Everest 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with the team proceeding. Rina gives the bits on the channel that rescue team is going ahead, as Nasir is alive and they have very less time. Ramesh talks to his investor, and says this was not our deal. The man says I stopped the shares on the condition that the team will summit Everest, what happened, is the mission cancelled. He says I did not see my investment coming back. Ramesh says mission is going on, you have to trust me. The man says the news channel is saying something else, I want more money than my investment, I have sold all the shares and ended your position, even then I could not get profit, if I don’t get my funds, I will make Roongta family come on roads.

He says he can tell this to his brothers too. Ramesh is shocked. He recalls in FB, about his family. The board decides his company to be excluded from the Century corp. Ramesh asks how can you do this uncle. His cousin says we can’t hide your scam in company’s balance sheet, why should we get blacklisted. They call his mistakes which are ruining him. Ramesh says I guarantee this will make our shares high. Naren say its getting crazy, they can’t trust Ramesh. Ramesh says he does not agree with Naren, he does not know to take risk. His uncle says our shares are still going good, and I agree with Naren, Ramesh is smart, I m seeing you since childhood, you have a spark, but your business approach is not good, we have to be stable.

Ramesh says this is not the time, I have many deals to sign. He asks them to give him some months time, and asks for their support. He admits his mistakes and wants to rectify it. His uncle says you are in our lap, how long will we babysit. Ramesh says just six months, that’s a deal, it’s a vision, you have to believe in it. He comes in present and is tensed. He talks to the investor and asks him to have patience. He says spare me a few more weeks. He says right now, my man is going towards Everest.

Akash says its peaceful and I can hear my heartbeat. Arjun says it means someone is missing you. Akash says no one. Arjun asks about Anjali. He says no need to keep secret. Akash says she is getting married and then different ways. Arjun says she is not married yet, nothing is done until its done. Akash says its sure news. Arjun says nothing can be said about girls. He says I m saying this from my experience. Akash says its over. Arjun says why does lover end things, its nonsense.

He says its madness, life is a search, who knows what happened tomorrow and something new can be found. He says so much hatred, full useless, come. Akash says it means you need new doors to love. Arjun says no, sometimes its good if closed, and its easy to get few and tough to get others. Akash says I can’t see Anjali worried. Arjun asks does he not know what she thinks about him. Akash says I don’t know. Chand says she has feelings for you, I m not expert in love, but I have loved just one, I know their love sight, Anjali sees you by love. Akash says leave it, its no use now, our ways are different.

Anjali proceeds. Vikram, Vijaya and Vidhaan are on the way talking about her suit. Vidhaan is upset. She asks him to take interest and jokes on his dad. Vidhaan says stop the car. He gets down the car. Tbhey worry seeing him, and leave. Sarita makes tea for Jagat. He shows the guest list. She asks can’t he wait till Anjali comes, this does not look right. He says I don’t know whats right for her. She says no, Anjali’s thinking matters more, its her life. He says she should be sure that what we do for her will be right. She says she trusts us, you don’t trust her, world has changed. He says I don’t have to argue more.

Vidhaan comes to meet Jagat. Sarita asks him to come. Jagat is surprised and asks him to come inside. Vidhaan says I have to talk something in private, can we go for walk. Jagat looks at Sarita. Anjali walks ahead. Vidhaan tells Jagat that he can’t marry Anjali. Jagat is shocked and asks what is he saying. Vidhaan says dad and mum does not know, its my decision, I don’t want to bring rift in your friendship Jagat asks him to change his decision, he will talk to Vikram. Vidhaan says you are my role model and I want to talk to you, before anyone else.

He says I agree its my mistake, I should have told it before, but I realized it now. Jagat asks don’t you like Anjali. Vidhaan says I like her, she is brave and went Everest, but we don’t know each other, I canlt marry her. Its wrong for me and Anjali, we have right to take our decisions. Jagat says thanks, you don’t need to tell me what I should do. Vidhaan says an officer should be honest, I feel why can’t you see Anjali’s qualities. Jagat says you don’t know what I think about her.

Vidhaan says you don’t like her, why will I like her. He explains her and says you don’t like to take her name, I don’t remember when I heard her name from your name, she met me to cancel engagement as she had to go Everest, I felt its madness. In FB, Anjali and Vidhaan talk about engagement. He says he can’t take it on him, he knows Everest is imp for her and she can find some solution. He says that time I decided that I will postpone the engagement, the daughter who can go to this extent to get her father’s love, she should get a right to make her dreams true, she is brave like you.

Sarita asks Jagat is everything fine. Abhiaynakr asks Ramesh not to come in his way. The team asks Arjun to come. Arjun falls inside the mountain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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