Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Poorvi thinking about Viraj, the man is fearless. She tries finding his profile online and reads about his business info. She gets all info and thinks maybe he wants the land for hotel, but where is this land. She thinks Viraj said he will buy the opposite land and its govt land. She says maybe Viraj does not know this, that the land can’t have any hotel. The manager asks Viraj would he really kill the minister if he refused. Viraj looks at him. He says sorry Sir. Viraj aims gun at him and smiles. Viraj scares his manager and says death can’t break a man, but the fear of death will make him break. He says he did not kill anyone till now but if things are such, then he will not get late to shoot. Arjun holds Tanu’s hand and asks her to come and tell everyone the truth. She smiles and says you have held my hand. He says I m fed up by your lies, come and tell them everything. She says fine, but wait a little.

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She shows the garlands and gives him, saying you will need this, as if I tell them the truth, I will tell the entire truth, then if your dad gets heart attack again, then what, he is much happy by the good news, if he dies, then put the garland on his pic, lets go. Bachcha Singh comes to them and is happy. He says he is very happy with baby news, and he will give all the business to him and retire. He says I will play with my grandson. She says if you are happy, we both are also happy. He says yes, I love Arjun a lot and he has fulfilled my dreams, and blesses Tanu. He says he has come to tell them that he has kept a good party to celebrate their happiness. He leaves.

Arjun says you won’t get anything by these games. She thinks she knows what she will get. Poorvi is on the way and asks the auto driver to drive fast, as she has to reach somewhere fast. The auto driver hits the car and gets worried as she was asking him to hurry. She says I will take the blame on me, and writes a letter. She keeps it and says I gave my number there, come fast now. He asks is she sure. He says yes and they leave. Viraj comes and sees the car hit at the side. The manager checks it and gets the letter.

He says its phone number and sorry, I think its done by mistake. Viraj takes the car keys and gives the new car to some random guy, saying its stained now and I hate it, get new car now. The manager calls to get new car. Viraj says no need to call that person, I won’t message that person and waste time. He tears the paper and leaves.

Poorvi comes and meets her boss. He says we have much work, and arrange a party for the new couple’s baby good news party, you have to manage everything. He says his client is big family. She says yes, don’t worry, I will manage. Poorvi does all the arrangements and recalls Arjun’s words. Her boss says the guests are coming. Arjun and Poorvi come there with families. She is shocked seeing them. Tanu smiles and says this is the surprise for Arjun, I hired Poorvi intentionally. She thinks Poorvi will be sad knowing I m pregnant with Arjun’s child, now it will be fun.

Bachcha Singh thinks how did he come here, she is unlucky. The boss asks Poorvi to attend them. She thinks she won’t let Arjun affect her. She gets teary eyed and does their aarti. Tanu says nice decorations. The boss says Poorvi did it in short time, she is the incharge of this event. Tanu says nice, then she should get a prize and asks her dad. He takes bad sight off her by money and she gives that money to Poorvi. The boss asks Poorvi to take it as they are giving it by happiness. Poorvi takes the money.

Bachcha Singh and Bhanu taunt Poorvi and laugh. Arjun gets angry seeing Poorvi crying. The boss says you did good work Poorvi. She says you keep this money, I can’t take this, you give this to all staff from my side. She goes aside and cries thinking about Arjun and Tanu’s child news. Arjun sees her crying and apologizes from heart, as she is being insulted because of him, he is helpless and can’t tell her the truth. She gets Neelima’s call and Neelima asks about the event. Poorvi says she is fine, and Neelima senses she is crying. Poorvi says I have work and ends the call.

Neelima tells Lakshya that Poorvi looked upset like someone has hurt her. He says I know the place where party is going on, lets go and meet her. Poorvi thinks Arjun has showed me many dreams and all a lie. Arjun and Poorvi see each other and recall their old sweet moments. In FB, Arjun shows the list for caring of her and baby, he has done 9 month planning to take care of her. She says it looks like list of a patient. He says he will make her rest. Aag ka darya hai………………..plays………………..Arjun tells Tanu to come with him, he has to talk something imp. He holds Tanu’s hand and takes her.

Arjun cries and says he dies every day a thousand times without her, he loves her and he is married just to her, and hugs her. She is shocked.

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