Tujhse Hai Raabta 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Atharva Traps Kalyani To Defend Himself

Tujhse Hai Raabta 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kalyani sees a shadow outside window, nervously walks and open window shouting who is it. Blanket wearing man runs. Kalyani throws stick on him and he falls down. She pins him down and shouts he is the one who threw love letter on her last night, she knows karate and will expose him in front of all villagers. Man escapes, but Kayani gets hold of his locket. Pallavi walks out searching her son Nal and asks Kalyani what is she doing here, sees locket and asks how did she get Atharva’s locket. Kalyani is shocked to hear that and asks if Atharva returned. Pallavi says yes and he is shocked hearing about engagement. Kalyani stands confused.

Kalyani walks towards Atharv’s room and hears him speaking to his girlfriend and telling he loves her and not Neha, he wil not marry

Neha. She knocks door and asks Atharva to open door. Atharva gets tensed that Kalyani will expose them and hides his girlfriend. Kalyani forcefully opens door and asks where is his girfriend. Atharva asks which girl and says he does not love Neha, she is lying. Kalyani reminds of Pune incident and Neha accepting she is his girlfiend. Atharva says Neha is lying, he does not want to marry her. She asks him to get his girlfriend out, she will inform family that he loves this girl and not Neha and will get his and Neha’s alliance cancelled. Pallavi and Aparna pass by discussing to talk about dowry to Neha’s parents. Atharva sees them and lip kisses Kalyani. They both stand shocked. Atharva says they love each other, and Kalyani does not have to hide her love. Kalyani shouts what drama is this, she does not love him. Atharva continues his lies and tries to convince Aparna and Pallavi that they love each other. Aparna asks why did Kalyani get Atharva’s alliance fix with Neha then. Kalyani says Atharva’s girlfriend is hiding here and seeing shoes behind curtain opens curtain, but does not find anyone. Pallavi yells it is her shoes.

Atharva drags Kalyani in front of all guests and family and says he and Kalyani love each other. Neha asks why did Kalyani fix her alliance with Atharva then. Kalyani says she does not love Atharva. Neha’s father confronts Aao Saheb and leaves. Atharva continues his lies and drama. Aao Saheb tries to slap Kalyani, but Anu stops her. Malhar walks to Kalyani and asks to accept if she really loves Atharva, he will get her married to Atharva.. Kalyani continues defending herself.

Precap: Atharva over phone tells his girlfriend that Maayi’s faith will shatter when she will see this and sleeps next to deep asleep Kalyani. Anu enters and is shocked to see that.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Atharva is sooo cheap, just for hiding his affair he is framing kalayani… I hope Anupriya doesn’t lose trust on kalayani…as both are each other strength…

  2. DannyComments

    The hell is Arthava up To?? What is all these?

  3. I think he is having an affair with his sister in law

  4. Anu88

    Who is his sister in law?

    1. The policeman’s wife, the pregnant one.

  5. Anu88

    You mean sampada rane

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