Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having tattoos and having a laugh. Rajshri says I m scared of colors since few days. Shaurya says she will be fine after Holi ends. They ask her to get a tattoo. The kids also insist and she agrees. She gets a color on her cheeks and Vishwamber again teases her. Dadda ji asks Naksh did he keep any prize for the best cone who plays holi. Naksh says no. Dadda ji says I look the best. Naksh says Naira is best. Akshara says she is very young, and will play holi after few years. Naksh says he will apply kajal mark to her, and smiles.

Dadi says this looks best on Naira. Rajshri says yes. Naitik says the guests came and will see the tattoos. Bau ji says welcome them. They see the tattoos and praise them. Naitik says you can color us and we will also color you. They all start playing Holi. Akshara brings a good pichkari for Naksh and he hugs her thankfully.

She says give Naira to me, and asks Naitik to wait. He smiles and looks around. Muskaan and Alok enjoy the Holi. Alok says see them, Naitik went after Akshara. She says they love each other a lot, we will also be like them. Devyaani looks for Akshara and goes after her. Naksh asks Rajshri about choco gujiyas and she shows him. She asks Varsha to give this to Naksh after he washes the hands and come. Karishma takes Varsha for clicking selfies. The men see the girls clicking selfies and talk to have some fun.

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A man takes a gujiya and keeps it as his wife calls him. He puts the choc one in other box. Naksh comes and asks about Rajshri. Varsha gives him the wrong gujiya. He bumps into Rajshri and it falls. She gives him the choco gujiya and he thanks her. He eats it. The goons enter the party and greet everyone. Bau ji says who are you, I did not identity. The man lies and says my dad is not well, so he can’t come. Bau ji asks them to enjoy and have sweets.

Naitik and Akshara take care of Naira and she asks about Naksh. He says he don’t know. She says I will see him, he does not think he gets hungry, I will just come. Naitik talks to Naira and promises her that he will play with her next year. Akshara looks on from far. Naitik says we will sing a song. He sings a song and Akshara laughs. He sees her and asks what are you doing here. She says I feel scared and see you, as I can miss any good moments between you and Naira. He says you should not do this. She says sorry, I m going. He checks is she still there and sings again.

The men come and apply color to the girls, and they feel weird. Jasmeet says maybe they are some relatives or neighbors. Karishma says they should be in their limit. Akshara asks Naksh did he have anything. He says yes, I had gujiyas. She sees the men and think who are they. She gives him water and sees the girls are juice stall. The men tease them, and Akshara looks on.

She asks Naksh to stay here and she will just come. Naitik comes and takes her to dance. They all start dancing and the men dance around the girls, and they feel odd. Akshara sees them. She takes water and puts on their faces. Everyone is shocked seeing unknown people. She asks who are they, do we know them, I m seeing they are teasing the girls. Jasmeet says we don’t know them. Bau ji says he is not Sharma’s son. Naitik says I did not see them. Akshara says they are teasing our house girls by holi excuse.

The man says you are mistaken, we did not tease them. She scolds them for teasing girls. Karishma says yes, they are troubling us. Jasmeet says we felt they are known people and did not say anything. Alok, Anshu, Naman and Shaurya beat them. The elders asks them to kick them out. The men leave. Rajshri says now we are not safe in our home. The goons get angry and want to teach lesson to Akshara as she exposed them.

Akshara signs the dhol man to play. She smiles and asks everyone to dance. Devyaani talks to Rajshri and Bhabhimaa. The man mixes some chemical. He sees Akshara and his friends stop him. Akshara dances and does not see them. She drinks water and the man throws the chemical packet on her. She is hurt and Naitik runs to her. She says I don’t know who did this. He says maybe any guest has done this. She says I m fine. The goons run and see her still dancing. The man says you will see the real holi color in some time. They leave. She starts itching her face and Naitik gets worried.

Akshara says what is this allergy and is shocked seeing her face. Everyone is shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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