Satrangi Sasural 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As arushi sits dressed in white, standing pretty, vihaan stands in front of her, ready to bare his heart out to her. But to his surprise, she bursts his balloon asking him to think something new, as this is a very old way to propose. He is taken aback, but then composes himself in no time, and extends his hand out to her. She guesses his second move also, and finds it boring, and asks him to try something new. When he tries his hand at poetry, she sunbs him at that too, and is then amused at his plight. She asks whats his latest plan. But he says that now he would directly get to it, and do it to show her.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
As arushi is getting dressed, her mother compliments her and asks where is she going. She gives a cold reply. She says that she is going to meet vihaan and his fiancee. She asks her not to go. Arushi says that she is his friend, and hence shall bless the happy couple. Her mother asks what bout her, and doesnt she deserve to be happy. Arushi says that she wanted to get him, not snatch him, and also says that Vihaan has impeccable taste, and hence would be a very caring wife. Just then, Rosy calls her for an immediate business meeting for Mumbai, as her boss has called sick, and she being the second in charge, shall have to face such things now. Arushi resignedly agrees.

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Scene 3:
Location: Tea Stall and Mumbai Hotel
Vihaan keeps getting tensed, waiting for arushi to arrive. He dials her and gets through finally. He asks where is she, and that he is waiting here. He finds that he is speaking with rosy, who tells about them being in Mumbai. She says that arushi is in the washroom. he is surprised to know that she and arushi are at a conference in Mumbai. He is angry, that he is waiting for her, and she didnt even tell him of her trip. Meanwhile, Arushi comes out, and is tensed thinking that she forgot to tell Vihaan. rosy asks whats the big deal. she says that it isnt easy. Rosy teases that its difficult when its love. Arushi gets sad, but smiles still, and says that its love after all.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes back and announces that he is going to Mumbai, for a business meet, for a future collaboration, and that he wants to meet today. Nilima too tages along, and vihaan is tensed. He says that he shall handle, while she takes care of the office. She says that there’s nothing planned in the office, and says that they can finish their business meeting, and then go for Sidhivinayak temple. geeta too tries to tag along. Just then, granny comes out saying that noone shall go anywhere, as they had rejected all further business collaboration. He says that one meeting wont hurt. Granny says that its a dead end, and hence it isnt needed. He says that he has always been stopped from going outside delhi, and asks whats the problem. Naramada asks him to let be, if granny is saying. All other ladies are tensed. they explain that granny was told by the priests that this isnt lucky for him. he still insists, and asks how can they let go of such a chance. Granny asks him whats the matter and why is he insisting. He says that there’s nothing wrong, and he wants to do the meeting. Mini asks how can he stand against granny’s orders. He gets a call, and gets an idea. He finds all the ladies busy in themselves. He pretends to be talking to Sarthi, as if he has landed in some trouble again. this gets the ladies concerned. He says that he would come right away. Sarthi understands that vihaan must be in some problem, and using him. Narmada asks whats the problem, and he gives an excuse. granny asks him if she should come, by he says that she neednt, as its a long way ahead. She agrees. He walks out thinking he is guilty that he is lying to everyone, but he cant wait anymore, as he barely missed losing arushi, and cant tke the risk again. He says that he would confess his love to her today, come what may.

Scene 5:
Location: Mumbai hotel
Arushi is lost in vihaan’s thoughts, and thinks that its good, that they didnt meet, as she wouldnt have been able to see him with anyone else, and that even god doesnt want her to be in this pain. rosy interrupts her, saying that they are going to a party, for the successful completion of the conference. Arushi isnt interested, but rosy again pulls ranks, and asks her to get ready, as she gives her a derss, to look appropriate. Rosy says that this party might just be the most special night. Arushi howevere isnt interested.

Later, when vihaan reaches Mumbai, he pacts up with rosy, while she tells him that arushi is looking gorgeous. He smiles romantically, as they agree to stick to their predecided plan.

Scene 6:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The ladies are worried, when vihaan’s call doesnt get through. They try sarthi’s number. Sarthi gets tensed finding mini’s call, and doesnt pick up. All the ladies get tensed. The postmaster knocks. Granny asks for the postmaster’s phone, and calls manohar. sarthi again gets a call from an unknown number, and is shocked to receive it, when he sees that its granny. She asks about vihaan. He fumbles, and then tries to create excuses. He keeps doing drama, and cancels the phone. He is tensed that he has definitely lost the job. Meanwhile, the ladies find that its a letter from Vihaan itself. All are surprised. Granny gets a letter that Vihaan is going to mumbai, despite their telling him not to, as its very important. He adds that if they trust him, then they wouldnt question his motives, as when the right time comes, he shall tell them the truth, and shall come back soon. all are worried for him. Granny is angry but stays silent. Granny thinks that vihaan and Manohar have lied to her, and is angry that vihaan did this to them. They wonder if this is how they have raised vihaan. Narmada says that he must have had a problem. Granny is concerned about the priest’s prophecy. priyanka says that vihaan wouldnt have left a letter, if he thought about betraying their trust, and that they should support him, as he needs it. Nilima tells her that she knows that vihaan wont do anything wrong. Nilima tells granny that she isnt scared of vihaan’s uprining, but her whims and preconceived notions. All try to convince her. Granny silently leaves. priyanka says that they would have to find a solution to this. the screen freezes on Narmada’s tensed face.

Precap: Vihaan calls the mothers, and they ask him why is he calling now. Vihaan says that he wants to know if he has been forgotten. they all smile. He says that he wont be able to do anything, if he isnt forgiven by them. He adds that he is feeling very bad. meanwhile, while arushi and rosy are in the cab, she is surprised to her vihaan’s voice on the radio, talking to dilwali kudi, that he is finally exclaiming in front of everyone, that he loves this girl. arushi is surprised at this innovative, overwhelming gesture. Rosy is excited for both of them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Omggggg…. precap looks great.. looking foward to it.. ^_^

  2. Mar jao director…sala itti achi story ka kachra krne le tula h

  3. This is great! I am eagerly awaiting this.They will make a beautiful couple.How will she make it with all these
    mothers.God,please help her. this show for now.Must watch.

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