standing in front of her, taunting her for her intentions. Seher murmurs incoherently. The new bride smiles evilly. Later, when the buyer comes and likes seher, saying that she would fetch a wonderful price, the new bride says that her sister shall come too, equally good, and she shall give away one for one free.

Meanwhile, Sanam asks the autodriver to follow razaak and gazalla’s car, while they intntionally drive around, to lead sanam in the wrong direction. While seher is in a dizzy state, the new bride solds her off to the sheikh who pays her a hefty amount, who compliments her beauty profusely. Finally, sanam reaches the place, but a little too late, as seher is thrown in a truck full of sand bags, despite her protests and screams, on seeing sanam, and taken away.

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Inside, gazalla and razaak are overjoyed to find money, while the new bride smiles, as they praise her galore, belittling tanveer in front of her. Just then, sanam storms in, and they hide themselves. Sanam eyes the cage and recognises it from the pic. she asks where is her sister and where has she sent her. the new bride says tht she got a little late, as she sold seher off. sanam comes to her boggled, and shocked. She says that she isnt here for her nonsense. The new bride keeps repeating the same. sanam slaps her in anger. she starts reprimanding her for her shameful act, as a woman herself. The new bride asks her to shut up. She asks how could she think that when she cries, ahil would give her a divorce and she shall leave easily. She reminds sanam about her debt on her to allow her to stay here, and says that she paid the debt by keeping seher alive. sanam says that she was at fault to think that she shall improve. She says that she would call ahil and tell him everything. the new bride says that if she does, her men would treat seher very badly, and then she would be dead too along with seher, which she doesnt mind. Sanam asks why is she torturing seher, as she is her enemy. the new bride says that she would give a last chance to save her sister, as she doesnt know where she is being taken, but knows this much, that she is in a truck right now, and gives her the number of the truck, and the route, and asks her to go ahead and wish her sister goodbye for the last time. She says that once it leaves the city sanam would never see her sister. sanam is dumbfounded. the new bride asks her to rush out and hurry, as she doesnt have much time. sanam screams that the lord shall never forgive her, and spitting on her, she leaves. the new bride smiles evilly.

Outside, sanam frantically rushes out in the auto, while the new bride continues to use her black mgic, and raises a dark storm. the auto fellow refuses that he wont go further. Sanam is frantic and gets down. the new bride says that she didnt want her to get to her destination, but now she would bear the same fate, and the more she progresses the more she would be dragged behind. She again does some black magic, as a result of which, sanam finds herself next to a bus stop, with a person sleeping underneath it. She runs from there and again finds herself at the same stop over and over again.

On the road, the new bride suddenly appears in her devilish avatar, donning complete black and looking like a witch, thinking that today on Amavasya she shall become the world’s most beautiful woman, and ahil shall be her prize. She says that she would be undefeatable and most strong after this night.

Meanwhile, sanam tries to hitchhike her way towards the toll gate, but in vain. she prays to the lord to help her. She starts running. meanwhile, the truck containing seher and other ladies in drugged state, is found to proceed towards the toll. meanwhile, sanam finally reaches near to the place where the trucks are in line, and starts going through their number plates. The drivers leeringly talk about the girls, and suddenly find the police cheking the goods in the earlier trucks, creating a barricade. they are scared, as they are asked to get down. The driver says that its just rice bags, but the police doesnt believe, and ask him to show it to confirm. They shows that its rice bags actually, and just then, seher wakes up from her drugged state, but before she can react, the driver takes the police aside and bribes him and he agrees. sanam sees this and is shocked.Sanam finally finds the truck, bearing the same number, and is very scared and worried. Th screen freezes on the two sisters’ faces.

Precap: Seher wakes up to realise that she is trapped, but she doesnt realise that sanam too is in the car, trying to search her. Ironically, sanam gets trapped in the truck, and seher makes a mad dash for escape, oblivious that her own sister is stuck behind.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Fast plz

  2. f**kiinggg shittt!!! I m being reminded of ‘ek thi daayan’ fro dis crap!!

  3. Such a irritating serial….

  4. Hate a lot to that evil sanam.
    Dear director,
    Show happiness to two sister and ahil,remove that crap horror theme,remove some villian and enough of killing to good one,show cultures and be realistic,show family story like other story.i am sick to watch these evil villains.

  5. Hopeless show i mean look at initial episode of dis show even after troubles beingaved by asad amd zoya dy were always together even if dy were parted away within 2-3 epi dy were together and stronger but dis ahil’s character is sooo stupid like in case of his mom he was shown dumb and even wid new sanam he is not able to find anything wrong wid her….it is irritating now nd is getting on nerves i mean how can d scriptwriters be soooooo f**king evil minded….instead dy should focus on love story rather than villans….its jst a piece of shit now….jst fr sahil i watch it wid a ray of hope dat dey ll b focused upon more someday instead of dat b*t*h covering d whole episodes

  6. guys did u watch the new promo

    1. i also agree that story of villians should not be focused so much instead focus more and more on the love and romance between ahil and sanam like in iss pyaar ko kya naam doom .during the first episodes of ahil’s entry there was lots of junoon tere ishq ka ‘s but later on i rarely heard of it but 2 days before when i heard it again i was dumbstruck. I wish in upcoming episodes there will be more and more junoon’s. I sugest that the show will have high rating if it concentrate more on romance of sahil. Hope you will respond to my request. I love this show only because sahil.

  7. The witch makes a storm!?!?!? utter nonsense!!!! I am convinced the writers think their viewers are idiots!!!!

  8. What the hell??!! I mean can you plz give some happiness in this show?? Its getting degradatory!!

  9. Why are these two orphans have to go through this bullsh-t again.Sanam 2 does not see that Ahil has not one dot of love for her.If a woman is so low and disgusting to use magic to win a man’s heart,then that woman will have to continue do magic to keep that type of love a fire.What a waste of time.These writers I think are women haters or they have never been in love .How can they only write these stupid,nonsensical,tasteless script.What happen to the love between Sanam and Ahil,write something beautiful about that?What about Faiz and Haya ,show how they put their life together and are moving on with a happy married life.What about Seher,show how she is missing Rahaan .What about Ahil’ls father ,show the bond with his son and how he is adjusting to life after captivity.Show us these things than showing us a woman in a cage and be sold off to a rich man as commodity.This is how women are viewed in your sight.Writers slavery has long gone ,we do not need to see this foolishness.Probably you all are way back living in the slave trade time.Why don’t you sell some men ,only women are been shown in these disgusting roles.Shame on you writers.I am very upset.

    1. quboolhai4ever

      Dear director of qubool hai,
      do you see my username
      i am still a loyal fan of your show

  10. Long nailed sanam should just die and get it over and done with!!!!! Its getting kind of boring…… and at a point also irritating—

  11. Very irritating serial. .
    Plz do end of this serial. Either bring some interesting…

  12. princes you have he name wrong it is her big toenail that is ridiculously long so I named her long toenail sanam 2 anyway writers what foolishness is this we the viewers are fed up with all this shit scripts you are writing is one kidnapping after the other for the two sisters then there is also drugging and poisoning what more these sisters will have to go through you writers just do not know what to write anymore so you are bull shitting around to make up time with these shit scripts so please do the right thing and bring this serial to an end

  13. OMG, please don’t take up air space if writers can’t write something meaningful, is all I can say!!!

  14. sanam wil b seen in pakistan she wil b separated wid ahil seher wil die,,,,in pakistan wil mit varun toofrey who wil fall in lov wid her bt it wil b shown after sm month so we wil b watching qubool season 3

  15. U guys should make a twist where sanam will have a 2 year old daughter named asra

  16. ya Allah… y s this show like this.. it was an amazing serial during asad zoya… again season 3??? can’t bear

  17. Make it where sanam daughter will get so sad because of her fathers absences.varun who loved sanam will find out the truth about ahil and turn cold towards sanam he will tell her daughter that he is her father.varun will tell sanam that he will help tanveer’s daughter in taking revenge.sanam goes to a party where she will get kidnapped by tanveer daughter and she will be kept by goons in a factory.varun will bring her daughter to see her mother die.on the other hand ahil goes to Pakistan for work where someone tells him to come to a factory.this is where sanam is kept.goons kill varun but sanam’s daughter will escape trying to find her mother.ahil will come to the factory and hear sanam’s voice he will see tanveer daughter points a gun at her the bullet goes into sanam’s hand and she will fall ahil will catch her in time. And sanam’s daughter will also come and see her mother in this situation.her will cry so badly .sanam will be taken to the hospital where ahil will talk to his own daughter but won’t notice asra goes in sanam’s room and sanam asks to bring the uncle who saved her in the room.sanam and ahil will be shocked to find each other.everything will be revealed to asra and ahil will come to now that new sanam did all this .doctor comes in telling sanam is pregnant will makes a smile on all three faces

  18. What’s wrong with you people.u guys r making sanam loose her memory and why isn’t ahil present in Pakistan if u guts tell me karanvir is quitting then I hate this show so badly

  19. it is very bad …. abhi to do behenein milli thi ab phir se alag ho gyi …. n sanam pak me ja kar kisi aur ki wife ban gyi …… yaar saare show maza kharab kar dala jaldi se sanam ko india le aao uske ahil n uski sis seher ke pass ……… itni compications kyun dono behno ko har jagha saath rakho

  20. season 1 itna acha tha but season 3 o god ……… pllllzzzzz writers sisters ko saath dekh kar hi acha lagtahai ……. n what u r doing ek is india me to dusri pak …… e show mera fav tha dont change it like this……….

  21. D new bride needs to do a dental make over on her bottom row teeth. Its ridiculous to have such wierd looking dentures on tv lol.

    1. not only new Sanam some other actors has same issue with the bottom or upper teeth. I think is minnor issue and it can be fixed. It is not nice to say about anyone body parts.

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