Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nirbhik keeping a gun. Sujatha says its not just to show, but use also. He says he will use it when needed. She asks him to get power in the house and take Arjun’s place. She says I want to see you ruling in the house, and catch Arjun first, everything is on Arjun’s marriage now, its time to win dad’s trust. He says I will try my best and leaves. Sujatha says if he does this, I will rule in this house. The goon cut Neelima’s car brakes and says this will be last drive of your life. Neelima tells everyone that commissioner called and said he has spotted Arjun, and he was preparing to marry. Lakshya and Gauri are shocked. Gauri says we should go there fast. Lakshya says we will go on bike. Neelima says I will come in car. Lakshya leaves. Neelima gets hurt and Dayal asks her to be at home. Gauri takes her inside.

Arjun gets ready and sings song. He wears the sherwani and praises his personality. Poorvi comes and compliments him. He is stunned seeing her in bridal dress. He sees her eyeful and smiles. Music plays. She asks what happened. He says I m nothing infront of you. She says no, you are looking good. He says it means I m handsome guy and thanks her. She says lets go. He steps on her dupatta and it falls. Music plays………………. They have an eyelock. They sit to take the dupatta. Aaj kal tanha mai kahan hoon………….. I m in love…………. Arjun makes her wear the dupatta and she smiles. He gets closer to her and she turns being shy. Her dupatta gets stuck in his sherwani button, and he removes it.

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He looks in the mirror and says we look made for each other. Dayal realizes the brakes failed and hits the tree. He gets injured and faints. Arjun and Poorvi wait for his friend. He calls him and does not connect. He says lets start and asks pandit to start. They sit to marry, and are shocked seeing Bachcha Singh, Nirbhik and Watan come. Bachcha Singh says this girl should not survive. They aim guns at her. Arjun comes infront of her. The police comes there with Lakshya calling Poorvi. The police aims at Arjun. Bachcha Singh says his plan will flop now, he can’t kill Poorvi infront of police. Poorvi says I told you they will find us. Bachcha Singh says Poorvi has made my son run, she trapped him as he is rich guy. He talks ill about Poorvi, and Lakshya gets angry. He calls Poorvi bad character. Laksjya says enough. I can’t bear anything now. Watan and Lakshya fight.

Arjun and Poorvi try to run, and are caught. He asks WAtan not to do anything to Poorvi, else he will forget he is his elder brother. Lakshya drags Poorvi. Arjun is arrested. Watan says don’t cdare to arrest him. Watan’s goon beat Arjun. Poorvi holds Arjun;s hand and they put air gar. Arjun’s friend rescues Poorvi and Arjun from there. Everyone rush to find them. Bachcha Singh gets angry. Arjun hugs Poorrvi and she cries. He thanks his friend for coming on right time. He says I did wrong with you, I should be sorry. Poorvi saks what is he saying, he saved them. He says you got caught because of me, I told Bachcha Singh everything, as he kidnapped my mum. I told him about this address and freed my mum. I can give my life for Arjun. Arjun apologizes to him. Neelima informs Lakshya that Dayal met with an accident.

Poorvi says we are grateful to you for saving us. He asks them to run fast. Poorvi and Arjun come back to the hotel. The receptionist says congrats for marriage, we kept another room for your suhaagraat. Arjun says no need, give us same keys. The man says its special night after marriage. He says they are run away from home. Arjun scolds them as the man taunts him. Arjun slaps him. Poorvi asks him to stop it.

Nirbhik says I will not let Arjun run again. Bachcha Singh gets goon’s call and says Neelima did not die, Dayal got injured. Bachcha Singh scolds him. He asks him not to do any silly thing, as they will doubt him, don’t do anything till I call you. He says he has to make Arjun and Tanu married, and gets Bhanu’s call. He says what should I tell him now, he will ruin me. He tells Bhanu that he will get Arjun. Bhanu gets furious and threatens him. Tanu hears them talking. Tanu talks to her dad and asks whats the tension. She asks what is the matter about Arjun. Bhanu thinks to hide from her, and changes the topic.

She hugs him and says you are world’s best dad. She thinks she knows dad is lying to her. The goons come to hotel and show Arjun’s pic. They go to the room. They does not get Arjun and Poorvi there. They go to find him. Arjun and Poorvi hide in the cupboard. Arjun says its good they are convinced that we are not here.

Arjun says marriage has seven rounds and seven vows, we both will make our own vows. They marry around fire in the room.

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