Tum Aise Hi Rehna 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Tum Aise Hi Rehna 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aanchal’s gets pushed away by the locket in Abhi’s neck. Ria tells Abhi that she heard a noise. Abhi asks her to sleep. He massages her. Ria sleeps. A cockroach is seen resting on the show piece. Sarthak waits for Sheetal. Suddenly electricity went off. A lady comes and says she is a negative soul. She asks him to hug her. Sarthak searches for his phone. A lady asks him to hug her. Sarthak says he is a married man and asks her to leave him. Electricity comes. Sheetal laughs and says she thought to hug him while acting as ghost. Sarthak says he got shocked. Sheetal tells him sorry.

Ria gets a phone call. She sees it is Abhi’s number. She sees him sleeping next to him and tries to wake him up. She thinks why he is calling her while sleeping next to her. She picks the call. Abhi tells her that he left for work in the early morning. Ria gets shocked and looks at other side of bed. Abhi says I didn’t tell you as you was stressed. The phone gets disconnected. Ria asks who are you? She picks the blanket and finds no one. She shouts for Abhi.

Rukmani knocks on the door. Ria somehow opens the door. Rukmani scolds her for sleeping till 6:30. Aanchal thinks she will make sure that Ria gets kicked out of home. Dadisaa comes and asks why your face is dull. Rukmani says just now she woke up. Dadisaa asks her to take bath and light the diya.

Kammo brings the flowers. Rukmani asks her why she didn’t come. Kammo says she went to her home. Kammo takes the flower to the inhouse temple. Abhi calls Ria. Ria asks him to inform her before going. Abhi promises. Kammo drops one flower and keeps the rest in the temple. Ria comes and prays to God. She tells to God that she don’t believe on ghost, spirit etc. A flower is shown ( with cockroach in it).

Lata and Vishesh comes. They greet Dadisaa. Ria lights the diya and leaves. Aanchal is seen there and tells that no one will support you like this diya. She tries to blows the lamp/diya. Ria goes and hugs her parents. Lata says they thought to meet her so came. Kailash asks him to sit for breakfast. Revathi asks Kammo to bring tea. Rukmani asks Ria if she lit the diya. Ria says yes. Aanchal manages to get the diya and blows its flames. She wears Ria’s saree and does her make up. Her song plays……………..She holds Abhi’s photo and eyes him dangerously/madly. She recalls Abhi holding her hand in the hospital and smiles.

Rukmani asks Ria where is the lamp? Ria says she lit the lamp and doesn’t know where it is. Vishesh says Ria never lies. Rukmani asks am I lying then?

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