Satrangi Sasural 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Vihaan thinks that he got late again, and says that if he went inside, then her image would be tarnished, but if he doesnt, then her relation might be made final. But he assures himself, that she might see as many guys, but she is destined to be his. Vihaan thinks that he wont go anywhere, without proposing to arushi, and he would tell his heart felt emotions, to arushi, come what may. But just then, Vihaan gets prashant’s call, saying that he should immediately come to the factory, and he is bleeding profusely. He asks prashant to take him to the hospital, and talk to the doctor. He tensedly leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Dadaji asks arushi who did she take permission from to ask this and asks why should a girl sacrifice herself, for the sake of her family. Gattu asks dadaji why is he interfering, when he and arushi are both ready. dadaji says that arushi wont agree to this. Dadaji says that arushi wont marry gattu, and that he cant take advantage like this. Gattu asks her to tell everyone that she had called, and asks how can she promise and go back. Dadaji says that he shall call the police. Arushi and her mother stand angrily. Prahlad and girish eye tensedly. Gattu says that if police comes, then girish’s crimes would be exposed too, and they shall be defamed. Arushi stands up saying that she is ready for the engagement. gattu smiles evilly. Arushi’s mother tries to speak, but she shuts her up, saying that noone shall say anything. girish, prahlad and gattu smile, as she eyes him angrily. gattu takes the ring out, and then places it on arushi’s finger, as dadaji and her mother are shocked. Arushi smiles. she thinks that she knows that she is hurting everyone, but there’s no other option, and she couldnt have let girish die. she says tht she cant risk their happiness at the cost of her own. She eyes them determinedly. Her mother and dadaji are apalled. Then its her turn to place the ring in gattu’s finger. He gives it to her. But mini takes it refusing to give it to her, saying that she wont do this. Arushi asks her to give the ring, while mili says that she cant marry him, as he is mean, and she doesnt like him. Arushi asks her to stay out of things that she doesnt understand. Arushi’s mother asks what wrong is she saying, and asks her not to do this, as she would repent all her life, by marrying him. prahlad shuts her, asking her to back off, being the step mother. She says that indeed she is, and is not related, and hence by humanitarian sake, she wont let this happen, and asks if the whole world shall take advantage, and asks how can he being the father, ruin his own daughter’s life. Gattu says that he isnt that bad a man too, as he came with all the rituals, only after Arushi’s permission, and that he doesnt need dowry, and she shall give the entire salary to them only, and her family’s survival shall be his responsibility. he says that he saved girish’s life too, who would have been dead today. dadaji says that he cant see this, and everything happened due to girish. Arushi says that this is her descision, well thought, and places the ring on his finger. Arushi wipes her tears, while all are apalled.

In her room, Arushi tearfully, thinks that she wont be able to meet vihaan anymore probably, and is deeply apologetic. she says that this new relation, he wont be able to understand, nor would she be able to make him understand. She hopes that the girl who loves vihaan keeps him happy always. she breaks into tears. hearing a doorknock, she wipes her face and composes herself. She then opens the door, to find her mother and sister inside. Arushi turns away. She says that today she proved that only girish is everything, and that she is the stepmother, and her tears and troubles dont matter to her, and her existence also doesnt make any difference. Arushi hugs her, asking how could she have said no, as he could have fallen to any level to attain her, and she couldnt risk their happiness for hers. She says that whats done is done, and asks her to stop bothering for her, and that she shall stay happy. She tells her mother that mili and dadaji need her, and that she cant fall weak like this. Her mother and mili leave without saying a word.

Later in the night, gattu comes excitedly, saying that they have to go out for a dinner date, and asks arushi to get ready. dadaji says that she wont go anywhere. gattu asks her not to interfere, as this is his right as a would be husband, and gives her five minutes. Arushi’s phone rings. gattu snatches her phone, and asks how is calling this late, and if she has a lover. they are all shocked. Dadaji gets up enraged, while gattu says that he is just joking. Dadaji leaves, and gattu says that he wont let her be anyone else’s. He keeps the phone to himself, and then asks her to get ready. she is frustrated.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
Vihaan is tensed, when sarthi comes and says that the worker shall be fine, and the wound is not deep. He finds vihaan tensed and asks whats the matter. Vihaan instinctively feels something’s wrong, which shouldnt have happened. He wonders why isnt arushi picking the phone, and that he cant go home too, and that she is only his, and noone can finalise his relationship with her, when he himself is there.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny announces to all the ladies, saying that they didnt get the contract, citing incomplete documents as the reason. But nilima refuses to acxcept it, saying that she sent all the documents. Granny says that this is wrong, and that she should have been more careful. Priyanka taunts her, that she works so secretively and still no result. Granny laments that this would result in huge loss. they decide not to tell this to vihaan, as he has just recovered and they shouldnt give him tension. Priyanka passes a snide comment on nilima. nilima says that she wasnt careless. priyanka says that she should be responsible, and that she should work more than she acts. they try to shush her, but she says that the company is in wrong hands. nilima leaves. priyanka too leaves, getting grany’s scolding. Vihaan comes and asks whats the matter. Granny distracts him, and he tells about the factory worker’s accident. priyanka hides her tears. He refuses to eat, the granny sends him out of the house, on the pretext of getting dessert, for all of them. After he leaves, granny says that money and contract are not more than the peace of the house, and forbids them to fight anymore. Priyanka still keeps frustratedly fuming, that she got scolded despite no fault of hers. Mini calms her down.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Arushi waits in the traffic jam, in gattu’s open jeep, sad and non resignedly, wondering how would she spend her whole life with a person, who she cant spend five minutes with, oblivious that vihaan is stuck too right beside her, in the jam. She thinks that time should turn around, and he comes back in her life, as he always wanted a partner like him. She turns around and is pleasntly surprised to see vihaan, who is tensed in the car. She gets emotional eyeing him. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Arushi drssed in a western attire, calls up vihaan from the phone booth, secretively. Vihaan even senses her silence, as she cries in muffled tones and breaks down. Vihaan is extremely tensed, as he drives in the car.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. this soap is crap you have a brother who is stealing from you and a father also who is stealing from you too he wiped out your whole bank account and you are still sacrificing yourself for them bullshit I was letting the goons keep him her brother does not deserve her love I only hope she anushiki can get away from him in time I am truly sorry for anushki I hope one of his goons take him out early as for Vihaan he is taking tooooooo long to confess his love for her he better act fast before it is toooooo late

  2. Precap looks scary 🙁

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