Swaragini 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dada ji comes to the groom’s house with Shekhar and Dadimaa. The head of the family welcomes them. Ragini meets Swara in college. Swara says it is easy for you to get married to a guy without knowing him. Ragini says elders take a decision at my house. Swara says we decide mutually. They talk about their family. Swara says your dada ji said that the boy is perfect and you agreed. She says it is your right to know the guy. She says if you both were different in thinking then what. Ragini says her family can’t think of her wrong. Swara says you don’t know about groom’s family. Will they support and let you sing after your marriage. Groom’s badimaa telling that they know about Ragini’s profession.

Groom’s mother says badi maa teaches the kids at home. The head of the house tells that woman is known for her qualities, values etc. She is known to bring smile on her family’s face. Ragini says it is her duty to agree to her family. Swara says I lost and you have won. She says if I enquire about the groom then…….Ragini says no. Swara says I will take out his info about his history, geography etc. Ragini is surprised. Swara asks her to have faith on her and asks to give address. Ragini says she will give, but she doesn’t want to know anything. Swara goes on her cycle after handling her guitar to Ragini. Shekhar tells Surya prasad that he is happy that Ragini is getting married in this house.

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Swara comes to the house and gets happy looking at the house. She thinks it is a palace. She looks at the watchman and thinks how to enter the house. Surya prasad boosts about good values and says he believes on values. Your daughter has good values. Dada ji says we heard a lot about your family that’s why didn’t ask to see your son. His elder son says his father’s choice is good. Dadimaa says Ragini will mingle in their family well. Swara manages to enter the house and peeps through the window. She thinks to call Ragini and gives the good news. Ragini picks the call. Swara tells her that family is good. Ragini asks her to leave from there. Swara says she will see the groom and then leave.

Swara tells that the groom is thin and have specs. She says but you will be happy here. You can’t refuse. Swara laughs and says groom is not here. She tries to peep in and moves the vase. It falls down. Swara tries to hide, but gets caught by the watchman. Ragini gets tensed hearing watchman accusing her for theft. The watchman brings her inside. Shekhar, Dada ji and Dadi maa get shocked seeing her. Shekhar asks Swara, what are you doing here? Badi maa asks did you know her? Dadi maa says bengalan must have sent her grand child. Swara introduces herself as their neigbor and Ragini’s friend. Surya Prasad asks Garodia about her. Dadimaa says she is lying. She is not Ragini’s friend, but actually she is our enemy daughter. Badi Maa says enemy. Dadi maa says they don’t get along with each other. She says bengalan must have sent her.

Swara laughs and says she didn’t come here to do any drama. She says she wants to tell Ragini about the groom and the alliance. Surya prasad gets angry and says if your daughter was so interested in knowing the groom then we are not interested. Swara says you are taking me wrong. Dadimaa says our Ragini is like a cow. She can’t say anything. Swara asks her to let her explain to clear the confusion. She says Ragini didn’t send her. Actually I force her to know your family, afterall it is her life. She asks how can anyone spend life with someone without knowing him. Dada ji says I know this is her doings. Ragini comes there, shocks everyone present there. She says no Dada ji. Ragini’s family is shell shocked to see her opening her mouth and coming there. Ragini walks in silently and apologizes to Surya prasad. She says she is responsible for it.

Swara says it is not your mistake. Dadi maa scolds Swara for provoking Ragini to know her life partner. She tells Surya prasad that she is a fatherless girl, so you can understand better about her upbringing. She says we gave good upbringing to our grand daughter. Swara is in tears. Dadi maa says my grand daughter is standing with her head low. She calls her shameless. Swara is in tears. She tells Annapurna/badi maa that they are shameless people. Swara shouts asking her to stop it. She says she won’t tolerate a word against her dida and maa. She says do you remember what you did yesterday. Shall I tell them. Dadi Maa gets angry and is about to slap her. Swara stops her hand. Everyone is shocked.

She says if I was wrong, then I would have bear your 1000’s slap, but will not as I am not wrong. Dadi maa acts to feel pain in her hand as the bangles breaks. Swara asks her to stop her acting. Shekhar gets angry and slaps Swara. He calls her shameless and reminds her that Dadi maa is his mother. He blames Swara’s upbringing and values. He calls her fatherless girl, not knowing how to behave with elders. Dadi maa says thank god our Ragini is not like her. Shekhar says today I have seen a father less girl. Dadi maa insults her more and asks her to leave. Swara is in tears and runs outside crying. Ragini is in tears too. Swara heads towards her home on her cycle and peddles it fast while recalling Dadimaa’s words. She stops on the way and recalls Shekhar slapping her. Dada ji apologizes to Surya prasad and says they are bad people. Dadi maa asks him not to punish Ragini for Swara’s mistake. Yash prasad looks on.

Dada ji warns Sumi to keep her daughter in limits. Swara tells Sumi and Dida about everything. Sumi says she will go and will answer him. She goes to Shekhar and tells him that Swara’s father is alive. Swara hears him. Swara is seen slapping someone, while he stops her hand.

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