Satrangi Sasural 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada reminds him of the numerous times her family insulted his mothers, and despite this, he co-conspired with her, in this brilliant plan to win over them. Mini asks how could he not think, how bad they would feel, when they found out about this. She also asks what did he go to mumbai for. He remembers his lies. Mini shows him pics of their proposal by the beach and throws the pics at his face, asking if this is how they brought him up. all the ladies angrily and hut eye vihaan, while he faces them with his head hung low. Arushi is dejected. Mini asks how could he lie to them, to spend time with arushi, in mumbai. She asks how could he trifle their love so easily. geeta asks how could he give their share of love to arushi. He asks them not to allege someone without knowing anything. He tries to tell that the proposal and the entire plan was his, whereas arushi was completely against it. All are shocked. they sarcastically compliment him, for the way he made a joke out of their desire and dream to see him married. They say that they are indeed proud of him. He says that he didnt just do it for himself, but for the happiness of them and this family too. they count the numerous times, he misled them time and again, every time the secret tried to come out. He tries to explain, while mini asks him to have some shame. She then reprimands arushi and her family for jointly betraying and misleading them, and compliments her sarcastically that it finally worked. She says that she is stranger, and hence they have no complaints, when their own betrayed them. harpreet asks how could he belittle them for a girl. narmada says that she is ashamed to call him her son, to have fed him and to have raised him, and expect that he shall grow to keep them happy, as he doesnt realise the pain when a mother’s own son starts playing with her emotions. Vihaan says that he did hurt them, but asks them not to be so harsh. he says that he loves arushi, but didnt say, as he was scared of them, that they might reject her without even meeting her, as all the mothers finalising on one girl was next to impossible, and hence he knew that if arushi met them together, she would be rejected and hence resorted to the plan. priyanka congratulates that he won and got the girl, but due to a girl, he lost his mothers. He reminds them that arushi is their choice too, excepting his, and they genuinely liked her, even if it was all planned. He says that they may have lied, but their intentions werent wrong, and today they were planning to tell everything, and tells about their conversations. priyanka says that their hearts have been broken. granny comes and says that when they have decided then why are they taking so long in delivering, as they arent here to explain. all are tensed while vihaan is surprised. granny says that arushi shall never have grihapravesh in this house, at any cost. They are shocked. He tries to speak, but granny shuts him. Granny says that they dont consider this a marriage, and arushi their bahu, as a girl who can force him to lie to his mothers cant be a good girl, and hence she should be instructed to go out immediately. granny says that they sever all ties with this girl immediately. she says that she can give him another chance but not to this girl. Nilima asks arushi if she heard or not, and asks her to get lost. arushi stands distraught. Geeta says that granny was right, and they made a hasty decision. harpreet asks him to come inside, and forget this girl ever. Nilima says that he should just try and forget what cant be. they all wait for arushi to leave, while vihaan stands distraught. Arushi stands shell shocked. She finally turns around and begins to leave, while all stand and stare tensedly. As she leaves, the kalash depicting the grihapravesh happens, but in the opposite side, as she walks out along with the gadhbandhan that tied her once to vihaan.

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Outside, she walks lonely and desolate, breaking into tears, unable to believe the shock. Finally, she feels a tug and finds vihaan standing at the door, holding the other end of the gadhbandhan. They eye each other, emotionally overwhelmed and distraught, as tears stream down their cheeks. She breaks into his arms, crying distraughtedly, as he holds her in his arms. later, in front of manohar, vihaan asks her to stop crying. sarthi says that he would arrange for them to stay the night at his place, but he denies. Arushi says that they can go to her house, and wait for the night, to calm down the anger of the mothers. But vihaan says that after a long time, they must be sleeping peacefully, and he doesnt want them to bother in their sleep, over this new trouble. They wonder what they shall do then. Inside, all the mothers are in a state of utter distress, as all cry in some corner of the house.

Scene 2:
Location: Hotel
Arushi and vihaan check in a hotel. the waiter asks for dinner, and she tensedly looks at vihaan, and then refuses the waiter. He leaves. Vihaan goes inside to freshen up, without saying a word. in the bathroom, vihaan is deeply hurt by the stinging and barbed words of all his mothers, as he views himself in the mirror. Arushi stands outside the bathroom, awkward and tensed, how to compose him. Inside, vihaan breaks down utterly, hearing his sobs, arushi feels very worried and apalled. he composes himself, lest he be heard and arushi becomes upset. he remembers their treatment to arushi, and breaks down once again, each time, he is reminded of their accusations at arushi.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
All mothers lament that arushi went but took their son too, and such has she trapped their son. geeta too laments that arushi is at fault. Mini is angry that its vihaan’s fault too, as he is fully grown and mature, that he didnt realise that he got befooled by arushi, and hence he doesnt care for their feelings and has gone against them. harpreet laments that everytime they try and be happy, life treats them with another joke. granny takes this chance, to point out that this is indeed thir fault, as they didnt realise anything while they were being befooled, and when she was screaming to break this relation, they stood against her, instead of supporting her, and asks if they are now at peace having gotten him married. She congratulates them sarcastically, saying that today if she dies, there’s noone to even burn her. all are shocked and distraught, while she rushes inside. Narmada gets furious and says that if vihaan can stay without them, they too can, and till he doesnt sever all ties with that girl, he wont be allowed to live here with them again. All the mothers hear tensedly. priyanka says that noone shall contact vihaan or his wife. The screen freezes on narmada’s tensed face.

Precap: the next morning, arushi tries to wake up vihaan, from his sleep, but he falls on ther floor unconscious. she is shocked, as she tends to him. she desperately tries to wake him up, as he lies motionless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Plz some one tel me na … What song is tat which was played wen arushi came out frm hme… N frm which movie is it…??? M longin fa tat song… Plz some one tel me

  2. Why are these mothers so harsh.Yes they lied but it was because of their strict attitude and old fashion ways that cause this.Why do they have to rebuke Arushi in this nasty way when she was not the one who instigated this .Rahaan ,you apologized on behalf of you and your wife ,if they do not accept ,leave that city and find work else where.Your wife is educated she can also find a job.Let them stay there ,they will realize theie mistake ,Arushi’s father and brother is the root cause of this mess.Therefore it is best to move away from all of them and show that you all can make it on your own.

  3. OMG! I do hope fhaf nothing bad happens to Vihaan because Granny will not forget Arushi.She will say she told them that they have a curse in the family.Please let him be safe for the sake of Arushi.I just read the precap.

  4. That is the reason why, NO MAN wants to live in that house!!!!! Run Vihaan Run!!!! Those women are judgemental and and controlling! What man would really want to deal with that eh!?!?!? You mean after all these years, they don’t see their faults!?!? The same thing they were reprimanding Granny for they are doing right now!!!! Idiots!!!!! And 7 of them to deal with!??! Nah man!!! Poort Arushi and Vihaan!!!

  5. Plz some one answer me na…. Abt tat song… Plz i request yo ll

    1. The song is judaai from the movie badlapur

  6. granny dis is wat u ve always,wanted and now u got de ticket congratulation and safe journey every ting is always a BAD OMEN to you what a SHAME……

  7. Shame on the mothers dat claim to love vihaan so much dey can’t accept da fact dat yes he fell in love so WHAT! Nw I can understand why no man lasted in this home

  8. Suhana the song is judaai from the movie badlapur

  9. Samira… Thnk yo so so soo sooooo much

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