Sinhasan Battisi 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,chitralekha is worried and asking varhamirji where must be samrat now and then they see tat singhasan battisi has arrived and then varhamirji gets happy and shows it to chitralekha then comes out mahamaya and tells them tat samrat is safe and will return soon
Samrat is seen with vetal while vetal is asking samrat to go back as he has got his singhasan but then samrat asks him to get back to his normal avtar but then vetal says tat he wont leave all his other atmas here and then samrat says tat he will do a havan and make some arrangement for this and samrat collects wood logs and does havan and calls god and then he asks him to make some arrangements for these atmas for stay until their life is their and god then makes arrangements their and leaves and tells them here after no ghost or atma will be troubled while all the atmas get happy and go to the new pretlok vetal also gets happy and thanx samrat for his help and samrat then invites him to his palace
Samrat reaches palace and chitralekha is happy to see him and then there comes vetal chitralekha first gets frighten but then samrat asks her not to get scared and vetal then says sorry to chitralekha and then chitralekha forgives him and vetal gets very happy listening to this while chitralekha says tat she will always remember him as chitragupt and vetal then asks to leave but samrat asks him to stay here in this palace with them but vetal says tat he will not stay here and will go back to his place and will always come wenever he needs him and then into the old fort maître concludes tat this was the story of friendship of samrat and chitragupt and then maître wishes raja bhoj luck and meaves and comes mahamaya and then asks samrat tat now its his time to give the test of friendship and asks him has he ever been with his friend in this way raja bhoj says no and then mahamay asks him to go to his place and warns him to be very careful as if he lost at this stage then it will be very difficult next time to cross all these stairs and raja bhoj vanishes and is seen riding on a horse to his place
On his way back he sees tat a lady is making all efforts to burn herself on the wood logs raj abhoj runs towards her and saves her and to his surprise she is his friends wife and then asks her y is she killing herself and then she starts crying and raja bhoj takes her to the palace while maharani vallari is seen doing pooja in mahakals temple where comes some ladies from the village they thank maharani for wat all she has done while maharani vallari says tat she has done nothing rather every women should fight for their self and then comes a soldier and tells tat raja bhoj has arrived and maharani thentakes leave from the ladies and goes to meet raja bhoj she sees tat raja bhoj is upset and see a lady beside and recognize her as dhvani she welcomes her but sees her sad face and ask wats wrong raja bhoj then tells tat she was trying to burn herself listening to this maharani vallari gets shocked and asks her wat was the reason for her to do this and then she tells tat her husband left her for another woman and raja bhoj gets tat its his friend adityanath and ask her how did all this happen and then dhvani tells tat it was their old enemyraja bharuch who himself called all of them for a friendly lunch at their place and due to his humble and nice move towards peace we also decided to go and while we werereturnin back raja bharuch gave a beautiful dancer as a gift to them first raja adityanath refused to take the gift as they are not interested in dancing but then raja bharuch then welcomes Rajnatha ki chandramukhi she looks very attractive and seeing her raja adityanath changes his mind and asks dhvani to always respect art and she is a dancer and dance is art and so they take her with them and then raja adityanath dumps her for that beautiful chandramukhi raja bhoj and maharani vallari are shocked to hear all this from her especially raja bhoj as adityanath is his old friend.

Raja bhoj promises dhvani tat he will bring back his friend back and give her wat is hers .

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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