Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani was lying besides Ranveer. She says now his heart beat will also be joint to hers. She keeps hand on his chest, and fell asleep. Ranveer calls Sunny, in his sleep. He takes his hand to his mouth, and removes his oxygen mask. He asks she is sleeping, making his awake. She asks if he is alright, he assures her that he is fine. She says she is sure now, how much she loves him. She is sorry, about thinking him wrong, nothing will go wrong now. I love you Ranveer. RV says I love you too Ishaani, Ishaani keeps hand on his chest, he holds her shoulder. She wakes up to find it was a dream. She notices his ECG going down, and gets worried. She says he can’t leave like this, and rings the bell. The staff comes running inside.
The doctor says his vital studs are normal, this is miraculous. She promises he will be fine, and goes to inform her family. Outside, Amba and Baba were worried. The doctor tell them RV is out of danger. Amba and Baba are elated, and thanks God.
Disha asks Manas what if RV dies. Manas tells her not to be worried, he will survive. Disha asks he has joined the office, he must have all the keys. She has to check, if RV has named any property on Ishaani’s name. He must go and check, Manas asks how can she even think about it. Disha says she is thinking about his as well, his mother will make her and her family out even, whom will he be responsible with. Manas tells DIsha that she must be with Ishaani, in her bad times. Disha says right now, she has to think about her safety only. Manas says hadn’t he loved her, he would have broken the marriage with her today. Disha says what is love, RV loves Ishaani so much and what he is getting. Her sister went to meet her boy friend, on Karwa Chot.
Rishi tells Chiraag, that there was a hit and run accident on church gate, and the girl’s sister hit RV. Chiraag laughs. Rishi says he must be thinking the same, RV must have an affair. Chiraag says there is a class difference between him and Rishi, they can’t think the same. If it is Shaniella’s brother, he has got a lottery. RV has got two enemies now.
Ishaani sits with RV’s hand, in hers. Amba comes inside, and drags her outside. Amba asks her angrily to be quiet, she won’t stay here. She won’t even come near to Ranveer. Ishaani insists, but Amba asks what she thought that I have forgotten her. Today, she is making a sinner away from her son. What she has done, she is thankful to her. But what she has done before that, she betrayed her son and went with another man behind his back. Ishaani insists, but Amba isn’t ready to forgive her. She says her son is fine, so she and her son no longer needs her. Ishaani asks Baba, but Amba asks her not to show her face again. She has crossed the limits now, she won’t meet Ranveer anymore. Ishaani asks to let her meet him, once. Amba denies and warns her pushing her outside. Amba and Baba go into the room.

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The media asks to talk to RV, Baba come there. The media asks if RV did the accident, what was his relation to the girl. Baba says this is all a lie, the associate stops him from saying anything, he will handle them. Ishaani comes and says she will answer them all.
Giresh comes to the hospital, and watches Shaniella saying he has taken her revenge. The media asks if there was an affair between her husband and the girl. Ishaani denies and says no one knows her husband more than her. He is a big business man, but he is a family person and he is totally loyal. He won’t do anything for which his family reputation is ruined. The media reporter asks if this is the truth, why he took the accident blame on himself.
The police come from corridor, Giresh goes away watching them. He listens to the doctor asking about police, the nurse confirms that this is patient’s brother. The police tells them to keep an eye on him, he has killed RV. Giresh hides himself from police.
Ishaani says he took the blame, to save her. She was in the car, from which the accident took place. He took it on himself, so that there was no case on her.
The reporter asks was she driving. Ishaani says she didn’t say this. The reporters ask who was with her. Ishaani was quiet. Lakshmi hears this. Ishaani says Chiraag Mehta was driving, he hit the girl. Why he did so, they must ask him and leave her husband and family. She asks the media to leave. The reporter asks what she would say about herself. What she was going with Chiraag Mehta, the associate takes Ishaani and Baba inside.
Lakshmi tells Amba, that she was saying too good about her husband. Amba asks Baba why he brought her inside. He says he brought her inside, because there is press outside, it will ruin their son’s reputation. Amba shouts she doesn’t wants to see her here. Baba says press is trying to make a drama outside, their reputation is also going away. Amba was stubborn, Baba stops her.
Ishaani prays Ranveer, please open your eyes. Ranveer moves, the nurse goes to call the doctor. RV wakes up, doctor asks her to inform the family . They all go inside, Amba stops Ishaani and asks her to stay here. Ishaani cries.

PRECAP: RV looks at Ishaani who was smiling, he gets the water jar and throws the water on her face. He calls her a lier, and a betrayer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. yaar i feel sorry for ishaani…i do bcuz i myself in ishaani’z place…. winning back lost trust is very difficlt. ..
    but i believe true luv gets thru evrythng…even worst situatn b circumstnces. ..

    1. Thats correct anu true love wont get easily… one should nt break the trust thts important ranveer has trusted ishaani soooooo much bt any man seeing such in tht condition will react like tht only bt slowly he will understand her so much is there to see till we have seen one side love of ranveer bt nw we will see ishaani’s love towards ranveer

  2. What did Ishani do in return of RV’s true love? When he was blamed wrongly for attempting to rape Disha, she was quiet. RV couldn’t even imagine Ishani can even go to Chirag. So he misunderstood her. It’s justice of nature.

  3. Really sorry for ishaani but glad to acknowledge that character is been strongly

  4. today episode so feeling…… Amba is correct from her point of view because she saw ishaani with chiraag house so she will get angry from ishaani…… Precap is good rv say she is lier…… Ithu kastama irndalum Intha rv also nice becoz ithu varaium pyaar rv’ya than pathom bt still now nafrath rv’ya paka porom its very intresting….. I am waiting

    1. Please, comment in English or hindi. If people don’t understand, what is the use of commenting?

  5. Anu :you are will get thru.
    “God Always testing the one who is true and who starve for the love.”
    Its really painfull to see our loved one with other person -heavy to hold tat pain 🙁

  6. so hearty episode

  7. Please, comment in such a language which everyone understands. Otherwise your comment will go in vain.

  8. it is to you, kani.

  9. Being interesting day by day. This is my favourite show. I guess, this is the best show now.

  10. i hope this serial dnt jus turn out to b a typical ekta kapoor kinda saas bahu drama..
    da bst thing abt d show is SHAKTI …. my godd!! he z so so so very cute… n his eyes ufff!! intensity !!! d way he cares fr ishaani …. his smile kills. 😉
    olwaz reminds me of sm1…
    dnt u guys agree wid meeh… he z damn cute …ain’t he??

    1. I completely agree with you. RV is the life of show.

  11. innaiku episode also is moderate.. ,as we expected this hate track. it is some what… our heart feeling sorry for ishaani. eventhough she did a mistake in past by not trusting Ranveer.. This Change in Ranveer will make some changes in the story i think.. so now this is Ishaani’s turn to regain RV’s trust.. hope Girish will not join Chiraag.. want Girish to know the truth soon..and Chiraag suffer a lot….. hope for the best..

    1. What Ishani did, I guess she should suffer at least for sometimes. Why would RV suffer always?

  12. yey…finnaly now Rv is getting less emotional with Ishani…

  13. yey…finnaly now Rv is getting less emotional with Ishani…

  14. yap its now ishanis tm bae

  15. I can’t see rv hating ishani

  16. aarey I can’t see rv hating ishani.

  17. Now its ishaani ‘s turn to her love towards ranveer

  18. Now its ishaani ‘s turn to show her love towards ranveer

  19. Ishani should feel for her foolishness
    How can she beleive the man who ran away on her wedding
    Hope rv will understand ishani very soon .

  20. Ishani, you betrayed me,your husband and also your friend 😮 …. You went to that blo*dy Chirag Mehta. Now I’ll show you what the great R.V can do. >:[ 🙁 🙁 :-c :c :-< :っC :< :-[ :[ :{ I'll make you a slave and make you do all the work in our palace. I'll let the servants rest. Then, I'll dance with Ritika and let you sweep the dirty floor. Ha ha, Ishani….Watch out….The revenge of R.V is on the way………Lastly, my last emotional words for you………' I HATE YOU ISHANI I HATE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS DO'.
    Signing off for today,
    P.S: I'll hate you till I come to know the truth that you are innocent :p

  21. Hi,Ishaani don’t worry because it do not take time for dreams to come true!

  22. I feel lyk crying for ishani. But definitely ranvir will accept ishani and happily ever after if not for dat amba, Chirag and girish. Luv u ishanvir!!!

  23. Please frnds don’t mind if anyone comment on Tamil. They feel comfort on their own language to express. Whoever doesn’t know Hindi, they mostly use to read the written article and comment on their own language. If anyone doesn’t understand the comments please ask. We’ll write. Sorry guys make it as jolly time. Enjoy !

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