Siddhi Vinayak 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Prachi gives blood to Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi does make up. Gauri takes the lipstick out of her hand. You should have locked the door if you wanted to do some drama. Do you want to show your truth to the world? Urvashi lies that she couldn’t hide her pain so she thought to hide it behind makeup. Gauri shows her Vin’s kurta. It has her lipstick marks. Urvashi asks her when she found out about her intentions. Gauri replies that she understood it the day she beat Chachi ji with her slipper. We are alike. You play very well. You can make anyone dance on your tune. We can rule Kundra family together if we join hands. Urvashi says you don’t look so smart but I am with you. I will dance in front and you will support me now as my partner. Gauri smiles. They shake hands.

Vin explains the situation to lawyers. Siddhi will tell

you the same. They assure him it is a clear case of self-defence. His background is enough to prove his story weak. You would have been shot otherwise. If he had missed shooting you once, then there might have been more gunshots and more casualties too. It is a clear case of self defence. Manjari looks at them in shock. We are mourning your brother’s death yet you are supporting the one who killed my son! Vin tries to explain when he gets a call from police station. He is shocked to know that Siddhi got hurt. He hurriedly leaves. Manjari is irked hearing Siddhi’s name repeatedly. He has gone mad after that Siddhi!

Siddhi keeps talking in her semi conscious state. I dint kill anyone. I dint kill Rudra! Trust me. Doc tells nurse that patient needs blood. Inform blood bank. Nurse informs that she has done it already but they do not have O- blood. He tells her to inform family and other blood banks. Vin enters just then. Nurse tells Vin that Siddhi has lost a lot of blood. We need O- blood or she can go in coma. Vin recalls that Ma shares the same blood group. I must bring her here.

Prachi is putting nail paint. Rajvir asks her if she does not think that Chacha ji should make a film on his family. Prachi points out that Siddhi hasn’t been proved guilty in the court yet. I think there is some hidden angle here which we cannot understand. We must think about others too. He asks her since when she started supporting her sisters. She replies that Tai cannot kill anyone. He agrees. She isn’t like you. She seconds him. There is some missing link here. We are unable to understand it but I don’t know what it is!

Vin requests Manjari to give her blood to Siddhi but she refuses. You have turned mad seeing your wife shed few drops of blood! My son lost his life. He got this wound from your wife. You want me to give her blood? No! My blood isn’t so weak yet! It cannot be. Vin tells her what Siddhi had told him. You knew everything yet you dint tell me. You knew it right? She accepts it. You also know that your wife had gun in her hand when my son was struggling for his life. You are supporting her? You just bid adieu to your brother and are talking about supporting the one who killed him! He fails in making her understand. She says I have been like your real mother since all these years but you couldn’t become my real son ever. You remained my step son only! Vin is stunned. Manjari says you forgot your brother in seconds but I cannot. I am a mother after all. I wont let anyone forget it to which is why I have kept that saree safely. Your wife killed him. I don’t care if she dies! Vin is hurt thinking that Ma called him step son.

Vin is walking in the corridor. Manjari’s words haunt him. Prachi calls out to him but he is too lost. He does not even realise it when his phone starts ringing. She picks the call instead and is shocked to know that Siddhi is in hospital. Prachi shares that her blood group is O-. We are leaving for hospital right away. She ends the call. She tells Vin that she has the same blood group. Let’s go. We have very less time. He composes himself. Let’s go. Our utmost priority is to save Siddhi right now. We should go.

Doc asks nurse if the blood is arranged. She nods.

Manjari looks at the pot of ashes. Shankar asks Rajvir to book tickets for Haridwar but Manjari tells them they wont go anywhere. She picks the kalash. My son’s ashes wont be submerged. She takes the kalash to the house temple. I am keeping Rudra’s kalash where I once asked him to place Bappa’s idol.

Prachi and Vin reach hospital. Prachi goes with nurse while Vin mentally coaxes Siddhi to fight for all of them. You are our fighter!

Manjari keeps her saree next to the kalash. She keeps her hand over the lit diya next. We wont submerge the ashes till the time I don’t take revenge from Siddhi! Taking revenge from Siddhi is my only motive now!

Precap: Vin is holding Siddhi’s hand as he sits by her bedside. Ma might have left you but I wont leave your side ever. Urvashi proposes to help Manjari in her plans. I can do something to make her look bad in everyone’s eyes including Vin. Manjari asks her how she will do it. Urvashi smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Urvashi and Gauri bhabhi teamed up… never thought bhabhi will follow the same path.. hate u…😑😬💔
    And one more fun Prachi supporting her sister 😂
    Really missed Siddhi’s scenes…🙂

  2. Next week episode as we all know what is that Urvashi going to do/show everyone..😏
    Poor Siddhi now everyone will hate her…😪

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