Tum Aise Hi Rehna 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rukmani tells Guruji that don’t know what happened to Ria. Guruji says it happens in this situation. Kailash gets a phone call. He informs that truck loaded with marbles is fallen on the lake. Raman says he will go and gets worried about their project. Kailash asks him to take Abhi along with him. Sheetal knocks on Abhi’s door and tells him about it. Ria stops him and says you will not go. Abhi asks what happened to you. Aanchal thinks she is in Ria’s body and have to behave like Ria. She asks him to go. Abhi leaves. Aanchal says Abhi come back fast. Today is our first special night.

Rukmani asks Abhi to apologizes to Guruji. Abhi says we have thrown that girl’s things out of the house, then how did this happen. Guruji says he will tell when the time is right. Abhi apologizes and leaves. Rukmani says her heart is shaking and feels something wrong is going to happen. Guruji closes his eyes and sees bats. He prays for them. Rukmani and Kailash insist him to stay at their home. He agrees. The tantrik do the puja and thinks Aanchal is in trouble. He says I am coming.

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Aanchal opens the wardrobe and looks for saree. She throws red and blue saree. Sheetal comes and thinks she might be sad. She asks her to drink turmeric milk. Aanchal says I am a doctor and know how to heal my pain. Sheetal asks why you are talking like this. Why did you throw your clothes. Ria says it is my room and my clothes. It is my wish to throw the clothes. Sheetal sees Aanchal in the mirror and gets shocked. Aanchal asks her not to question her again. She also tells her to knock on the door before coming inside. Sheetal says you are not Ria, but someone else who are staying in Ria’s body.

Aanchal gets shocked. She turns angrily. Sheetal says I will tell your truth to everyone. Aanchal says I will kill you. Sheetal laughs. Aanchal says it can happen. Sheetal asks are scared. Aanchal sees Tantrik in Sheetal’s body. He says I came for your safety. You have to be careful from that Guruji. He can see everything. Aanchal asks for the trick to make Guruji leave the house. Tantrik asks her to give love to Abhi, so that he don’t believe on anyone else.

Sarthak comes there and sees Sheetal laughing like a man. He wonders what happened to Sheetal. Aanchal gets worried. Tantrik comes out of Sheetal’s body. Sarthak says may be you was influenced with ghost. Aanchal/Ria says Bhabhi was scaring her. Sheetal goes with Sarthak. Aanchal says I have to make the arrangements for my love. Abhi comes home and sees it is dark. He sees the house decorated with candles. Aanchal says I am relieved to see you. She shows her face. Abhi asks what are you doing in the hall. She says waiting for you. Abhi asks if anyone sees us. Aanchal says no one will come between us today. She hugs him romantically and sings Jadu Hai Nasha hain………………….Abhi gets surprised with her behavior. Aanchal is shown. Abhi gets confused. Abhi doesn’t feel good. Aanchal says lets go to room. Abhi asks am I forgetting something. Aanchal turns.

Rukmani is seen in the hospital. Aanchal says doctor made her work easy. She got a chance to kill her. She says you came in between me and Abhi. I will kill you. She takes out the glucose drip from Rukmani’s hand and it starts bleeding. Abhi comes and shouts Ria.

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  1. What nonsence!!!! Is ther nothin better to write about than this crazy story!!! That evil is winner???

  2. this show is gone garbage now. what’s wrong with sony tv? why always spooky stuff in a nice family show?? Sony TV shows quality is gone down…

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