Tum Aise Hi Rehna 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rukmani scolds Ria for calling Abhi by his name and says it seems you are a kid. Ria gets tears in her eyes. Dadisaa says daughter in laws don’t call their husband by his name. Ria asks then what shall I call him. Raman taunts Ria. Abhi says Ria is accustomed to call me by my name. Rukmani says it is about adjusting to new home. She asks did you hear anything calling her husband by name. She says she never called her husband by his name. She says nobody calls their husbands by their names then why you thought that you will call Abhi by his name. Dadisaa tells Ria to look at Rukmani who is an example for the coming generations. Kailash tells her that Ria is very intelligent, she might have understood everything. Rukmani says it is good for her and asks Abhi to sit. Ria cries silently. Abhi sits to have food. Ria tells Dadisaa that she will just be back. Sarthak asks Abhi to check on Ria as she might be crying. Rukmani says let her realize her mistake and says no one will go to her. Abhi is sad. Ria goes to her room and cries. Pinky comes to her and informs that her Papa has come. Ria asks where is he? Pinky informs her that he is sitting with everyone. She shows the chocolate box and says he gave me this. Ria says she will come. Ria wipes her tears and goes.

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Vishesh speaks to the family and asks them to taste the chole bature which he bought. Rukmani says we don’t like outside food. Vishesh says it is Ria’s favourite. Dadisaa says you did right. Kailash says I understand being a father. Vishesh says he made Ria understand to live like a daughter and respects you like her parents. Just then Ria comes there and hugs him.

Rukmani tells Dadisaa that she came cryingly and will inform her father everything. Ria asks him about Lata. Vishesh says he didn’t inform her as she will take out a date to meet her. Ria meets her smilingly. Dadisaa tells Rukmani that your assumption is wrong about her. She is very understanding.

Dean of the hospital gets a call asking him to send some doctors to Kashmir. He calls Mona and asks her to give the list of doctors who are on leave. She says ok. Vishesh asks Ria, are you fine? Ria says she is really very happy and asks him not to worry about her. She tells him that she made daliya for her new Papa. Kailash says he liked the dalya and came to know about his good health. He asks Ria to make his food daily. Vishesh gets happy and asks her to take care of her family. Ria asks him to have food. Vishesh says no as Lata will scold me. Kailash asks him to sit for some more time. Vishesh says no and takes a leave. He invites them to come to his room. Rukmani doesn’t like his talks. He leaves. Kailash tells Dadisaa that Ria protected their respect. Dadisaa praises Ria.

Raman asks Ria to call Abhi like yeh…..Abhi jokes. Rukmani says we will decide. Dadisaa and Kailash ask Rukmani to put one more handful of rice in the kalash. Ria smiles while Rukmani stares her. Rukmani puts one handful of rice in the kalash pot. Ria thanks Rukmani. Sheetal and Sarthak get romantic. Sheetal says she wants to dance whenever he is around. She feels nice when he is with her etc etc. She says you got busy in business after our marriage. We didn’t get time to think about each other. She complains to him that he never took her anywhere. She says we will find the happiness again. He hugs her.

Abhi comes to his room with food plate for Ria. He makes her eat it and says you have make everyone confused about my name. He asks for her suggestion. Ria says she will call him as Maaji suggested. She don’t want to hurt Rukmani anymore. Abhi says sorry as Rukmani scolded him. Ria says she thought everything will be same after marriage, but everything seems to be changed. Abhi says we are husband and wife, and this is our room. Whenever we are alone, I wants to hear Abhi from your mouth. He kisses her. He says everything will be fine. Ria gets Dean’s call. He tells her that to join hospital because of lack of doctors. Abhi gets shocked.

Mrs Bhalla comes to Ria’s home. Rukmani asks her about her gynaec name. She takes Ria’s name. Ria gets tensed.

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