Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bachcha Singh and Bhanu talking about the list with Neelima’s name. He says can’t you cut her name from this. Bhanu says I can’t do anything now. Tanu comes and asks what happened. Bhanu says I m asked to come as chief guest for award function. Bachcha Singh says Neelima’s name is also in it, she is Poorvi’s mum, how can we get respect and award to our enemy, it hurts the heart. Tanu says you are right, even then I will say we should go there. Bhanu asks what is she saying. She says yes, we all will go, you are chief guest, if you don’t go, she will feel you did not come because of you, we can’t give her chance to get award by peace. Bachcha Singh praises her and says I understand why Bhanu loves you so much.

He says she is very smart, bold and beautiful. Tanu smiles. She thinks she got a chance to make Poorvi leave the city, I tried hard to ruin her, but I will not defame her mum, so that she breaks down. She thinks once Poorvi leaves the city, no one can stop Arjun from becoming mine. She asks Arjun to get ready, as they have to go in award function. Arjun says he is not interested. She says about Poorvi coming there, as her mum is getting the award. He agrees and gets ready. She says great love, it means you want to meet her. He says I will go to protect her, I don’t want her to fall in problem.

Tanu thinks she won’t stop him, as its imp, her plan can’t succeed without him. They all come in the function. Both families see each other and are shocked. Arjun holds Tanu to make Poorvi angry on him. Poorvi says she will just come and goes to car. Arjun comes there and she bumps into him, yeh dil sun raha hai………….plays…………….. She scolds him He shows the mobile for which he came there. She throws the mobile and says she does not need his help. She says she hates him. She goes. Arjun gets sad and takes the phone. They attend the function. Lakshya says what is Bachcha Singh doing here. Neelima says he might have come with Bhanu. Sujatha sees Poorvi and thinks what is she doing here, after facing so much yesterday, she is not ashamed.

A folk song is presented to entertain everyone. Everyone like the dance. Neelima gets some files. Tanu smiles and pays the man. Tanu says it will be fun when they see the briefcase, Poorvi and her family will be ruined, they don’t know what will happen. Lakshya sees Watan holding Nisha and gets angry. Arjun sees Poorvi. The dance ends. Everyone claps. Lakshya comes to Nisha, and Watam acts romantic to Nisha. Nisha gets sad. She also acts sweet to Watan. Lakshya stands far Watan says I m thinking to take a house infront of Lakshya’s home, as you romance me infront of him. Lakshya leaves.

Tanu gives food to Arjun and acts sweet. Poorvi looks on. Arjun sees her and acts sweet to Tanu. Tanu understands this. Poorvi recalls his words and cries. She thinks she does not love him, she hates him. Tanu slips and he holds her. Poorvi gets upset seeing him hurt her even more. Sujatha thinks its fun here even when the function is boring. She says its for making Poorvi and Lakshya jealous. Neelima gets the award and calls her family to come on stage. They happily share the stage and Bhanu gives her the award. They clap for her.

Neelima thanks them for choosing her, and says I called my family on stage, as no respect is complete without them, they have supported me a lot. She says against some people trying to kill her, her family has supported her. She talks about honesty. She asks Poorvi to say about her. Poorvi greets everyone and says she is happy that he mum got the award. She praises Neelima.

She says my mum has given me good values to be courageous and face the tough situations. She says she believes she is right and one day world will know it. She says when she did not do any mistake, why to be ashamed. She says my mum taught me to live with pride, I will be not afraid of the people, I will fail them, they made me more strong by doing this. She says I will win in end.

Arjun smiles and says Poorvi can’t fail in any situation, I love this Poorvi more than my life. Tanu thinks all praises will turn into slaps now. Neelima is glad the way the function went through. Her briefcase falls and so much money comes out Bhanu frames her in land deal and asks her not to misuse her post, and taking money from public. Neelima says she does not know how this happened. Tanu smiles The media starts questioning Neelima and taunt her. They all taunt Neelima and call her cheater. Arjun thinks Neelima is trapped.

Poorvi scolds Arjun. Bhanu says they did not do anything. Bachcha Singh scolds Poorvi for blaming them, does she have any proof. Lakshya comes and says here is the proof.

Update Credit to: Amena

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